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  1. Not posted on here for a few weeks... On my wrist this fine Friday is this Glashutte Sport..I took it off the bracelet, and put it on a sailcloth type strap (as recommended by somebody on here....thanks!). Have a good weekend everybody!
  2. This one for me , on this wet grey Sunday...(Summer? what summer!).
  3. Looks great does that. I always keep meaning to get myself a C. Ward............I will one day though!
  4. This arrived yesterday, so its been on my wrist since then!
  5. Thanks for that. Hmmn! Looks like I will be looking on the internet for one soon then!
  6. That is either a fantastic looking watch. Or ! A fantastic photo. I think its both! Looks really lovely does that.
  7. Funnily enough! Im just looking online for a sailcloth strap for it! I think it will look great on a sailcloth.
  8. This one for me today. I took it off the bracelet, (quite "chunky" it was!) and put it on a leather strap. suits it well I think?
  9. It looks very nice does that! Enjoy wearing it.
  10. Lovely watch. I have one myself.....I wear mine on a black rubber strap..
  11. This one for me today..........dull Sunday...Though no rain! (as of yet anyway!)
  12. This one for me ,on a damp and grey Saturday.
  13. This one today, Black (non wavy dial) Seamaster, I got in in the middle of lock-down, I dont alter bracelets, the shops were shut...what to do! Tried it on a leather strap..it looked? OK? Looked online for "inspiration"! saw it looked good on rubber...but I dont like rubber straps? I bought a Hirsch rubber strap, I think it looks great?! Oh aye! The rubber strap is so comfy too!
  14. Another beautiful sunny day...Only trouble is! 3 Rugby games on now! Watching Aus. V France, then its Wales V Argentina at 3.00 then the Lions at 5! Anyway, back to watches, this is perfect for a summers day I reckon!?
  15. Picked this little beauty yesterday, in a face to face trade. Love it, its really comfy too, having a "scalloped" sapphire case back, so it sits comfily on the wrist. Not the best of photos sorry!
  16. Hmmn, not had a diver on yesterday or today? Dress type watches 2 days on the trot for me! Whats going on?!
  17. Not the best of pics, will try to get some more later on! Rubbish pics. to be fair, I "thought" that 42mm would be too big for a "dress" type watch. I needn't have worried, I think it looks fine. It doesn't wear as big as the pics. would suggest. I always find photos of watches on wrists isnt always "true" looking?! In that I mean the watches always appear bigger in photos on wrists in my opinion?!
  18. My friendly postie delivered this, just under half an hour ago! So it was off with the Tag Heuer Carrera, and on with this little beauty ( well its not little! its 42mm but wears great!). Its my first Glashutte, to say Im impressed, would be an understatement! Absolutely love it!
  19. Oddly enough, I recently picked up a Cartier Santos 100. It came on a leather strap, with the deployant...Me being me! Though, I also ordered another strap and deployant. (from etsy as it goes!)..to "save"!? the original Cartier strap, which is in an almost (might even be new?!) new strap. Off course though! Now I need to get a screwdriver to actually change the damn thing! Mine is from 2016...I see the ones from 2018 came with an easy change strap system.
  20. Nice collection...Youve some crackers in there!
  21. Good morning all...Typical Bank Holiday weather here....grey and very wet! A nice bit of blue on the wrist to get some colour into the day is called for then!
  22. Nice read. Not seen one of those before....its a lovely looking thing though. Enjoy it .....as I'm sure you will!
  23. Happy Sunday! The rain has stopped....the sum is out...so its on with this one for today!
  24. Morning all! Another sunny day...not so windy either! On with this one today.
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