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  1. I wonder which clown convinced councilspice she could sing?!?!? Painful!
  2. I use one to scare the neighbours moggies off, when Dave's gettin' a doin'
  3. aaaaaaaargh!!!! Some things you just can't unsee!!
  4. For something like this, I would consider used because then you'll know what you can expect when you sell it on, as the resale value will stay pretty steady. Also you don't have to put up with their holier-than-thou attitude.
  5. Biker

    Song Titles Game

    Top of the world - The Carpenters
  6. Biker

    Hello again..

    Nae claethes!! TBH it was a lot more involved than just the colour change, there was a lot of modification, powder coating and rewiring involved too. Some subtle re-engineering too. The designers ned a swift kick in the twins! Some of the original engineering is abysmal.
  7. Biker

    Song Titles Game

    Love, Love Me Do - The Batles
  8. Biker

    Hello again..

    Rather than hi-jack the thread with the rather tasty Tudor, I thought I had better start my own. I must apologise it has been a while and whilst I have missed the 'company' on here I have still been lurking on occasion. I must confess I have a few new ones to report in on such as the rather tasty Moduco kick starter which I absolutely love and the simply sublime Monaco my beloved bought me for Christmas, that is all to come along with other inane ramblings. My absenteeism has been down to my new job which I started at the end of july, which is offering tech support to a range of electronic products from design through production and onto the customer. And I bloody love it! Better pay, better pension and less responsibility! What is not to like? We have also been wrapped up in some rather large home projects too. ….and I have stripped and rebuilt the Spyder, it's now in military green It is so great to see so many familiar avatars still around and some very active 'newcomers' (well new to me anyway). I do hope to maintain a greater lvel of activity from now on, it would help if I could get the tapatalk thing for the forum working, all the other sites work, just not this one. (Any help with this would be warmly received) Anyway that's it from me for now, I'm off to rummage around some of the other threads, later kids and behave! Buster
  9. 'Tis lovely that is, as is the Naked Grouse.
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