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  1. A really nice collection there!
  2. Lovely collection there...i like all of them!
  3. This one for me on this wet "Summers"?! day!
  4. Ive got the 42mm Oris 65.........Love it too! I did have the 40mm Oris 65............but I found it a wee bit too small....so flipped it. Ive also had a big crown Oris...but again flipped it....as I found it....yeah! a wee bit too small! I think Oris do great watches at a decent price, quite under estimated I reckon.
  5. Ive got 2 Tag Heuers right now. I love them...but as you say , a few people dont!. Good value for money I think, if bought at the right price! I also find their bracelets , really comfy. Nice watch you have there.
  6. Longines Hydroconquest. Sorted! Next Question please?!!
  7. This one for me today. I dont wear this one all that often,,,,,,not sure why..cos I love it! When I first got it, I wasnt sure about the "tapered" bracelet..20mm tapering down to 18mm...though I love the tapering! now.
  8. On with this one for me today! And of course ! Happy Birthday!!!!!
  9. I bought this one quite recently. just over your budget, but may be able to get one for just about your price if you shop around?
  10. Im a bit late today! I even took the photo this morning...for the past week or two, Ive been unable to download photos from my phone to my laptop ....then I just had a "brainwave!"!!! Try another cable!! Simples!
  11. Glad it arrived safely.. And Im glad you like it! it does look good on that NATO!
  12. Dont know her. BUT! Pavel on here makes brilliant straps
  13. This one for me today.......still cold here though! Roll on summer!
  14. This little beauty for me today..nice sunny day..but! very cold in the wind!!
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