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  1. Yeah, course it does, I was just wondering if such things were still available and how difficult are they now all of these gimmick electronics seem to proliferate. I like my old BMW as the only bit of tech it had was ABS, the rest of it was down to the driver being able to drive, and I would like to think kit cars are along the same vein. To many peoples chagrin, I am a proponent of nuclear power.
  2. Yeah, the piece I read, took into account all of the carbon emissions created in the manufacture and maintenance lifecycle, the batteries are still very carbon intensive for manufacture and at the time most cars needed a full suite of replacement batteries every 5 years, then the emissions and environmental impact of recycling the batteries. It was an interesting read but the main thing I got out of it is that the transfer from fossil fuels to renewables is going to take far longer than the proponents will care to admit, I personally welcome the demise of fossil fuels but I am afraid they
  3. Unfortunately not it was on several clickthroughs from a BBC article, it was part of an environmental report from an American university.
  4. Oooh Blue's even better
  5. I've bought one from the US one from Holland and the others from the UK but mainly used from Ebay. I am always on the lookout but never seen an AD over here, however, one of my local jewellers told me he used to stock them in the 80's
  6. I like some of the RW offerings but they are just overpriced Edox are a passion of mine As are Edouard Lauzieres
  7. Ooooh I love that top one..
  8. I love Orient watches, are they black markers and hands or is it a trick of the light? Nice elegant watch that.
  9. Try Simon2 on here he's done a few excellent repairs for me, there may be others on here as well, but Simon is my 'go-to'
  10. Welcome in and furrybots yi comfae?
  11. Yeah, fat finger syndrome... Should be $10.00
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