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  1. hi Roger you have been very helpful with regard to the photo download saga, I managed to incorporate four photographs onto my last post so I am improving. I hope the recipient will forgive the fact that two of the pictures where the same and all four are a little on the large side. thank you once again for all your help. Harry
  2. Hi bowie sorry about my previous attempt hope I got it right this time.
  3. Hi Roger I will try what you suggest if all gos well you will see my pics attached to a post. thanks for all your help Harry
  4. Hi all and thank you all for your attempts to show me how to download my pictures.Firstly let me me reply to Roger the dodger when I "touch the cog icon"nothing like the drop down box you show appears, so that more or less put a damper on that one. Next Avo when I click on the "image button"nothing happens!!.I succeeded in the end by pasting the photobucket web address for my photos into the post, yes I know that's not the way it should be done but hay life's to short. Harry
  5. http://s1327.beta.photobucket.com/user/harryhull/library/gold%20watch Above is the web address on photobuchet for the pictures of my watch. Harry
  6. I am a new member and would like to know how I add a picture to a topic in one of the forums.I have asked members for information about a pocket watch that I have recently been given and I think a photograph together with a description would be very helpful to anyone replying to my request.So far I have had one reply and yes you guessed it they have asked for a photograph if anyone can help I would be most grateful. Harry
  7. Hi Gaz64 yes I will send pictures when I figured out how its done I know every web site is different and we all need time to familiarize ourselves with the way things are done but for life of me I can not find out how I upload a picture.
  8. I have been given a 18ct gold pocket watch stamped JW and the reg number 713055 18ct gold.The watch is also stamped 15 jewels, 2 ajusts,swiss made. The watch is a half hunter and the dimensions of the watch are diameter=45mm thickness=6mm. I have no idea as to the value of the watch or its age as the assay marks are not clear.If anyone can give me any information I would be very grateful. regards Harry
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