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  1. You can have her. Hehe! Yeah it's from fleabay, made an offer which was accepted without a counter so obviously could have saved a few quid more but it's a keeper. I do tend to keep them so hopefully as they are more rare than the popular Monster it may be a nice little heirloom for the family.
  2. Hello there, just bought an orange faced one waiting for it to be delivered. Now you've had it a while any new thoughts? Papa
  3. Thanks Bill will email him and get them sorted.
  4. Thanks for your reply Gaz. As a newbie I don't know Roy? Is he the R in RLT by any chance? My access to the site is mega limited as a new member, guess there may have been some bad lads join in the past? It won't even let me view my own profile never mind anyone else's so help is greatly appreciated.
  5. And thank you both, yeah he is my alter ego, attempting to put a piccy up now but the site doesn't seem to want to grant me access to my own profile.
  6. Hello all, new member here with a question on ethics and values if anyone would be so kind? I have two UK Military watches; Pulsar V732-0L70 Seiko 7T27-7A20 Both are issued versions and back case stamped accordingly. Both of them need the same tlc really, new crystal, service and battery to bring them back up to spec, the Seiko was working and I did wear it a few times before the battery died. My question is with regard to servicing as above, would anything other than sending them to Seiko in Maidenhead detract from there collectability and value in the long term? Watch repair shops are fewer and further between these days and I would prefer to give my local one the work in principal but not if that will cause a problem later in life. None of my local ones are approved by Seiko but to be honest from what I can see no one is with the exception of their centre in Maidenhead? Parts are easily available now it seems so though they may live in drawers after the battery dies next time I think it may be best to get the crystal and service work done sooner rather than later? Any help or advice will be gratefully accepted. Regards Papa
  7. Afternoon everyone, just a quick hello to you all as requested, best to be polite me thinks! I can't profess to be a watch fanatic, I have always liked them, well from early childhood I regularly borrowed my relatives watches which blatantly didn't fit my young and slight wrists, not always with approval either. My reason for joining is to learn a little (hopefully) and make fewer mistakes as a result. This has been spurred on by my now increasing interest in older time pieces which in turn led me to discover that I have two collectable wrist watches, well that's how it looks at the moment. Flipping the watches (I read some posts and think that's the term used?) isn't my intention, they need some tlc and I don't want to devalue them as will probably leave them to family members in my will if appropriate. I do have some other watches, one of which is very dear to me, a Breitling A74350 Colt, sorry if that's not the type of watch to make you tick (oh look a pun already) but I love mine. Anyway I shall be posting about the other two I have mentioned in the appropriate section, they are both UK military issue; Pulsar V732-0L70 Seiko A7T27-7A20 So in anticipation of any forthcoming advice, thanks! Papa
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