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  1. I can choose the hands.. price Is 1390€ Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1A utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Hi everyone, i would share my New project, PATO, everithing Worked by CNC machine, eta 2824/2, shapphire glass, sandwich Dial lasered, custom come e custom writer, back steel 316L work custom Word, hand made strap. Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1A utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. hi everyone, i send pict of my second project, only a mockup now.. 3D printed, EVERITHING Will be worked on CNC machine and hand made. Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1A utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Hi all, this Is my project big One, What do you think? Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1A utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. New photos ,worked with cnc Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1A utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. hello guys, waiting second project I attach some pictures of new dial on project one. what do you think ? thanks https://ibb.co/eHXYM7 I did crow with 3 oring , see pictures attach https://ibb.co/mArw8n https://ibb.co/ne568n https://ibb.co/fpNm8n this is the first one https://ibb.co/dgWw8n https://ibb.co/jXww8n https://ibb.co/dBXsg7
  7. hi guys, i modify project, what do you think ?
  8. its are normal hex bolts , M2 stanley steel, did you see jpg watch on wrist ?
  9. Just make a 3D print, a bit preview of watch ...
  10. http://s14.imagestime.com/out.php/i1077934_Vetrominerale1.JPG http://s14.imagestime.com/out.php/i1077937_Vetrominerale2.JPG
  11. welll, you don't know .. world is big ! change hands
  12. fortunatli you don't have to buy it
  13. i just modify the project.. i hope it is more well ..
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