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Mr Levity's Feedback

  1. andyclient left Positive feedback   

    A pleasure to deal with many thanks

    Mr Levity was The Buyer

  2. Redwolf left Positive feedback for a topic   

    New 24mm Heavy Mesh Bracelet SOLD
    Thanks mate all is good.

    Mr Levity was The Seller

  3. Robden left Positive feedback   

    Well chuffed. Bought a strap from Dani. When I opened the packet, there were two straps. I asked, but not a mistake. Top man. Thanks Dani.

    Mr Levity was The Seller

  4. Ullevi left Positive feedback   

    Great comms, rapid dispatch, excellent watch accurately described. Thank you.

    Mr Levity was The Seller

  5. bridgeman left Positive feedback   

    Deal agreed, watches arrived as described and promptly ,very happy.

    Mr Levity was The Seller

  6. Robden left Positive feedback   

    Great deal. Excellent. Any time Dani. Cheers!

    Mr Levity was The Seller

  7. DJH584 left Positive feedback   

    Great to see you again and great value watch to boot. Hasn't been off the wrist since I picked up from you this morning!!! Thanks again my friend.

    Mr Levity was The Seller

  8. martinzx left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction, paid instantly, many thanks

    Mr Levity was The Buyer

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