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  1. A dealer in budget Invicta watches, car tools and then Armand Nicolet watches? Where is he getting them from so cheap?
  2. Welcome back. Drive-by, single-post members are not uncommon so apologies for the aspersion. I like the new Tissot but don't think it's available in the UK yet? Certina do a good range of simple, three-handers with the same movement, or standard ETA movements:
  3. Bit of a change from the chunky diver earlier
  4. Possibly, but still plenty available on the Bay. Anyway, I suspect we won't be hearing back from our new member so it's all moot.
  5. £159 from Timex. I looked last night and there are loads of them. One was asking £350
  6. Firstly, keep fakes out of the forum and keep away from them generally – nasty, exploitative business and wearing a fake just makes you look like a desperate tit. Secondly, you don't say what size you feel comfortable with what size your wrist is. But a Seiko SARB 033 or 035 might fit the bill?
  7. Thanks. It's the second one I've owned but the TK Maxx bargain was hard to resist
  8. Sold out within the hour and probably all on eBay now
  9. Perfect … apart from the logo, hands, dial and bezel pip.
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