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  1. Seiko field watch on canvas for our last day roaming around London. SNDA57P1
  2. In London for a couple of days with the family, this on for today........ AT4011-57L
  3. Happy new year everyone, this stunner today. Seiko 'Save the Ocean' Turtle. SRPC91K1.
  4. In last week, I am truly besotted. I never cared much for the AT4000 range until I saw this Titanium version and I am in love.Ref. AT4011-57L
  5. I cannot have anything other than praise for them; I have had loads over the years and only one has ever let me down. (That one was used and the capacitor was clearly knackered) I have 4 at the moment, one of them is for sale; all of them are what's known as 'Radio Controlled' and as long as it is placed on a window sill at night it receives the atomic radio signal from Frankfurt and therefore the time is pretty much deadly accurate all the time. Also included is a perpetual calendar so it knows when the hour goes forward, goes back, when it's a leap year and what day of the month it is etc. They can be found used pretty reasonably and they're a very good buy.
  6. This one doesn't seem to work for me, tried using it this morning.
  7. New Seiko in on Friday, a nice walk down the river with the family.
  8. Some advice needed, I am looking for a quality box for watches. Preferably similar to the Wolf ones with decent gaps between the slots to avoid the watches banging together. I have not got the resources to buy a Wolf box or anything £100/£200+ so any input for a cheaper alternative would be much appreciated. This kind of thing..............
  9. This for most of the day. Seiko SRPC91K1 - Save The Ocean Turtle
  10. So late to the party it was over hours ago but this is what I was wearing yesterday.
  11. Always nice to see a fellow STO Turtle owner, even rarer to find one also living in South Wales.
  12. Another late one, the very much back in favour AS4020-36E
  13. Thanks for the invaluable advice, I own 4 divers. By lucky hap I managed to aquire a bracelet from another watch I purchased and it just so happens to fit this beauty. The love affair is well and truly back on.
  14. I wear this to work Monday to Friday, I deliver/collect furniture so it takes a couple of bangs here and there. It's really tough and deadly accurate due to the atomic timekeeping so perfect for a daily beater. It's safe in water, easy to clean and a few hours in the window from time to time charges it up. Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk JY0000-53E
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