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Faze's Feedback

  1. mcb2007 left Positive feedback   

    Another smooth transaction with Trev . Thank you very much .

    Faze was The Buyer

  2. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    Sold a Seiko Monster to Faze and yet again with this gentleman no issues at all a credit to the forum. Thank you.

    Faze was The Buyer

  3. mcb2007 left Positive feedback   

    Another smooth transaction with Trev, a credit to the forum.

    Faze was The Buyer

  4. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    Top man in every way, a very smooth deal and always a prompt payer.

    Faze was The Buyer

  5. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    Trev is always a pleasure to deal with no hassle with this gentleman.

    Faze was The Buyer

  6. Robden left Positive feedback   

    The deal, comms and delivery, all excellent. Perfect. Nothing else needs to be said. Thank you Trev.

    Faze was The Seller

  7. Jonesinamillion left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Scurfa Diver One
    all good, well packed, quickly despatched and great condition watch!

    Faze was The Seller

  8. jsud2002 left Positive feedback   

    Brilliant to deal with cheers matey

    Faze was The Seller

  9. martinzx left Positive feedback   

    Bought a nice diver from Trev, perfect transaction, buy with confidence.

    Faze was The Seller

  10. Teg62x left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the watch mate it is great, just what I have been waiting for. Great watch, great service, great guy, thank you again.

    Faze was The Seller

  11. brummie1875 left Positive feedback   

    Purchased a couple of nice straps from Trev, great price, arrived speedily, always a pleasure to deal with. One on already.

    Faze was The Seller

  12. Delta left Positive feedback   

    Great deal and better than described, delivered super quick.

    Faze was The Seller

  13. Pharmo left Positive feedback   

    A top guy to deal with as usual. Thanks again mate - always a pleasure doing a deal with you :)

    Faze was The Seller

  14. Timez Own left Positive feedback   

    Excellent experience dealing with Faze. Watch is as described, packaged very well and delivered quickly. Easy to communicate with. Would deal with again without hesitation.

    Faze was The Seller

  15. brummie1875 left Positive feedback   

    Apology's for late feedback to all i have purchased from only just found this option. Great buy from Faze my first Seiko and a cracking watch to start me off, smooth transaction all the way. As with all the members i have purchased from a credit to the Forum.

    Faze was The Seller

  16. hughlle left Positive feedback   

    Nice and easy transaction as normal

    Faze was The Seller

  17. Daz. left Positive feedback   

    Great watch, great price, as discribed, swift dispatch and well packed. Would deal again no question about it.

    Faze was The Seller

  18. martinzx left Positive feedback   

    I purchased a great watch from Trev, it was a perfect transaction, the watch is exactly as described, thank-you Cheers Martin

    Faze was The Buyer

  19. Gpts left Positive feedback for a topic   

    [SOLD] SOLD:Seiko 6309-7040 Turtle
    Really pleased with this watch, arrived very quickly and safely packaged. A real pleasure.

    Faze was The Seller

  20. Damo516 left Positive feedback   

    Bought my first Steinhart, an ocean 44 from Trev, highly recommended, would def deal with again, a credit to the forum!

    Faze was The Seller

  21. Damo516 left Positive feedback   

    Bought a 007 from this top bloke, exactly as described, easy transaction and friendly :)

    Faze was The Seller

  22. Damo516 left Positive feedback   

    Great seller, excellent comms. A very well packaged great condition watch - a credit to the forum :)

    Faze was The Seller

  23. Iceblue left Positive feedback   

    No 1 Seiko forum member came up trumps again selling me a great condition watch cheers fella

    Faze was The Seller

  24. Krispy left Positive feedback   

    Another smooth deal with a great seller - cheers!

    Faze was The Seller

  25. Foxdog left Positive feedback   

    Ignore the one below, I'm a muppet and pressed save before checking (MUPPET I KNOW!!) Trev is a top guy to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him as a seller

    Faze was The Seller

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