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  1. @mcb2007 I am still delighted with the Hamilton Valiant you sold me. Put it on a tan leather strap which really pops. Not sure I'll ever sell it.
  2. Congratulations, the Bambino looks like a lovely watch.
  3. Wow that is very cool indeed, never seen that model before.
  4. Very nice and certainly iconic pieces, however when I think of the price they're going to be.........................
  5. I can also recommend the 2 Seiko dive watches I've got. Seiko SRPC91K1 - 'Save the Ocean' Turtle. Seiko SNE498 - Black & Gold Solar Tuna.
  6. Seiko 'Save the Ocean' Turtle today.
  7. As others have said the price is all relative when it comes to being a beater - to most people £50 is a maximum price for a beater; to others, an £8k Rolex Submariner is a beater. I've owned 9 or 10 Casio G-Shocks in my time and have sold every one of them; as popular, varied and tough as they undoubtedly are I just don't get on with them. Maybe it's the sweaty, uncomfortable resin strap, I just don't know but I don't own one any more. My beater is a Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Radio Controlled. I wear it to work, where I collect and deliver furniture; as nice a watch as it is (£500+ new) I don't care if it gets smacked against a door frame/wardrobe etc. as it was used when I bought it and had a few dings already. It cost me £87 which is a total bargain, it also gets used in the garden, diy etc. It's solar quartz, 200m water resistant, tough and deadly accurate with atomic timekeeping. I have far prettier and nicer watches in my collection but this is the one I wear when I know it may get bounced around, grubby, scraped, sweaty etc. and I admire that about it. To coin the Timex phrase "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking."
  8. I often find myself looking at the Glycine Combat Sub and really wanting one; I love my other 2 divers and can't really justify a 3rd at the moment sadly.
  9. Very cool and retro, Alien and Aliens are two of my favourite films ever.
  10. Just placed an order here for a collection of NATO/Nylon straps; they're an independent business from Sweden who are really struggling to keep their business afloat at the moment. Some amazing prices, up to 70% off plus another 20% off if you buy 5 or more, have not got them yet so can't really speak regarding the quality. Worth a look.......... https://www.cheapestnatostraps.com/
  11. Good call Roy, it's the most sensible thing to do at this time.
  12. New strap from AliExpress on the Hamilton Valiant today.
  13. With a heavy heart I put on my Skyhawk work beater as I'm been laid off after today.
  14. I have used the following site a few times and their choice of straps is quite frankly astonishing, from very cheap up to expensive high quality straps. The following link is for 20mm straps, just match which one you like the look of as there's a lot of info on each item for length, buckle width etc. Enjoy the long search................ https://www.ukwatchstrap.co.uk/20mm-watch-strap.html Hope this helps.
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