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  1. I would love to see the transmission to the back wheel, it's not really clear on the video.
  2. A most captivating read, I had no idea they were so unsuccessful as daytime fighters, I did however, know about their unrivalled night fighter abilities particularly as a low level defender. Thanks for that.
  3. 'Tis on my list, I read The Mascot last year about a wee Jewish boy some Nazis adopted as a mascot
  4. Send it to me, that kind of behaviour bothers me not. No, no, it's fine, anything to help someone in distress....
  5. You'll probably like this, it really moved me and I talked about it for a long time afterwards.
  6. In that reflection, it looks like you're wearing a top hat!
  7. Yeah, makes sense. Cheers Rog.
  8. I did think it might be harmful but a lot of sites on line are saying it's fine, I think I'll sit on the side of caution though. Cheers Rog.
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