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  1. It's not until you get this close that you realise that your fav watch is not mint
  2. Kept with the work watch today, on what used to be a controversial strap choice
  3. Recently bought the best blue diver.. The Seiko Blumo My image hosting has run out with Imageshack, so no photos
  4. Different model, but I've had my Hamilton for a few years now and it wears so well.
  5. Sunday morning reflections..... Constants in my life Seiko Kinetics, Wife and Motorbikes
  6. I like it, but could do without the S on the dial
  7. Old photo, but there's still a Spork in the house.
  8. Keep forgetting Dan's in the draw.
  9. They make a very good watches, them Germans.
  10. That looks even better than my old one
  11. Good shout mate, they have black face but not orange, but's given me some good search words. Thanks
  12. Does anyone have a link to one of these please Every now and again I look for another, but I never have much luck. Thanks
  13. I had a Speedmaster many years ago, loved it but it was the reduced model and a bit too small for my wrist. I walked away from them, I was willing to spend up to £2,000 and they couldn't be bothered to tell me what the bracelet size was!
  14. Thanks, they do seem to be reluctant to let me know the size of a bracelet though
  15. Thinking about buying an Omega Speedmaster and noticed that this company is cheaper or on par with eBay. Has anyone dealt with CHRONEXT before? https://www.chronext.co.uk/omega/speedmaster
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