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  1. Love the seiko on the right....might have to get me one of them .....can never have too many can you lol
  2. Heard a lot of talk of these watches what exactly are they and are they any good (esp Rolex/omega) which are the watches usually banded about.....
  3. I do like that prey tell where can I get one for a cple of pasties and a can of coke....
  4. my divex,not an expensive watch but looks good and does the job
  5. I think its an age thing.......think I would lose my own nuts if they weren't attached lol
  6. had to bite the bullet and buy a replacement.....on the plus side got 50% discount in h samuel sale.....lol
  7. I've got a mondaine bid date mens watch which has stopped working,replaced the battery to no avail,I believe its a ronda 509 movement, my question is there anyone who would be able to replace the movement for me,I don't want to throw the watch away,as i really like it thanks in advance
  8. I remember they were all the rage in the 80's,I used to have a lovely one back then but can't remember the make I think I might be joining you...lol
  9. whilst changing the batteries in a couple of watches,I lost the back off my wifes beloved sekonda,not a good idea I know,my question is are replacements available or is it a send back to sekonda job, the back is 22mm diameter
  10. saxon46

    Sat Nav

    got an app on my iphone only cost a cple of quid ifI remember rightly hasn't got me lost yet http://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/iphone/best-sat-nav-apps-for-iphone-3640688/
  11. run buy monkeys....I only ever use parcelforce if there isn't an altenative....I tend to use parcel 2 go,do it all online and they pick it up for you....simples
  12. you wouldn't kick her out of bed...but she's got a forehead on her fairplay.....and her husband is punching well above his weight...lol
  13. its a mondaine evo 35mm big date.......with I believe is a ronda 509 movement
  14. I got a mondaine gents with the big date window the date can't be adjusted properly you've got to wind the watch on 24 hrs to change the date I understand its a rondo movement is there anywhere i could get the replacement movement I understand its a rondo 519 movement any pointers much appreciated
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