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  1. Nice one, I wondered if they were those Febmast(?) blocks, the ones you can cut with a handsaw.
  2. What iare those blocks you've used? They look brilliant
  3. Can't help mate, I use the fireplace for that stuff
  4. Hell's teeth! Good job it wasn't a decent car...
  5. The easiest way to make a watch look nasty is put it on a Nato.
  6. Most excellent pictures... from a mobile phone!
  7. Lovely colours in Levengrove Park on Friday.
  8. You could also dowload and run McAfee Labs Stinger. It is an excellent one off tool and it's free. It will identify any nasty wee thingies that could be having a detrimental effect, if you can run it in 'safe mode' it's even more effective.
  9. I looked into a chromebook but I don't like all of my stuff being cloud based, because if you have a dodgy internet connection, for whatever reason, you're helpless, I also don't like a third party minding all my personal stuff, so I stuck with a windows Laptop, I have just bought a HP Envy, one that flips right round and becomes a tablet if I want. I did do a lot of research before I goit this one and am pleased with my purchase because it is lightning fast and the battery lasts easily all day. The only downside with this one is it is a wee bit on the heavy side, compared to my work laptop, which is feather light but has less options.
  10. Blimey that is a fair old list... Leaking batteries can cause nasty damage
  11. Can MOP not delaminate over time, releasing potentially harmful debris?
  12. He was a genuinely nice man, I fixed his and his boys IT gear on a few occasions in the past, at the time I had no idea who he was (he had just left Everton), Mrs Smith described hima as being (at that time) between jobs - I thought nice house for a jobseeker. Next time I saw him on the telly being touted as the next Scotland manager - imagine my surprise.. RIP that man.
  13. By 'eck! There's some amount of excavation and building going on there.. Looking good mind, Keen to see how you'll finish the garden.
  14. Read a lot of Robert Harris, I also thought that Pillars was an excellent read, I have also enjoyed a lot of Bernared Cornwell who write great stuff in this genre.
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