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  1. Pretty much similar to mine... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wow, what a job... can you share who restored it? I have a Tissot to restore... and also did they charge you a lot? By the way... congratulations... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Well, it's not about affordability since I will go for one or the other and I will buy one. But as both cost both a lot of money, of course I value all possible opinions. For example: barry mclean in his post talked about investment and value keeping in long term, harryblakes7 compared it Omega Co Axial and everybody confirmed it's just a personal choice and appearance - you included. Of course before spending a lot of money I would ask for opinions but saying Rolex is a Rolex I will have the same doubts like going out from a Rolex shop after talking with a customer attendant contending that R
  4. Well, this is a very good one... I don't really have a prejudice about Omega but I would buy either a GMT or Submariner. The solution about buying one and save for the second is a good one ah ah ah ah By the way, you are the second one in my post recommending me to go for a GMT...
  5. Well, the thing about the increase in value can be a factor to consider...Thanks Barry
  6. Yes, of course I did but Rolex doesn't say that one is less reliable than the other. How would they? What I read so far doesn't give me a big picture that can help me to channel my choice definitely for one or the other...
  7. By the way, look at the presentation of such expensive purchase. Not like Rolex that gives you a box that looks cheap and poor irregardless if you spend £1,000 or £50,000... box needs to be representative of the item and yours sure it is! Beautiful...
  8. Very good... Enjoy your new entry!
  9. Double check they didn't polish it and give back the same watch.... 14 days is not really a fair time slot even if they send in batch from Switzerland to UK as there are lots of retailers to serve. The should be much quicker... At work we ship and receive parcel every day and for a shipment to Switzerland sent on Monday parcel is there on Wednesday using a multimodal shipment... maybe for watches work different but I would expect not more than two/tree working days...
  10. I have no issue either with the 4 o'clock date but the one above is a bit misplaced. I wonder why before selling a watch the brand doesn't look at simple things that clearly catch the eye...
  11. Very nice collection but like Daveyboyz I am not convinced by the stretchy bracelets, particularly for the Rolex...:)
  12. If I am not wrong should be from 1997 and then Eberhard (due to the success of the model in the market) expanded the collection in the next 6 years... I thought it was more common finding a model with the power reserve showing 0 to 40 hours rather than 1 t 8 days - like yours. The movement is exactly the same for all models, but the good thing is that for what I read opinions are really good about it...
  13. I tried several times but it doesn't go back. I will take it to a watchmaker, as I don't want to crash it... So easy to come out and so difficult to put it back... Anyway, thank you...
  14. Well, idiots are always blaming someone else...
  15. No idea but it's beautiful Really, are you sure about the quote? Could it go that higher in price?
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