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  1. Let us know how you get on, my watch pile needing battery changes is still getting bigger .. Must get my finger (or batteries) out!
  2. I can't see any reason on this earth as to why it should be pressurised. Personally, I would just go for it.
  3. The top picture from the Orion looks like one of the older Tango class hunter/killer boats, this would have been one of their diesel offerings. The Tangos, when dived were utter pigs to find as they were quiet and could dive deep as the pressure hull was titanium, as they got older they got noisier and that was the only way could find them. The second picture shows the P3 flying over an Alpha (Akula) class nuclear powered submarine. The Akulas are still in service today.
  4. Finally got some pics off my phone.. Two views of the Clyde estuary A strange foggy day back in March on Helensburgh's seafront A frosty February morning walking the dog OOOhh I can see me house from ere.... Low tide on the local "beach" Looking down the Clyde towards the estuary. Greenock "getting it!"
  5. If they look nice and fill an unoccupied space, I would leave them.
  6. I have some interests in stock and shares, but this crypto currency thing I just don't understand what it is or why it's needed.
  7. Yep, I've read that and it was so good it's on my 'Read again' list,
  8. Welcome in, don't forget your wallet!
  9. Yep, can't hurt to ask, especially if this is a known failure.
  10. Funny thing though, I was thinking of a couple of those lamps so I could have a few plants up there, because there is limited natural light, only one velux up there and that is right in front of the cupola.
  11. Nah, nothing daft. when I was wiring it out I knew we were going to be using the space for office, crafts etc. So I was a bit overgenerous with sockets as I absolutely hate extension leads. I got to a point where I stopped knocking the sockets through, so I have several redundant holes to fill in. My bit was the only space that was planned, the rest was ad-lib.
  12. Painting, painting, painting, gadzooks I hate painting... Passionately but I had to get it finished so I could move back on to Stetson and snips again. On with the stetson, boots and big buckle belt, then out with the snips and screwdriver. .....And then there was light... More to follow, once I progress with the bloody potting shed...
  13. So, i says to the joiner, "How long to raise the collars?, what about, raising the collars and framing? then sheeting? Then plastering?" Pleasantly surprising words made his reply, "On ye go says me" Framing done, collars raised.... Oh yeah, and the cowboy electrician had been here at this point, all Stetson and snips me you know... Auld windae oot, New windae in, surprisingly affordable these Velux's this came in at just over £500, I honestly expected it to be twice that.. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture
  14. T be honest I started this about 2 years ago but it was a hunt and peck type project. Come Christmas this year I was fed up with not being able to invest any proper time in it so I employed two guys that had been made redundant s a result of companies trimming through the pandemic. Now, this is only ever going to be a floored loft nothing more, because the ridiculous rules and regs up here are debilitating. so here goes. This is when I first sarted laying the flooring sheets, this was 2 years ago, the collars are at shoulder height at this point, (as they have been from first build
  15. Did you dig that foundation trench by hand?!?!?
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