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  1. ^^^ What is that? ^^^ After wearing the tiny Sturmanskie yesterday, this took some getting used to again. But once on it feels soooo right
  2. мое судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей
  3. But you do have to take those off to go swimming. Or at least I would. I prefer a couple of good solid do-anything beaters a la CWC or Seiko, but then I have young-ish kids and posh dress watches don't work. Plus, I wouldn't take my kids anywhere posh anyway due to the fact they're cheeky little bar stewards
  4. The dial looks hand-painted, badly, but it has the ‘T Swiss made T’ legend, which is interesting. That’s the best I can say about it. Next time he comes over get one of the 8 kids to crouch down behind him, then push him over and ask him what he was thinking
  5. Wow, £7,500 for a 2000 Explorer 1. I'm sitting on a goldmine, Rodney. This time next year we'll be millionaires
  6. Now on the bracelet for a few extra grams
  7. More Seiko, more lume. I've completely fallen for the new 'Marine Master 300', enticingly named 'SLA021J'
  8. Nail on head I knew the answer to my question but wanted the poster to spell it out. His comparisons are based on historical fallacy and false perception.
  9. Seiko, Seiko, Seiko … And 2 minutes later, indoors …
  10. Lovely day out at the zoo today. Let's hope England don't play like a bunch of … Come on England
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