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  1. She is from the period of Very recent history. Though I should confess, I was watching her on the telly whilst having lascivious thoughts, and I just spilled it on here..
  2. I would like to meet Professor Alice Roberts... for all the wrong reasons..
  3. That's what I paid for an Omega SMP for a full service and it did come back like brand new. working a treat and every aspect restored to original condition.
  4. Without doubt my favourite place on earth is Durness, Could be on any beach in paradise on a sunny day .. And has some very precious memories..
  5. Interesting read that and a fascinating subject but it does remind me of an argument that was progressing through the 1980/1990s about submarine navigation, the quandary was that at the time, underwater navigation was by means of a very accurate Electrostatically Supported Gyro Navigator which was extremely accurate but to retain accuracy a positional fix was required every xxx hours. Then there was the new kid on the block which was a gravitational field navigator which was equally accurate but didn't require fixes (other than human comfort-confirmation fixes). Quandary? Well, the ESGN
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