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  1. This one for me today...still wet and as windy as hell here!. I "treated" myself to this in January for my 60th Birthday....I was going to wait until I retire....next moonth...but I couldnt wait!
  2. Great collection you have there....some real belters!
  3. I know quite a lot of people dont have much time for Tag Hueur...I really do love some of them though. The Carrera also looks great on a nice leather strap...but.... the bracelet is just so comfy!
  4. Good morning all. This one for me on this wet Friday! (old pic. sorry!).
  5. Back from work, so its on with this one now. Also back to the "usual" weather! ie. rain, damp, wet, miserable , grey etc!
  6. This one for me today.
  7. Many thanks! P.M. sent.
  8. That looks very nice indeed! As has been said already....lovely dash of yellow too.
  9. Re. the above jewellers! Ive seen a couple of threads on here...of people saying they give a good service, regarding "trading" watches..Ive only ever bought from them once (not a trade..a straight sale)...Ive flipped dozens! of watches on here, and other watch forums though! Also , Ive traded a few times with Watchfinders...who "used", to be O.K. but recently, the offers Ive had from them...just get worse and worse! Looking at my watch box, I fancied a "change"...looked on Parkers website...saw a lovely looking Tag Heuer Carerra..enquired about a trade, with an Aquaracer.I had...a few e-mails later..I had an "offer"....good one too...So I sent off my watch...expecting them to "look/inspect etc"! my watch for a fair few days..(as Watchfinder do....Ive waited for up to a week! for Watchfinders to "inspect" my watch!). Much to my surprise..that watch I traded it for...arrived the next day! Im well chuffed with their service, prices they quote are (I.M.H.O. anyway!) way better than Watchfinders too..A happy bunny here! (I will take some pics of the Carerra after work tomorrow).
  10. This one for me , on this wet dreary Sunday...saying that...it did stop raining earlier....but its back again now!
  11. This one for me on this wet Saturday..i dont care though! Im off work until Wednesday!
  12. This one for me today (and yesterday as it goes!),
  13. This one for me today..I had a link added to it yesterday...it was too small during the summer....now its a tad too loose! Not to worry, Im off to Thailand for 5 weeks on Wednesday...this one will be going with me...so will fit great once I hit hotter weather! lol!
  14. This one for me today, sunny but cold here! Will change for another watch when I go to work this afternoon though!
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