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  1. Sorry, no Seamasters in my house I have enjoyed a couple in my time, though … Looking back on these, I quite like the idea of another 2254
  2. Sorry, I didn't realise you now ran the forum Nigel. And 'big girls blouse'? C'mon, I thought you were 'ard? You can do better than that big man. Ah, gotcha I'm still waking up.
  3. No, I don't understand why you've quoted me using a word I didn't type in this thread either?
  4. Why should anyone on here, a genuine watch forum, have to stoop so low as to join a replica watch forum to discover what makes a fake a fake? You don't half talk some ***** Nigel.
  5. This delicate flower today … Have a good one TWF
  6. It was interesting that a perfectly reasonable thread on how to spot a quite impressively faked watch, was locked and then a note was posted by a moderator to remind us of Roy's rule on talking about fakes. Shouldn't the rule about fake watch talk be more about stopping people discussing fakes on the level of, 'Great fake, looks real', or 'Look at my new fake watch that I just bought', rather than a blanket ban on watch enthusiasts discussing how not to get duped and to be on their guard? It's pretty easy to tell the difference between a fake enthusiast and a fake detractor in my opinion, and I think it's important that more people are made aware of what to look for so they don't get stiffed with a bad 'un, if you'll excuse the phrase What do others think? And this is a conversation about watches and the forum rules rather than a conversation about fake watches.
  7. It's so hard to snap this with all the reflections
  8. But looks nothing like the watch they claim it’s based on, the Rolex 3139 42mm case And the Rolex, at 34mm
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