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  1. Another interesting and informative post 'Always', do keep them coming
  2. Citizen promaster for me today, have a good weekend folks.
  3. If she was interested in my watch, she would get nowhere near my bedroom, pikey biatch :)
  4. I agree, both pretty cool watches, by coolwall standards :)
  5. Seiko for me too, my oldest 'from new' watch in my collection, still going strong!
  6. Im sure they would all look great on this :) congrats on your milestone as well
  7. Enjoy your purchase 'always' you cant go wrong for the price :)
  8. Beautiful morning here in Devon, I think a day in the garden with royalty, all hail the king :)
  9. A couple of months back, I emailed Steinhart and asked if there were any plans for a bronze diver, no was their reply,low and behold I recieved an email yesterday with details of this, Now although overall I quite like it, I dont like the DLC detailing, particularly with the bezel and crown, the bezel imo should be bronze as well, the DLC thing has stopped me jumping straight in and buying one, thoughts please gentlefolk of the forum?
  10. I'm going with a bit of Russian today, Komrade's
  11. Nice Fairbairn Sykes, a little excessive for putting marmalade on your toast dont you think? :)
  12. Mmm quite like the blue, not sure it will go on the must have list, but if someone was to give me said item then that would be fine :)
  13. Not seen a TitoniI on here for ages and ages.nice one I have a soft spot for Titoni, I have four in my collection :)
  14. Every little helps as they say, I have clicked away :)
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