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  1. AW: you’re quite right, the Gear Patrol article doesn’t mention it now. It was in the final paragraph but must have been edited since I read it yesterday. It was that article that sent me to the Timex site for confirmation. Thanks for the Indiglo information too; I didn’t know it deteriorated but I suppose I should have as it’ll have to be as a result of some kind of reaction. I presume the Casio illumination is similar? No doubt you’re right about the Indiglo not being the electric type as on a quartz. An automatic with a battery is probably the worst of both worlds though I recall a smartwatch being promised a while ago that used wrist movement to power it. Might’ve dreamed it though.
  2. Aye, like that but never dims. But I’m still gonna have a look at those two, ta
  3. I almost like it: I can live with the date and the ‘I’m vintage, me!’ writing but I reckon I’d constantly be looking at the ‘12’ and being annoyed it looks like a ‘Z’. We’re a picky bunch, ain’t we?
  4. Sorry, I meant to be clearer- I doubt very much it’s anything more than the Saturday kid putting the info on the website but to have an automatic with a lume equivalent to Indiglo would be something.
  5. Timex are releasing another new auto. I like it and I have always had a soft spot for Timex as, no doubt like many others, a Timex was my first watch and bought by my dad. https://gearpatrol.com/2019/08/16/timex-waterbury-automtic/ Only thing is, it supposedly has Indiglo. I thought this may be slap dash reporting by Gear Patrol but the Timex website says the same. https://www.timex.co.uk/waterbury-classic-automatic-40mm-leather-strap-watch/Waterbury-Classic-Automatic-40mm-Leather-Strap-Watch.html?dwvar_Waterbury-Classic-Automatic-40mm-Leather-Strap-Watch_color=Stainless-Steel-Black&cgid=men-shop-all#start=1 I can’t see it but it would certainly end the lume wars because Indiglo is just about perfect!
  6. Pity the series is so bobbins. Vikings on the other hand...
  7. Well, he seems like a likeable, humble chap
  8. Barking! Good read though, ta.
  9. Though I am well short of matching your knowledge on watches, I’m inclined to agree with your hesitation to buy a high end quartz. Finding spare parts must be an issue in years to come whereas any parts for a mechanical movement can be fabricated.
  10. I have a couple of Victorinoxes (Victorinoxii?) and I think they’re great. Not sure I’d spend a grand on one though. Even if that is half RRP. Just think of the other stuff you could get with the money.
  11. Folks, can any of you remember seeing such as thoughtful, respectful and considered a discussion as this on any other forum? It hasn’t descended into insult nor are people intractable in their positions. Thank you all for giving me some food for thought on this topic.
  12. It’s amazing the utter stupidity behind some behavior. I know that Japanese companies tend to be multi layered and be involved in lots of disparate sectors so does anyone know if the watch makers are connected to whalers?
  13. Thanks! I’ve always struggled but this was a doddle
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