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  1. I did! more here http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=85925
  2. Waterman Carene for me. Black and gold looks fantastic.
  3. Thanks everyone for some excellent suggestions - I particularly like the "anything you get him won't be cool" -there's truth in that! CWC, RLT6 or g-shock are the main candidates.
  4. Hi all - yes I know, it's a fair swap, does he do chimneys etc etc... I'm after a first watch for my 11 yr old son who starts secondary school in September and will need to know the time. I'm after something small - he's skinny even for a youngster - that is stylish, rugged and reliable, and affordable. No birth year Rolexes for my lad. Baby-G is out unless there's one that doesn't have "Baby-G" written on it. What does the collective wisdom recommend? Nin
  5. If the product you're receiving is a trade sample and clearly marked as such you'll not have to pay any duty.
  6. Yes I dive, and wear a dive watch. And I'm a pilot, and wear a pilots watch. Actually they're one and the same - the divers Chrono Roy made for me. Does both perfectly. I do have to be careful not to do one straight after the other though. Nin
  7. Greetings chaps Can anyone point me in the direction of the used Tag bezel department? I've lost one from a WK1210, and I'm a bit loath to pay £200 for a new one. Any ideas welcomed gratefully Nin
  8. £500 represents a big investment. I suppose it's easier for me because the watch you see is exactly what I asked Roy to seek out and create - I was happy with the compromises (though I think I'm going to ask Roy to change the hands!) because they were mine, not someone else's. Different strokes 'an all that. S
  9. Well I have to say it's the most accurate movement I own at the moment and runs like a dream. When that combination of movement and great dial is in that case I think it will be a pretty amazing chrono... watch this space !... :) It's a big heavy watch - might interfere with your delicate brushstrokes?! S
  10. Now that's quite funny really Simon as I'm doing the reverse with Roy ... I've asked him to swap the Valjoux 7750 movement dial and hands complete, from the O&W Mirage that I bought from you, into this chrono case. :D ... I'd had trouble getting a new bezel from any source for the Mirage case, including Mr Wajs and Westcoastime and while i was thinking about which way to approach the problem, Roy posted about his new chronograph and it seemed the perfect solution. ... I contacted him, he agreed and it's now with him having the transplant. I thought it was a perfect way of giving a terrific movement a new lease of life into what is a great case and making something that is even better than the sum of the parts... Photos to follow when it comes back from Roy :) Hello Michael! As you can see I missed that Mirage! That's a great swap - the movement in that Mirage was absolutely spot on, and you'll have a fantastic watch when it's done. Simon
  11. Hi PC Magician The movement in mine is a Shanghai 3LZF2. I gather that if the movement is properly cleaned and regulated it performs well. I don't have a written warranty from Roy and I'm personally quite comfortable with that. My warranty is knowing and dealing with him for the last 10 years or so - though I do recognise that's not everyone's cup of tea. Speaking of which, that's what I now need ... Simon
  12. I commissioned this watch from Roy We had the same debate - Swiss or Asian? In the end I decided to go with the higher quality case, and the clone movement, mainly because I know and trust Roy's judgement, and his back-up service too should anything go wrong. The view I took from reading about these clones is that if they're properly fettled before fitting, they're as good as the Swiss version. If I get flush at some point in the future I'll probably buy a Valjoux and ask Roy to fit it, and I probably won't be able to tell the difference .... It is a great watch Simon
  13. Yes I like that a lot! Nin
  14. Well instead I found a nice used EF-503 on the evilbay, should be arriving sometime soon. Looks good:
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