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  1. Thats very sad news, I had heard that he was ill. dealt with him a fair few times, seemed a lovely bloke. R.I.P Hadyn.
  2. Nice blue dial on this wet and grey Friday...
  3. Just received this little beauty. Ive had one (well 2!) before actually, but flipped them for the next must have, this one I will keep though. Its from 2021,Will maybe change the bracelet over a bit later on today....then again, maybe not! The ones Ive had before, Ive worn on leather, but they do look good on the bracelet too!
  4. Lol! I was (am!) wearing shorts.............................. honest!
  5. This little beauty came yesterday, (at 18,06! DHL...load of cowboys!)..Ive wanted a Zenith Captain, for a while now. I got this in a trade, and Im really smitten..love it in fact! I think my "taste" in watches is definitely changing from divers, to a more "dress" type watch.
  6. This one for me today, another wet and grey Sunday..................grrrreat! lol!
  7. On with this one again today.
  8. This beauty arrived about 30 minutes ago. I previously had a black dialled one on a strap, Loving this blue dial on the bracelet though!
  9. This one for me today, Got it earlier in the week...only trouble is? I don't know whether or not I like it?!!
  10. On with my "trusty" Oris 65 on this dry and quite nice! Friday.
  11. This one for me today. Got it from young Bricey! last week... Lovely looking thing...if I say so myself!.
  12. I swapped it for a watch which I really liked. But ...seldom wore! This one will definitely get worn a lot though!
  13. This one came earlier this week. Got the bracelet sized yesterday, its been on since then! Loving it so far.
  14. I got this one in a trade yesterday...so its been on my wrist since yesterday! (though I am expecting something really nice later on today as well!). Its my first Sinn. ..........Ive always liked the look of them, but never got one! Very impressed though. Lovely looking thing, easy to read, comfy, plus I think it should look great on a number of straps.
  15. True, but then it becomes more and more a case of "Triggers new broom"!!
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