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  1. I "remembered"! this post.. I was looking to "treat" myself with a nice watch for Christmas..i fancied a "particular" watch...had a look online, saw a few examples, a bit overpriced..then I thought! Ahh ! Parkers! Looked on their website (pre-used as the watch I wanted was discontinued) they had a good example of what I wanted, at a good price...Being a bit "strange" ! I love 0% interest free credit...(maybe it justifies to myself not paying out a lump sum upfront! )...anyway..I asked if they do it on interest free for a year or 6 months with a decent deposit ( I had the money to pay for it...as I say though! I like interest free!)...they were very prompt answering my e-mails...said sorry, we dont do it with reduced watches...no worries I said........I did like the watch...was agood price...but...! I just didnt want to pay it! I had a brainwave! Asked for a £100 off (it had already been reduced by £300..or was it £200?! ) in their sale...I was quite surprised to get an email back saying OK! I was well pleased! As I say the watch was already reduced, in their sale...the price was the best I could see online (before the sale price too!)..so to get an extra ton off.....made my weekend! Cheers!
  2. Hmmmmmmmmn! I thought it was only me that did this! Lol!
  3. This one for me today...cold here! At least its not raining though!
  4. Id agree with Longines. is that the Hydroconquest? or the Conquest? I do like Longines, good value for money in my opinion. Where is the deal , I mean! which shop/website etc?
  5. Im no expert on "vintage" watches ..(well Im no expert on ANY! watches come to that!). it looks like a decent price to me...wouldnt have thought a service would break the bank on this one? I dont suppose its an Omega strap? Maybe the buckle is though. Not sure what model etc it is sorry. Im sure somebody will be along to tell you though. As for "renovation"..personally , if it was mine, I wouldnt bother! Its an old watch so wear it as one, maybe get it serviced, and youve a nice looking watch for not a lot of dosh. Just had another look at the pic...the hands do look a bit "aged", maybe its just the photos, stll its an old watch so why not!
  6. This one for me today.....Not worn it for over 3 weeks?! Thays because, I was on hols. for 3 weeks, just over 3 weeks ago...wore this one every day on holidays..so its back on the wrist today! (well...I wore it yesterday too!)
  7. For once! ive got a pic of the watch TAKEN! on the day its meant to be....I took it earlier...but SUnday lunch got in the way of me posting it !! Nice Bulova "snorkel" for me today.
  8. WOW! Thats simply stunning....my birth year too! Love it!
  9. This one for me today..It was freezing cold overnight...big frost, now its dark and wet....dont you just love winter!! A little bit of colour is needed on my watch then!
  10. This one for me today.....Must admit...Im getting more and more into "retro looking "! watches these days...Im a sucker for a domed glass too! Have a good weekend all...Im off for the weekend...yessss!!
  11. "Personally", Id say it was better quality. It just "felt" more solid and better quality?!
  12. Ive had both...well actually Ive had 3 Hydroconquests! The Certina I had , was I think a D.S. Action? Of the 2, I prefer the Longines...the Certina looked great in pics...whenI wore it though...I preferred the Longines.
  13. It is yes...I got it a few weeks ago...very nice too......but! Not sure if it will stay on the Uncle Seiko!
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