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  1. But you do have to take those off to go swimming. Or at least I would. I prefer a couple of good solid do-anything beaters a la CWC or Seiko, but then I have young-ish kids and posh dress watches don't work. Plus, I wouldn't take my kids anywhere posh anyway due to the fact they're cheeky little bar stewards
  2. The dial looks hand-painted, badly, but it has the ‘T Swiss made T’ legend, which is interesting. That’s the best I can say about it. Next time he comes over get one of the 8 kids to crouch down behind him, then push him over and ask him what he was thinking
  3. Wow, £7,500 for a 2000 Explorer 1. I'm sitting on a goldmine, Rodney. This time next year we'll be millionaires
  4. More Seiko, more lume. I've completely fallen for the new 'Marine Master 300', enticingly named 'SLA021J'
  5. Nail on head I knew the answer to my question but wanted the poster to spell it out. His comparisons are based on historical fallacy and false perception.
  6. Seiko, Seiko, Seiko … And 2 minutes later, indoors …
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