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  1. It's not often I post in this thread. 1978 Seiko 7548
  2. Not really. I had the bracelet as well but it felt no heavier than a Seiko SKX. It was a long time ago though
  3. I had a 40mm Shark Diver and it was absolutely fine. No quality control issues, I'm just a serial flipper. Good solid dive watch for not very much money
  4. I was only joking but forgot the smiley face
  5. Well, I hope it's all OK because that's over £1k cheaper than the cheapest currently available. The seller must have been desperate or didn't what they were doing. Or, dare I say it, stolen goods?
  6. Thanks. I'll remember that next time you ask for any help.
  7. Can I ask where from? This sounds incredibly cheap for what is now a difficult watch to get hold of.
  8. I should have asked what reference this is. He's looking for a 116000.
  9. There's someone on TZ looking for exactly this watch. I'll get in touch with them.
  10. I do like the Conquest, but like the Explorer even more, which is why I own the one on my wrist in the picture
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