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  1. I went cheap cheap for my holiday watch, plus the orange looks good on a tanned wrist
  2. Just need to find my keys and it's off to town.
  3. Forced change to a Sawtooth, thanks to the swift delivery from @mcb2007 Bet he never thought he'd be making out with a 60 year old
  4. Saturday is Garage time, so on with a cheapo, but very usable and comfortable Casio
  5. Anyone else have to go to a car boot today to buy a car
  6. Perfect for a windy Saturday This voice was made for singing
  7. Steinhart today. The one facing away from me doesn't pick out to black dial, the one facing me does
  8. Is my OVM 39 of any interest to you ?


    1. Faze


      Hi, I really wanted a larger one, but what's the price mate?


    2. reggie747


      The price is £ 450 Trev....

    3. Faze


      Thanks, I think I'll hang on for a 42 ish.


  9. It was strange how cool (as in cold) that area felt.
  10. I've been wearing a Kinetic Seiko all week for work, it's my fav Seiko model, so constantly looking at it, you know how it is. But today I arrived at work only to find it had stopped working just before 8pm last night, and couldn't shake it into life, it shouldn't need it anyway as I've been wearing her all week! I was in the garage last night around the time she stopped working, so God only knows what I did to her. Anyway, I took her off because I could see it annoying me, and guess what I didn't miss her and it felt kinda liberating. Yes I missed my morning and afternoon breaks, but I didn't feel like I missed the watch! Do I need help, or just embrace it and go naked again on purpose?
  11. I used to quick draw against my Teddie with this, and I never lost And doubled up with the interceptor
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