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  1. Biker

    Bird Photos

    Saw one of those chaps in our garden today, took some pics but left the camera in the garage.. Pics to follow. First time I have ever seen one for real. delighted!
  2. Biker


    I worked as a self employed electrician for a couple of years and NEVER ignored a customer call despite the time of day (or night), also if for some reason, I wasn't going to make it on site when agreed, I would always call and let them know. I eventually gave up because as a sole trader, I couldn't afford to knock someone back, however, I got fed up with 0700-2100 weekdays and 0900-1900 weekends - every day. Earned loads but had no life. Then this company came knocking at my door and I am still with them. Even now we still get messed about by tradesmen.
  3. Biker


    Jura is my second favourite, the favourite being Ledaig, so now I'm 3 cans of beer in and still hangin' out...
  4. Biker


    Nuts to that, paint fumes on top of a hangover.... Hell on earth!
  5. I have a wee pile of old cameras stashed under the stairs somwehere. I think one might be an ensign.. I should dig them out and sell them.
  6. Biker

    Afternoon Scrabble

    Lend (as in bell, who drinks too much whisky!)
  7. Biker


    Lying in bed suffering the mother, father and grandparents of all hangovers.. Watched a couple of movies last night and decided to get tore into the Bunnahabhain (1/3rd of a bottle) then when that was done, got stuck into the Jura, (2/3rds of a bottle) and I am now hingin oot ma hoop.. Looking at a wee can of IPA as a wee fixer... Why?? Because it seemed like fun at he time.
  8. I think the entire album, in fact the entire back catalogue is epic. However, like you I don't listen to thm that much these days as there is so much other stuff out there. Having an affair with these guys at the moment..
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