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  1. Well.........................is still raining here!...... Never mind, on with this one today.
  2. This one for me today.....its yet another wet day, in my part of Wales..........same same as usual then!
  3. That is gorgeous... I do like a blue dial, and that looks a cracker!
  4. get well soon mate.
  5. It really is much better to physically try them on. In photos, I find watches always look bigger wearing than they actually are.. Ive asked for pics of watches on peoples wrists before...to try and "guage" how they would look like on my wrist.. I.M.H.O. photos, never give a real reading of how they would"wear" on your own wrist.
  6. Well its not very summery here today! On with the L.L.D. today though.
  7. Funny old day today weather! Quite humid, but one minute dull, then the next a bit sunny! So on with the Oris 65 today then.
  8. Morning all! This one for me today....A little colour on a grey day.
  9. I like them. I currently have 3...a Monaco. a Carrera and an Aquaracer.. Ive had a fair few more though. im not too bothered what other people think of them T.B.H. If I buy one, its with my money and to go on my wrist!
  10. Rained all through the night.."damp"! now...hopefully it will brighten up later though. So a wee bit of colour is called for today. Sorry.............old pic!
  11. Nice watches you have there...and of course! A happy belated Birthday to you.
  12. This one for me today, (sorry pic. from yesterday!), in the glorious mid-week sunshine.
  13. Some belters on display today.. This little Carrera for me today..though I will be taking it off shortly..as I will be sunbathing in the garden.... Only been retired a few days...I must say? I LOVE IT!!! Lol!!
  14. Happy fathers day everybody! My 60th Birthday present to myself (January gone!)...
  15. This one for me, on this wet and windy Saturday!..
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