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  1. Possibly. The family that purchased the watch emigrated from Plymouth to Canada back around the start of WW1. I suspect the watch was bought by one of the parents of the individual that i knew owned it but as he has now passed on i can't confirm this. It may simply have been passed from father to son or may have been bought as a gift relating to the emigration. As for Rohrer & Sons i see they had 3 different locations in Plymouth in the early 1900s so i'm assuming they must have been a relatively successful business at the time and i'm also assuming that the arrival of the Great Depression was their downfall.
  2. As a little more to my prior post, i now understand that British hallmarks weren't required as the content was less than .925.
  3. hi Mel, I did find Rohrer and a bit of info about his business during some research but i've yet to see another watch (or clock for that matter) with his name on it. I was kind of hoping someone in the horological community who lived in the Plymouth area might know a bit about them and their products. From what i found out about the watch i have is that both the Baume Geneve movement and the case were imported from Switzerland (had a Swiss 'bear' hallmark on it) but i had understood that all watches retailed in Britain had to be assayed in Britain. My guess is that the importer (Baume & Co of London) somehow bypassed the British rules with their Swiss connections. It also appears that Rohrer would have assembled the watch & placed his name on the dial for retail purposes. I do know for certain though that the watch was purchased in Plymouth.
  4. I did find one reference to a Sunaris pocket watch at this site although it looks like the pics may have been removed. It might be worth sending the poster a note to see if he knows much about the maker.
  5. hi all, Does anyone know anything about a watchmaker named "A. Rohrer or A. Rohrer & Sons" based in Plymouth back in the late 1800's to early 1900's? I have an old key wind Rohrer pocket watch with a Baume Geneve movement that i understand was likely imported by Baume & Co. of London and i would assume was then provided to Rohrer to be cased and sold as a finished watch. I see that i cannot upload a photo here so if you want to see one its here at this link. Thanks in advance!
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