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  1. This one for me today..I had a link added to it yesterday...it was too small during the summer....now its a tad too loose! Not to worry, Im off to Thailand for 5 weeks on Wednesday...this one will be going with me...so will fit great once I hit hotter weather! lol!
  2. This one for me today, sunny but cold here! Will change for another watch when I go to work this afternoon though!
  3. This one for me today....got the weekend off too................................which is nice! I bought this one a month or so ago.. I used to have a quartz Tissot PRS516 chrono....which I liked ...but of course flipped! Then before Christmas, I bought this auto one , new..It came on a bracelet..Im normally a bracelet fan...but think this looks better on a "sailcloth" strap? (what do you think!?). First I bought a black strap with red stitching, now I have the navy blue strap....Im quite "surprised"! at how much I like the watch! The dial is a really nice deep blue clour, which seems to "change! colours1 in the light!
  4. And so you should be! That sir....is a stunner!
  5. Now!!! Thats what I call a succesful shopping trip! The older I get, the more I hate shopping...if I came home with those two beauties though...Id change my mind about shopping!
  6. This one for me today. Its my 60th Birthday today...so I "treated"! myself to this lovely Momaco...I did have one a year or so ago...but flipped it...for what? I cant remember! I loved the watch..it came with a lovely leather strap too...I sold it (on another forum)...to a member there...I asked him a few weeks ago...if hed like to sell it back to me! He said he had sold it on...He asked the guy he sold it too...if he would like to sell it back to me..but..alas! he didnt want to ..as he loved the watch!! ... A week or so later...I saw one online, it had some money off, in a sale.....so I thought bugger it..lets buy it! Which I did..! It arrived yesterday ..A lovely bonus was...a couple of days ago..I received the "strap"! which Id sold , as part of the packeage...the guy I sold it too, realised Id loved the strap..so he sent it to me...free!! I was over the moon! SO ! These photos were taken yesterday...sorry for photo quality...but its rubbish weather here again today! Also sorry for my "rambling"! The strap, is soooooooooo! comfy...its meant to look "cracked"! by the way...I prefer buckles to deployants too.. Im "normally" a bracelet guy....I did have the proper bracelet for my previous Monaco..but I always wore it on a leather..It looks way better (I.M.H.O.of course) on a strap!
  7. I started off, by "liking", chronographs...only trouble is, with my old eyes, most chronos I cant tell the time on them! I also used to prefer bracelets, now I think leather traps are great!. Rubber? Never used to like it...now? Hmmn no not really! Though I will wear a rubber strap from time to time. As for N.A.T.O. straps? Never liked them..I still dont! As for watches themselves? Ive "tried" to like G-Shocks............but I just dont! I have just 2 quartz watches in my small collection, one is a Bulova Snorkel (not the original ones!) the re-issued one. Then I recently bought a quartz Tissot Visodate..I wanted a black dialed one...I bought it new, they arent expensive anyway. Im a mega flipper! Ive bought and sold literally dozens of watches! Always losing money on them too! A few, I have bought and sold a fair few times, Ive had 3 Omega S.M.P.s, 3, Bulova "Moonwatch (too big), loads of others too.! I think looking at my little collection now? I must prefer "retro looking" watches...I also have a fair few with domed glass! i dont like smaller watches...I prefer 40mm and up (largely due to my 59 year old eyes!) watches...I did recently buy another Tag Heuer Carrera Twin Time...Ive had 2 in the past..but then flipped them for something I "must have"....then of course I flipped! Two I do regret selling, are my Speedy Pro. moonwatch, and also a Tag Heuer Moncao..I can of course get either of them...though of course! I will have to pay MUCH! more than I sold the other two for! Ah well, the joy of watches! lol!
  8. This one for me today...Hmnn.. its stopped raining,,,for a bit, the sun has just made a rare appearance too...happy days!
  9. Very nice collection you have there...and as already been said, well written with a bit of history.
  10. "Usually"! around about this time of year....there should be a fair few watches on sale...I bought a new Aquaracer a couple of Christmasses ago...saved a fair few hundred! Maybe wait until after Christmas maybe?
  11. Bought this one recently...Im normally a "bracelet" guy...but I think this looks quite good on the sailcloth strap? I couldnt find a navy blue strap...so got the black one...the dial is a very dark blue..looks almost black..so look good in the sun though!
  12. I "remembered"! this post.. I was looking to "treat" myself with a nice watch for Christmas..i fancied a "particular" watch...had a look online, saw a few examples, a bit overpriced..then I thought! Ahh ! Parkers! Looked on their website (pre-used as the watch I wanted was discontinued) they had a good example of what I wanted, at a good price...Being a bit "strange" ! I love 0% interest free credit...(maybe it justifies to myself not paying out a lump sum upfront! )...anyway..I asked if they do it on interest free for a year or 6 months with a decent deposit ( I had the money to pay for it...as I say though! I like interest free!)...they were very prompt answering my e-mails...said sorry, we dont do it with reduced watches...no worries I said........I did like the watch...was agood price...but...! I just didnt want to pay it! I had a brainwave! Asked for a £100 off (it had already been reduced by £300..or was it £200?! ) in their sale...I was quite surprised to get an email back saying OK! I was well pleased! As I say the watch was already reduced, in their sale...the price was the best I could see online (before the sale price too!)..so to get an extra ton off.....made my weekend! Cheers!
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