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  1. :D Thanks...yer I really like it....i have become totally into pocket watches overnight....real good thing to keep in the family.....someone told me the chain was worth more than the watch...that seem crazy!
  2. sorry if my post looks a bit amateurish im new here! :-)
  3. hi I'm new to this site, I joined because like many people I have just inherited from my uncle but originally it was my great, grandfathers pocket watch, I have a picture of my great, grandfathers wearing it on his wedding day! When I got it wasn't working so I took it the a watch menders and they have got it going for £55 which I thought was pretty good! I asked the guy in the shop if he could tell me more about the watch but couldn't really help or point me in the right direction...he did say it was fairly rare due to the type of movement...apparently this type is 1 in 500.....I have done lots of searching on the internet and can find nothing! I have uploaded some images, I would be very grateful if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction of where I can find any further information out about this watch. many thanks for any help you can offer. Ian...a new pocket watch collector
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