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  1. I've boycotted Brew Dog, which is a shame because I was partial to a Dead Pony Club and Punk IPA, but … https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jan/21/brewdog-boss-accused-of-trying-to-intimidate-ex-staff-over-tv-expose And https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-60129396 I'm on Doom Bar tonight. Yum yum
  2. Tonight, I shall be mostly drinking BEER!!!! Happy Friday TWF
  3. Is that snow? In your neck of the woods?
  4. Assume you’re talking about Liverpool? We were lucky with the two goals that shouldn’t have been.
  5. One thing I never expected when I started this nonsense was to one day be in the position of renewing the home insurance and the providers insisting on a burglar alarm and/or safe. What was once 'affordable' is now considered to be a 'luxury' thanks to market forces and Rolex's insane business model. I should feel lucky for getting in before the market went bananas but I think it's time to reassess what should be a hobby. I never expected it to include 'investments'. So my advice? Collect what you can afford and enjoy what you own. And for Christ's sake, wash your NATO straps once in a while
  6. Day 21 of 'Dry January'. What is the point? Happy Friday TWF
  7. April 1972 over here Another dreich day and no lie-in
  8. This was exactly what I was thinking
  9. Day 14 of 'Dry January'. I can't say I'm feeling the benefits TBH Have a good one TWF
  10. Sad news He hadn't been around for ages then out of the blue sent me a PM in November last year. He was only commenting on a watch I was selling and gave no hints he was ill – just said he was doing OK. Condolences to his family and RIP.
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