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  1. TFIF Seeing my brother tonight for the first time since all this Covid malarkey started. I can't wait Have a good one TWF
  2. At the moment it's free. I bet, down the line, ebay will make it compulsory for watch sales over ££££s and charge a fee. I can understand the need for it though with so many fakes washing through the system. It's protecting itself as well as the punter.
  3. And another one I'm actually wearing – GS 10 on new CWC canvas
  4. Sounds like a market research project? Oh, and welcome to the forum. Maybe try introducing yourself?
  5. I thought these threads were about what we're actually wearing on the day? I could post 20+ pictures every day of watches I own but not currently wearing This for Sunday starters:
  6. Today's winner by some distance The newbie again for me Have a safe weekend TWF
  7. A service is worth £300-500 so not a bad deal.
  8. It'll get plenty more days It's a bit thick for my needs tonight so the Pogue won out.
  9. Out tonight for a work leaving do. It'll be the first time I've seen some colleagues since last March
  10. I'd be suprised if you hadn't noticed that level of corrosion before. It's pretty bad. As for the watch guy, any name so we can avoid him like the plague in future? That screw damage is not acceptable for someone who supposedly knows what they're doing, and the recess of the screw next to it looks like it's had a going over as well. And what's with all the bits on what looks like dirty paper? I couldn't work like that
  11. Thanks Bricey. I agree with you Some info here, albeit for the Flyback version: https://wornandwound.com/review/review-siduna-m3440-professional-fly-back-chronograph/
  12. I think a visit to Specsaver is in order
  13. I wasn't being entirely serious but how could you be so certain?
  14. The simple answer is, the watch is nicked and therefore there is no Rolex warranty, only a listing on the stolen watch database so if the hapless new owner tries to get a Rolex service he will have the watch confiscated and the police will be informed.
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