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  1. ScotsWatches - thanks for the reply. My son is 11 - so another 10 years to go - a shame to leave it lying around till then when he would be likely to just put it in a drawer too :-(
  2. It's a bit big - but here you go. Father and Son's next to each other.
  3. Faze - thanks for the reply - it's that kind of response that made me register for the forum. How do I add a picture (My Media)?
  4. Sorry, I realise my post may seem a little cold. My dad's watch inspired me and they bought me my own Rolex for my 21st (24 years ago now!!!) - all my pride is on my wrist as I type. My Mum would rather the value be put to use than the watch sit in a drawer (in it's original box btw). Ed - thanks for the reply btw.
  5. Hi there I've specifically registered with this forum for advice, so please don't shoot me down in flames for asking anything stupid or repeating things that have been asked numerous times before. My father passed away a short while ago and I'm helping my Mum have a bit of a clear out. Amongst lots of clutter is a Rolex Oyster Speedking which he had for his 21st birthday early in 1949. I've done a little research and understand the size counts against it (midsize which some people say can be Unisex). I'm not going to do a sales pitch here or ask for valuations - I know (having scoured the forum) that this is frowned on. However, what I would like to know is, does anyone know how to go about selling such a watch. Obviously I could just put it on Ebay but I would feel a little vunerable doing that. Thanks for reading and any advice you may have Dave
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