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  1. Good idea I think! I think they look great..I dont have one...I do have a Tudor Black Bay heritage though (no bezel!), I think its great...well made, comfy etc etc...the black bay 58 however looks way better! Im retiring myself next year...I "may" treat myself to either a Tag Heuer Monaco or a Speedy Pro....only thing is..Ive had both of them before...and flipped them both?! I may well get another Tudor instead of one of the other two.....saying that? I may well get something else!! Seriously though, the black bay 58 is a lovely looking thing....Wouldnt think youd lose much/anythingg, if you decided it wasnt for you and you flipped it.
  2. This one for me ...on yet another! wet and windy Sunday!
  3. They are quite long arent they! I have about an 18cm wrist...i think it looks fine on me though...The Bulova Moonwatch though, I found to wear too big for me...not sure which has the bigger lugs size though! I did wear it on a mesh strap before I got this bracelet........I liked it on that too!
  4. Phew! I thought Id lost my photo (and my marbles!) then............. Luckily you have found both!
  5. ???????!! Not sure what happened there! I put a pic in the original post..................honest!
  6. I received this "Uncle Seiko" beads of rice earlier this week. I saw pics of the Longines Legend Diver, with this bracelet on the watch on another watch forum..I thought it looked good, so set about ordering one. It was out of stock, but a fortnight ago, I had an e-mail from Uncle Seiko, to say they were back in stock..so I promptly ordered one (from U.S.A.) it arrived earlier in the week. "Apparently", the L.L.D. has lug holes, which the "ordinary" Uncle Seiko beads of rice bracelets wouldnt fit...SO, apparently Uncle Seiko. made different end pieces, so they would fit the L.L.D. I was told they (the bracelet that is!) were quite "fiddly" to put on, and may require a trip to local watch guys...My limit of watch work......is putting on different straps/bracelets! Resizing them, means a walk to the local watch guy! I thought I may as well have a go...easy peasey?!!!! Probably a "fluke"...but it went straight on?!!? I think it looks quite good...I wore it previoulsy on. an a mesh strap... This bracelet isnt "heavy", and I find it comfy to wear...I do like the L.L.D...probably my favourite watch. Just took a few photos...what do you all think?!
  7. This Visodate for me today. Ive not had it long...I took it off the deployant, and put it on this strap...........Dont think the strap looks "right"! though...so Ive ordered a darker one.
  8. This one for me today...old pic. though....the weather here is ridiculous! Wet ,windy and grey,....typical Augusr wather I assume?!
  9. This little beauty for me today..
  10. Lovely looking thing! I have a Black Bay Heritage...love it...really comfy, well made, whats not to like?!!! Hope you get years of wear and enjoyment out of it.
  11. Day off for me today..(tomorrow as well!) the sun is shining, so on with this one for me for this morning....may even go "mad"! and change it for another one this afternoon!
  12. This one for me on this..cloudy Sunday!
  13. I got this one , early last week. got the bracelet on Friday...its been on my wrist ever since!
  14. This one for me today...got a day off. but the weather isnt great...dull and overcast...grrrrrr! Just ordered another strap for it though (from R.L.T.).
  15. A really nice collection there!
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