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  1. I "thought"! Id posted this one before...looks like I havent! I recently got this one in a trade...I wasnt expecting to like it as much as I do! But I really do like it, really comfy, well made, easy to read etc...whats not to like! I like it so much, I may well try to get a Black Bay 58 one day! For the moment though, my lovely Black Bay Heritage (41) is doing me just fine!
  2. A couple of new arrivals for me....usual story! I had the same Aquaracer before...flipped it...regretted it! SO bought another...more expensive...of course! Then the TagHeuer 1000...I did have a "jumbo" sized one before..yeah! flipped it...regretted it! Been looking for another one, then I was offered the one below, this one is "mid-size", I do prefer larger watches, but in all fairness, this one wears fine on my wrist too.
  3. Picked this little beauty up just yesterday, via a trade! Now I dont like green dial on watches...this is green? But! I love it!
  4. A nice modded save the ocean for me, got this one a week or two ago, looks way better in real life than in the photo!
  5. Wet ...(so normal service is resumed then!) here today...so on with this one for me for today...nice bit of colour!
  6. This one for me today, nice and sunny, which is great...as Im off on my hols for 3 and a half weeks come Wednesday! May well take this watch with me, plus a Seiko..or two!
  7. Beautiful looking thing. Love the looks of the pie-pan...never seen one "in the flesh", so to speak...but in every picture Ive seen....they are simply gorgeous!
  8. I recently got a Tudor Black Bay Heritage...Love it... Really comfy to wear too. I id have a Rolex Seadweller 16600..T.B.H. I was a little "underwhelmed" by it! It was a nice watch of course, but "personally" I didnt feel comfy wearing a 5 grand watch. so I I sold it for what I bought it for...of course! If Id kept it, it would be worth more now...but hey ho! I like this Heritage so much, im thinking of getting the Black Bay 58 sometime.
  9. Nice bit of sun today! So on with this Aquaracer...looks great in the sun!
  10. I love Aquaracers to be fair. "Maybe" thi would look better in the the metal? Sometimes photos dont give a good indication of the true colours.
  11. This one for me today. Must admit, since getting it, Ive probably worn it more than any oher watch.
  12. I like Aquaracers, I have 2 of them , one black and one blue..........I quite like green on some watches...not on this one though!
  13. Its Tissot time, on this rather sunny Sunday!
  14. Jeez! Thats beautiful! Im in love!
  15. This one for me , on a "rare" sunny Saturday.......will put another watch on when I go to work later today though!
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