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  1. Scout the bay and find them there, might have to buy a few to take parts from each to make a good one but it’s doable
  2. Need to bump this subject as I’ve been looking as well and cannot find anything on just Audemars, anyone else with more knowledge feel welcome to chime in please
  3. Cheeky thread to say I've put a WTB ad for a Glycine dial if anyone has one for sale
  4. Guys just playing around with a new watch timegrapher, how good are these!!!!, ive now happily set a good few of my collection in beat properly and timed. But, im now working my way through the pocket watch collection, and im wondering if there is any information on the "dollar" pocket watch movement that live in the old ingersolls and smiths pocket watches, im wondering if there is a specific amplitude and beat error etc, I only ask as a bootfair pick up after a full clean and lube was showing an amplitude of varying readings from around 160 to 220 and a good few more, a beat error around 0. 2 upwards, depending on position, I know these are old movements and basically were designed to be thrown away rather than repaired but I would like to try and find some information about the technical side of these movements as I have a few and a job lot of parts to boot. Any info would be great guys, cheers in advance.
  5. Sorry for a late response but for what you are asking and your budget, I would go for the sekonda skeleton pocket watch, its a proper manual movement and it's only £50, doesn't come in a really nice present ion box though, that's it's only problem.
  6. Jeeeeez, just embarked on bringing an elgin 18s back to life after I'd just recieved a new pallet fork, now ive done watches clocks and loads of ingersoll and smith pocket watches, but nothing has tested my patience like this elgin. I have two awaiting life to be put back in them, one needed a pallet fork and 2nd wheel, the other required just a pallet fork, so I went to pallet fork only, after stripping and cleaning I noticed that the roller jewel was missing from the balance! So I decided to go to work on the other one by swapping out the 2nd wheel, long story short, broken jewel went to replace, two different sizes on both warm he's, in fact not one thing seemed to be interchangeable between these two 18s movements, obviously different grades and off the top of my head I can't remember what they are but they are different. In the end I have one complete watch but I think the 2nd wheel is different, the original had a snapped pinion so I don't have its original length, the replacement is the same diameter etc, it fits but it's the one area that I need to check as it doesn't seem to have good clearence on the top plate, and with a fully wound spring there is no power getting to the pallet fork when I move it from side to side. One last thing what is the knack to fitting everything together??, I fitted all wheels except centre wheel into the top plate then fitted that to the lower plate, it seemed the only way what with the pallet fork locating in that little little tube thingy that the balance sits in.
  7. Snapped these two up at my local auction house, both gold plated cases and movements that are clean but with faults. One requires an impulse jewel and the other a pallet fork and I reckon a new main spring. Here's the pictures for you to help me with my questions. im not getting the whole movement thing here, I'm gathering they are 18size movements, but I can't seem to find any information of movement cal. For either watch so I can start sourcing spares, I've taken the balance out of both and got the numbers from under them, they are as follows, on the waltham it's 124775 and on the Elgin it's got iv2 then 50727. where would be the best place to start sourcing parts for these two watches so I can add them to my collection in running condition, I'm kinda getting attached to these two now, cheers for any information guys
  8. Ok guys bit of a lurker here more active on seiko forum but I'm also starting on pocket watches mainly ingersoll and smiths, nice simple ones!! Anyway I picked this one up for a few quid and need a new balance staff but can't find anything about the movement apart from its Swiss made, here are some pictures to see if anyone can shed some light for me, cheers guys
  9. Hello guys, long time away but back again, right the other month I was asked if I could take a look at an old ingersoll pocket watch as it wasn't running. I has it apart and cleaned and lubed and tested the time keeping and all was ok it runs happily now. Since them I kinda caught another bug (along with my seiko one) for these ingersoll and smiths empire pocket watches, I've a slack handful now but all are requiring barrels and mainsprings, for some reason people seem to strip these out and sell the rest of the movements on. My question is, is there any other barrels and main springs that fit these movements that are easily found at a reasonable price ie cheap, I've scoured good old ebay but keep coming up blank on ingersoll and smiths empire springs and barrels, do Waltham ones for etc etc Many thanks for any information guys
  10. Again many thanks for all the input, I'll keep my eye's peeled for a while, I'll also contact rytetime to see what quote he can give me.
  11. Many thanks again for all the info nd for looking through your spares my friend, i woll now start the quest in getting this piece up and running once more.I will look at contacting steve to see what he can do aswell. Cheers guy's
  12. I can only suggest ebay, or cousinsuk, be careful with a thin springbar in there, the slightest knock will have the bracelet depart from the case. I only know this as ive just had the pleasure of mending a work colleagues citizen which had thin bars put in place by a local chain jeweler when he wanted the strap changed. Cant believe they had his fat bars away without telling him.
  13. Ideal, many thanks for your time mate, ill keep an eye on the forum
  14. Mach cheers for all the info and pictures, youve been a great help, you say you have no mainsprings, im in need of a hairspring, but im thinking you had a typo there.
  15. Ideal, any idea where spares might be available?
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