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  1. @vinn To be fair we have had some crazy winds of late.
  2. We once dived with a lad trapped in the conning tower ( the airtight tube within the fin), he was found by the sound room picking up a rhythmic 'Dink-dink' sound coming from the casing area, when he was eventually found and freed, he went like a wildcat after the officer of the watch, who trapped him, and tried to tear his spine out. Eventually all was fine and the officer responsible lost his job at the end of the patrol, however, the lad in question got called 'dink-dink-Dave' for the remainder of the patrol. Nothing wrong with us, nothing at all....
  3. Biker

    Song Titles Game

    Taking care of business - Bachman Turner Overdrive
  4. Biker

    Song Titles Game

    Dance Monkey - The tones and I
  5. Unfortunately, a lot of our jolly japes are too disgusting for this forum.. *Biker looks over his shoulder and says…. "Whaddaya means you cup smells like a dirty willy?!?! - nowt to do with me!"*
  6. Always up to these kind of pranks in the past, never did me any harm, I grew up into a well rounded individual - Hated by everyone. H&S be damned, if the victim didn't die, then it's all good! "1 tin of Tartan paint and a long stand please Chief...." 2 hours later.... "Errr Chief?!?!"
  7. Oooooh yeah... Keep feeding him for Christmas.
  8. I was a wee bit surprised when he came strutting across the garden, I don't think he'd noticed us at first. He didn't scarper though, just kept a distance.
  9. Update.. Before. Part way ..Erself doing some planting A wee (noisy) visitor More to come..
  10. Yep they are both blackthorn and hawthorn, I want to deter the cattle from chomping my stuff over the fence. There was also a selection of mixed thorn, can't remember what but they were advertised as wildlife friendly, so I'm assuming berries. The blackthorn was deliberate, then I can make my own sloe gin again. Thanks again for all the great advice, it really is greatly appreciated.
  11. My second bike was a CX500 rode it into the ground, I went to get a replacement exhaust balance box and it was more than the bikes worth. Epic bike! Had a terrible offski nine years ago and it has left me disabled, so I ride this. Aslo have 5 different pushbikes, maybe get back on them one day, need a new knee first though
  12. Most excellent advice, I will trim them as required and keep an eye out for future browning, sadly I have no idea what they are, fortunately we can still get out into the garden. Oh, and yes we are west coast of Scotland, so we have had some bad bugger frosts. presently in the middle of planting a couple of Griselina hedges, 100 of them to plant!! Plus some bare root thorn thingys - not sure what to do with them either I was expecting potted ones but didn't read the ad properly.
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