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  1. Not posted on here for a few weeks... On my wrist this fine Friday is this Glashutte Sport..I took it off the bracelet, and put it on a sailcloth type strap (as recommended by somebody on here....thanks!). Have a good weekend everybody!
  2. This one for me , on this wet grey Sunday...(Summer? what summer!).
  3. Looks great does that. I always keep meaning to get myself a C. Ward............I will one day though!
  4. This arrived yesterday, so its been on my wrist since then!
  5. Thanks for that. Hmmn! Looks like I will be looking on the internet for one soon then!
  6. That is either a fantastic looking watch. Or ! A fantastic photo. I think its both! Looks really lovely does that.
  7. Funnily enough! Im just looking online for a sailcloth strap for it! I think it will look great on a sailcloth.
  8. This one for me today. I took it off the bracelet, (quite "chunky" it was!) and put it on a leather strap. suits it well I think?
  9. It looks very nice does that! Enjoy wearing it.
  10. Lovely watch. I have one myself.....I wear mine on a black rubber strap..
  11. This one for me today..........dull Sunday...Though no rain! (as of yet anyway!)
  12. This one for me ,on a damp and grey Saturday.
  13. This one today, Black (non wavy dial) Seamaster, I got in in the middle of lock-down, I dont alter bracelets, the shops were shut...what to do! Tried it on a leather strap..it looked? OK? Looked online for "inspiration"! saw it looked good on rubber...but I dont like rubber straps? I bought a Hirsch rubber strap, I think it looks great?! Oh aye! The rubber strap is so comfy too!
  14. Another beautiful sunny day...Only trouble is! 3 Rugby games on now! Watching Aus. V France, then its Wales V Argentina at 3.00 then the Lions at 5! Anyway, back to watches, this is perfect for a summers day I reckon!?
  15. Picked this little beauty yesterday, in a face to face trade. Love it, its really comfy too, having a "scalloped" sapphire case back, so it sits comfily on the wrist. Not the best of photos sorry!
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