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  1. Thought I'd revisit this one as I've just seen 2 more of these on the bay; a Longines (46mm ) at £512 currently and 45 bids and an IWC at £1269 with 60 bids :eek: Thats a hell of a lot of money for an old pocket watch movement in a BRAND NEW case :stop: Both from Poland.
  2. No, it was on a watch on flea bay last week, still annoyed I didn't put it in my watch list.
  3. I wouldn't mind if it was a Rolex half of the time....
  4. Thanks bridgeman. Had a look on microlisk and the Rodania mark is the same but upside down, so only 180 degrees out...
  5. Just might jog your memory and help you sleep Pugster Cheers
  6. i would not recommend that, unless the vintages are 70s diver and chronos. those seem to have decent water resistance build and if the gasket is good then it should be ok. im very new to repairs, but i found the biggest weakness at the crown/stem area. this is the most used but often neglected. water, sand, dirt, body salt.. ends up here, even with some screw downs. from what i see so far.. I have an old Chronosport Diver I'm hoping to resurrect when I have the parts and the time. Then my showering woes will be over :yes:
  7. Loving that Heuer...nice collection.
  8. Hi all, I've an old watch (60's silver coloured dress watch) that I presumed was a Mercedes branded watch. I was browsing the bay last week and saw the same mark on a watch but can't remember for the life of me which make the vendor said it was. The mark is the exact same as a Mercedes emblem, a 3 pointed star in a circle. Any ideas ? The one I have has the little swiss shield on the movement but I can't quite make out which one as it's under the balance. Cheers
  9. The shower is my problem. I've worn a waterproof watch for as long as I can remember but have only recently started some vintage ones but keep forgetting to take my watch off. Luckily not too much damage done yet. Maybe I should just stop showering :nuke:
  10. Aaaargh!!! That Hublot is vile :shocking: Wish I could afford it though......
  11. It'd have to be vintage for me, but the downside is you have to make sure parts are going to be available if it goes tits up. I found that out recently with a Seiko Bellmatic :wallbash:
  12. Hi again, Got the crystal off the auto, so now have a better photo of it. Does anyone have one of these or know what it is or what it's meant to look like ( perhaps a missing bezel)? There's a mark under the rotor but I can't quite make it out and there are the numbers 37319 10973 under the Great Britain 6 o'clock mark on the dial.
  13. Hi Guys, Here are my Timex's. Still need a bit of work on a few but I particularly like the one's on the bottom right and bottom left. The one on the bottom right (in photo 2) needs most work but I think the raised lettering looks the business, if you can see it through the glued on crystal :lol: . Anyone shed any light on any, (my 2 favorites in particular), please ? Thanks...
  14. No problem lucaswatch, thanks for trying.
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. Scary stuff that radium, I read up on it because of my trench watches.....
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