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  1. You need decent travel insurance, not a £15 policy from Asda...... That's a general comment and not aimed at the OP. Proper Travel insurance pays out on valid claims, cheapo Moneysupermarket stuff doesn't.
  2. Had 2 and loved both. Love the look, feel and weight and they're a good company to deal with. I will never be without one in my collection.
  3. Thanks all, glad I've been adhering to my old man's advice all these years.
  4. I was always told by my Dad (many years ago!) that when setting the time on a watch, ALWAYS do it in a clockwise direction, never rewind the hands to set the time. Is that actually the case and would turning the hands anticlockwise cause any damage?
  5. Perfect and many thanks! it was the tapering of the strap that made me raise the question but now all fully understood!
  6. Great and thanks for the speedy reply!
  7. OK, apologies but a bit of a numpty question here. My Christopher Ward needs a new strap and I'd like to buy one from the classifieds on here but I'm not sure of the size I require. Do the sizes quoted on most ads refer to the width of the strap or the width of the strap to watch lug area? How do I make sure I get one that fits? Thanks!
  8. Damn, I thought the choice was simple, but there's some lovely alternatives there!
  9. Thanks Dave, i think you've reaffirmed my thoughts. I'll have a look at the Vacheron too though! Thanks
  10. I've convinced myself to buy another used watch but can only afford it if the man maths stack up. Basically, that means that whatever I get must be a fairly solid investment, or at least not drop in value too much, hence the "used" only option. With a maximum budget of £9k, I'm currently attracted to both an IWC Top Gun (nearly new) or a black face Daytona. Which one would the sensible money be on? I tried the IWC on the other day and it suits me, love the watch but not sure how they are perceived. The Rolex has a strong following but not sure if it might be a bit too ostentatious for me. Any others I might need to consider?
  11. Great write up! I'm on my second Bremont, a recently purchased ZT and I'm very impressed with the watch and the Bremont company in general.
  12. I've got slim writs too and both my Alt1C and my new ZT look fine. They're quite tall watches but they don't seem to look too large on the wrist at all.
  13. Totally agree with the above. I just sold my used Alt1c and the other day bought a new Alt1 ZT. The buying experience was first class and I love the watch. It feels very good quality and looks the business.
  14. Another thumbs up for Sinn. They make some good looking watches at reasonable prices and have strong following.
  15. Hi, do you still have your MB2?

    1. SIB


      No that's been sold sorry

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