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  1. This is Mr Levity's (Dani's) daughter - I am very sad to inform everyone that my Dad passed away on Friday 1st December - he had a brain hemorrhage and was rushed to hospital but there was nothing they could do for him. He was kept on a ventilator until we could get there to say our final goodbyes. I am writing here (I hope this is the right page I have posted on) as I know how much time he spent on this forum and dedicating his time to the world of watches, and how regularly he posted updates and photos. For anyone who would like to attend the funeral and pay their respects, you are m
  2. I'd leave it for 5 months. See how he likes it Congrats and I can't wait to see what you get. Another generous giveaway from @JayDeep
  3. I think a lot of infrequent sellers can't be bothered to take decent pictures. Odd as today most phones will take decent photos - mine will take 100 shots and suggest the best one for me. A godsend for someone who shakes as much as I do when trying to photograph watches . Or maybe they're just thick ? I have a customer who sells all sorts of what I would consider unsalable stuff on Evilbay and he recently tried to sell a pocket watch. He brought it in to ask me why I thought his buyer wanted a refund. He'd taken a pic with the flash on and the flash reflection had completely obscured
  4. Hola y bienvenido. But pictures of your watches are always welcome.
  5. Testing this one out for a potential sale.
  6. Pogue for this evening. Off to Faulty Towers, The Dining Experience with Mrs L. #internationalpogueday
  7. Have you any pictures of your watches ? As @richy176 said, look in the owner's club section. There are are so may Seikos out there it would be hard to list them all.
  8. Auto with hand wind. ? Could be a whole new way of life for you.
  9. The gift itself was not a total surprise as I knew something was coming from @JayDeep, but not exactly what. What arrived this morning was this: Also included was the original bracelet (very heavy !). My first thought was sh!t, that's big ! There is absolutely no way I would ever have bought something that big. BUT ...........it has virtually no lugs, so it actually sits nicely on my small wrist. I love it. So does my wife A BIG THANK YOU to @JayDeep . A very generous gift !
  10. I look all the time. I too am a salesman of sorts and a lot of my job involves talking to customers. I have who wears a Rolex one day and an old (as in knackered, not vintage) Seiko the next. He's not a WIS and actually laughed when I commented that he seemed to be wearing a piece of old tat when the day before he'd had the Rolex on. I have one guy who keeps coming in and showing me watches that I could never afford and mostly don't like. Now I have a decent phone again I will take some pics next time he comes in. I also have one guy who wears an old Hamilton (1975), one who's in to
  11. I have trouble wearing one single watch for a day, let alone a week Actus SS for this evening:
  12. Rotary skeleton for trip in to town this morning:
  13. This one will go on for the afternoon and evening.
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