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  1. Can't beat a pair of Elites I bought a pair of the Italian calf leather versions in the sale last year: Back in the '80s, the Elite always fought for foot time with the Gazelles and the Sambas. I haven't been on the lash today, but I did have some nice lemon drizzle with a pistachio crust at about 4 o'clock
  2. 710 SE on a Bonetto vanilla rubber – perfect match
  3. I really want that one – lovely I have to make do with this bling-tastic LE
  4. I know they decided to stick with the 2892 base for the new ceramic model but they've gone back to the old dial design. Maybe the all number dial wasn't a seller?
  5. Does anyone know why Longines stopped making the better-looking (IMO) all number dial version?
  6. It's an old generic oyster with Uncle Seiko end links but I now have the full Uncle Seiko bracelet.
  7. Hmmm … who cares where the name came from? It is known as the 'Turtle' throughout the world. Some pedants might suggest otherwise but the common lexicon wins out in this case. Talking of which, look at the shape of it. How could it not be called a turtle This is a good starter guide, although unfortunately a lot of the pic links are broken, but there are enough working for it to make sense: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f281/how-buy-seiko-6309-diver-collectors-buying-guide-140799.html And any excuse:
  8. It was 2.5 years ago. He's probably either fixed it or binned it
  9. This brings it in line with their standard Superman pricing. I think I'll wait for the new Newmark Sports watch instead: https://newmark71.newmarkwatchcompany.com
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