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  1. Read a lot of Robert Harris, I also thought that Pillars was an excellent read, I have also enjoyed a lot of Bernared Cornwell who write great stuff in this genre.
  2. 0730 this morning taking muttley for his morning pee..
  3. Oh I forgot, I saw these two beauties a few weeks ago in Dumbarton..
  4. Got to be honest I agree, two of my Edox Classe royale watches came with rubber straps, just made them look cheap IMO.
  5. Cracking page full of pictures
  6. You'll not be disappointed. I genuinely like mine, especially when I put four decent tyres on it.
  7. I wouldn't chasr it up if I were you, if they want momney they'll not hang around too long.
  8. This time of year again...
  9. ^^ What he said, though sometimes your kit can slip through the net, so keep the money to one side and wait, you may well end up a grand better off!
  10. I had the same on my E46 saloon, cost me £360, so it's about the same
  11. A marvellous light on Friday morning.. before the rain set in.
  12. An utter waste of resources, for probably 10% more raw material, you could carry four people and shopping. These so-called eco-projects are utter donkeys.
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