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  1. It is a JR3090 titanium Blue Angels edition Skyhawk w/C651 movement...and I am in the US...if that helps. I tried to attach a pic...but couldn't. It was second hand and I got it in a junk shop or $2! I didn't think it worked at first. Pulled battery out, reassembled, and viola...it worked! But only for about 6 months. Nevertheless...any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hello. I have a Citizen Blue Angel edition Ti watch. Everything functions on the watch except the hour hand. Any clue as to what might be happening?
  3. My Father is giving me a family heirloom that my Great Grandfather gave him. He is giving it to me for funding my two son's college education...woot! He had it appraised several years back and it came out to somewhere around 50K...though he doubts that it will fetch "near that much" in today's market. Photos are below. I dare not crack the caseback open with my limited knowledge and tools, therefore I don't have pics of the movement. It includes the original display box with Bailey, Banks & Biddle insignia inside, a little pocket of soft material, a gold/platinum chain and gold knife. Here are the few details I know regarding the watch: 'BAILEY, BANKS & BIDDLE' on watch face and caseback. 'Switzerland' at the bottom of the watch face. At the top of the winder where the chain connector is...is has 'PPC' stamped on it (Patek Philippe Company?). On the back of the caseback is engraved 'To XXXX XXXXXXX A Veteran of Veterans Semper Fidelis 1896-1940 From Sun Oil Company'. Can anyone tell me more about this watch? Thanks!
  4. I have this watch listed on ebay for those that are interested. I will post the link after I re-check the rules to see if it is allowed. Cheers!
  5. While taking more photos inside of the case back, I discovered what I think is a trademark stamp. I have tried taking photos, but it is too small for my camera to pick up. I can see it fairly clearly under a loupe...it is in a Chevron shape and has a bird inside...maybe a turkey, quail, pheasant, peacock or chukar? I looked through all the pages of the mikrolisk website, but was unable to find it there.
  6. Just can't seem to find out much about this piece...any ideas out there?
  7. I'll post a pic of my lights when my next order comes in in a couple weeks. I am also am a member over at budget light forum.
  8. I just started. I have an UltraFire 502B XML-T6. I have 4 other lights, a nitecore and XTAR charger and XTAR batteries on order. I love the new LED lights...just amazed with the output they have in such a compact package.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone...I did post two threads...ID away!
  10. This odd looking clam-shell watch is another find at my local junk shop. On the case back, it says: "FONDACIER INOXYDABLE (Stainless Steel) SWISS MADE" On the movement is stamped: ""Z2" & "SWISS MADE" on the bottom left curving upward. Above the main gear it says "17 JEWELS SEVENTEEN" It looks like maybe a 1940's or 1950's watch, but I just don't know. It was such an interesting, clam-shell design that I couldn't resist...even if a little gaudy. Is this a desirable/collectible watch? Did I find a priceless treasure...heheheh? Here are the pics:
  11. Hello from an amateur watch collector, repairer (really battery replacer...lol) and wannabe treasure finder. I like looking at local junk/antique stores for interesting items including watches, jewelry, flashlights etc. From time to time I can't identify what I have, so I would like to post a few pics to see if the experts can help a budding watch enthusiast. Cheers!
  12. I picked up this Pocket Watch last week at a local junk shop, but can't find out who made it. It has "S+P" & "0800" stamped inside the caseback and "S+P" & "243" stamped on the movement. I'm wondering if the "S"=Swiss & and the "P"=Patent? The "+" seems to be the classic Swiss cross, so am I correct in assuming that this watch is Swiss Made? There is also a ladies name with a Feb. 1891 date engraved inside. The decorative engraving on the outside has a rose gold dove flying into a rose gold nest. Can anyone provide additional information on this watch? Any help is appreciated.
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