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  1. In Legoland Windsor today and on with the Seiko Solar SNE498 again.
  2. eBay training in work today so no need for the beater for a change.
  3. I have started a cull, nearly finished to be honest. I've moved in with the girlfriend and need to re-prioritise my funds.
  4. The design, slightly pretentious logo/name just leaves me feeling a little cold; I don't think I would buy one.
  5. My sincere condolences. I lost my dad back in 2006 and I'd give anything to see him one more time.
  6. Thanks for all of the input and suggestions; I have decided that the current radio controlled Citizen I have got is a stunning piece and I probably won't get anything else better for the money. Thanks again.
  7. I've bought a couple of straps from them in the past and they are indeed a fantastic source of quality straps for all budgets with a massive choice available.
  8. Thanks very much for the input guys; I have taken it on board. At the moment I'm torn between keeping what I've got or replacing it; I have whittled the choices down to either the rather lovely Tissot PRS 516 or a new entry that has caught my eye......... Seiko Prospex SSC421P1 Sky Solar:
  9. Mum's birthday meal so it's the Hamilton Valiant on stunning new navy WatchGecko leather.
  10. Some advice needed ladies and gentlemen. I've got a Citizen AS4020-36E as my cool/smart/sporty chrono watch and I'm considering changing it for something else. Would you keep it or get something new? The current chronograph: Any input on the options in the pictures below, or any other suggestions with pics please? Budget is roughly £150-£350 and I'm probably leaning towards the more sporty looking chrono. Thanks in advance.
  11. Liking the look of this one for a potential field watch, it's on F.Hinds for £169.99. Does it wear well? And is it the one with the solid case back? Thanks in advance.
  12. New in last week and on in the bank Holiday Sun today. The SNE498, I am so happy with it especially with the sapphire crystal upgrade. Fitted a Bonetto Cinturini 284 rubber strap and the retro looks work well.
  13. You're more than welcome. What I find interesting is that you scrolled down the thread and saw the picture of the watch I was wearing for the evening; didn't take half a second to click like but chose instead to quote an obviously dodgy link from the image hosting page I was using (no idea why it's there) and then made a slightly sarcastic comment based upon that link. Interesting...................
  14. This for the evening after taking the usual Skyhawk work beater off for the week......... how to change a salvage title
  15. Kept all of my settings the same and I’m currently browsing on here using 4G. Let’s hope it lasts.
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