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  1. I have this one: https://www.casio.co.uk/products/timepieces/pro-trek/product/?v=PRW-6600Y-1ER And it’s grand. I’m no outdoor expert but I wanted something nearly as tough as a G Shock but with more functions and not the size of a dinner plate.
  2. I quite like ‘em but not sure enough to buy them. The Air-King type one: is it me but does the dial look a little too small to anyone else? Can’t figure out if it’s the domed crystal or that the numbers are quite far from the edge.
  3. AW: you’re quite right, the Gear Patrol article doesn’t mention it now. It was in the final paragraph but must have been edited since I read it yesterday. It was that article that sent me to the Timex site for confirmation. Thanks for the Indiglo information too; I didn’t know it deteriorated but I suppose I should have as it’ll have to be as a result of some kind of reaction. I presume the Casio illumination is similar? No doubt you’re right about the Indiglo not being the electric type as on a quartz. An automatic with a battery is probably the worst of both worlds though I recal
  4. Aye, like that but never dims. But I’m still gonna have a look at those two, ta
  5. I almost like it: I can live with the date and the ‘I’m vintage, me!’ writing but I reckon I’d constantly be looking at the ‘12’ and being annoyed it looks like a ‘Z’. We’re a picky bunch, ain’t we?
  6. Sorry, I meant to be clearer- I doubt very much it’s anything more than the Saturday kid putting the info on the website but to have an automatic with a lume equivalent to Indiglo would be something.
  7. Timex are releasing another new auto. I like it and I have always had a soft spot for Timex as, no doubt like many others, a Timex was my first watch and bought by my dad. https://gearpatrol.com/2019/08/16/timex-waterbury-automtic/ Only thing is, it supposedly has Indiglo. I thought this may be slap dash reporting by Gear Patrol but the Timex website says the same. https://www.timex.co.uk/waterbury-classic-automatic-40mm-leather-strap-watch/Waterbury-Classic-Automatic-40mm-Leather-Strap-Watch.html?dwvar_Waterbury-Classic-Automatic-40mm-Leather-Strap-Watch_color=Stainless-Steel
  8. Pity the series is so bobbins. Vikings on the other hand...
  9. Well, he seems like a likeable, humble chap
  10. Barking! Good read though, ta.
  11. Though I am well short of matching your knowledge on watches, I’m inclined to agree with your hesitation to buy a high end quartz. Finding spare parts must be an issue in years to come whereas any parts for a mechanical movement can be fabricated.
  12. I have a couple of Victorinoxes (Victorinoxii?) and I think they’re great. Not sure I’d spend a grand on one though. Even if that is half RRP. Just think of the other stuff you could get with the money.
  13. Thanks! I’ve always struggled but this was a doddle
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