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  1. Prefer the Browning Hi Power over the 1911. However I'm used to the glocks these days and doubt I could go back to having to manipulate a manual safety.
  2. Very late response. I eventually sent this to Brendand Toohey. He did a great job on it. http://webwatchmaker.com/
  3. When I let people gently hold my watch up to their ear and listen to my F300 Seamaster Chronometer I also tell them the whole history of the watch. Its from 1972 , electric but not quartz , tuning forks , used by Nasa ....oh and its powered by a chip of plutonium so you shouldn't hold it next to your head!
  4. Nice , mine is the black dial. My bezel is probably not far off yours conditionwise. Due to go visit KeithT as soon as I get back (paul is all fingers and thumbs right now). Running fine but the crown came off in my hand a few weeks ago.
  5. you might be right about the SM f300 , it does seem to be the most commonly talked about f300 but maybe nt the most common model. There do seem to be plenty out there and they seem popular ( I know I like mine a lot). Would it be so difficult and expensive to get an original bezel measured up and fabricated ? I admit I don't know too much about this but there are plenty of Chinese companies manufacturing watch parts? Ideally I'd like to get mine back to original snuff ; possibly even waterproof. The bezel is the weakest area of mine as its got the classic acrylic cracking here and there.
  6. The 198.0005 , diver bezel. Its probably the most common model. I wouldn't have thought it was that difficult to get a faithful replacement fabricated , probably not with the acrylic insert though as that's the "design fault" that doesn't age well. I'd quite happily put a faithful looking modern replacement on mine and leave the original bezel in a drawer.
  7. Ah my f300 needs a bit of avfix but I also figured Paul would be out of action for a bit. On a slightly different note If its possible to get the date wheels remade in steel is it also possible to get replacement bezels made ? Its the most common sign of wear on most f300s I've seen. I'd give mine about a 6 out of 10 in terms of condition. Would it be possible to get a club together and get replacements made ( maybe better than the originals)? I appreciate that this may be out of proportion to the imact on the actual value of the watches but I'm not really concerned about that . I would quite like to get my F300 back into as new condition as I now ear it all the time in preference to my other watches.
  8. Had an awful Kenneth Cole watch once; bizarrely I saw it in a film. "Paycheck". Terrible film , terrible watch , big philip k dick fan.
  9. Both. I have a Tag Monaco ; Steve McQueen edition and I have a Rolex 14060m. I guess I'm covered somewhat for the moment at least until I buy the original models. Yes I am a huge Steve McQueen fan , the Monaco had something to do with that...wanted one since I was a kid and the CW2113 was the closest I could get when I could finally afford a nice watch . Knowing nothing of watches I foolishly thought I could pickup the Heuer Le Mans vintage watch for next to nothing as it was "old". The Rolex 14060m was something I wanted as a classic tool dive watch , echoing Sean Connery era bond films was just an added extra. The fact its a good visual match for the 5512 Sub and Steve wore one is gravy. Incidentally about 5 years ago I was talking to a friend of Steve son ( I work in the film industry) and told him that the Le mans monaco would go for huge amounts in auction if he could find it . Steve's son was pretty banged up following a race crash. Our mutual friend was pretty sure he'd seen it lying around somewhere. Cut to a few years later and its up for auction. Last person I met with a Monaco was a lady (stunt lady) . She had the recent re-edition with the exhibition back and the buttons on the right place. Its uch heavier and a bit bigger than the CW2113 I have. I kinda prefer mine though.
  10. Yep he was a Rolex man. However the Monaco is still very iconic for its depiction in Le Mans . Hardly surprising , the public is normally going to fixate on something they see depicted in a film , whatever the real person actually does in real life is secondary. Daniel Craig wears a Rolex , James Bond wears Omega in the current films for example.
  11. Yep , its the daddy in the square faced chrono world. Don't like it in anything other than the McQueen blue though. One day I will have a heuer vintage one. There are no other square faces I'm interested in. My CW2113 has given me faithful service for over 5 years until it was butchered at the start of this year, luckily a better man rescued it for me. I suspect I'll never part with it as it was my first decent watch.
  12. Mine steadily lost time as the battery died.
  13. "now" being the operative word.
  14. I really do wish they would legalise duelling. I'd probably be feeding the daisies myself by now but by God sir by then I would have already taken a score of bounders with me! Chewed the ears off many a Whig also I should cocoa!
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