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  1. Image for anyone interested … They look a bit Longines-lite to me. Nice though
  2. Did someone say Father's Day? Not a flicker of recognition in my household
  3. Old pic but went with the Junghans for the rest of the day
  4. Simple solution is not to wear an expensive watch to the gym or snooker club and leave it in a locker or on a table. Wear a G-shock or Seiko 5
  5. I was looking at a Divex sales post on TZ and someone posted a link to a story, which I thought merited a wider audience. It's about one of these: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/divex-watch-indian-ocean-shipwreck
  6. I take pictures of my watches every day so I'm covered Plus, all the electronic PayPal/eBay/store receipts. The other thing to check is whether they insist on like for like (impossible for most of my collection) and store vouchers. The last I need is a Goldsmith's voucher to replace a 14060M or the Explorer II 16570. My policy is value payout so none of the above.
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