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  1. I had a Speedmaster many years ago, loved it but it was the reduced model and a bit too small for my wrist. I walked away from them, I was willing to spend up to £2,000 and they couldn't be bothered to tell me what the bracelet size was!
  2. Thanks, they do seem to be reluctant to let me know the size of a bracelet though
  3. Thinking about buying an Omega Speedmaster and noticed that this company is cheaper or on par with eBay. Has anyone dealt with CHRONEXT before? https://www.chronext.co.uk/omega/speedmaster
  4. Steiny in the bird bath today
  5. Faze


  6. I went cheap cheap for my holiday watch, plus the orange looks good on a tanned wrist
  7. Seiko survivor of multiple bashes
  8. Just need to find my keys and it's off to town.
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