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  1. Biker


    Nice one mate. As an ex-sailor I am well Jealous.
  2. Epic piece of music, absolutely love this...
  3. The Philip Glass Violin Concerto puts me in mind of a lot of Barrington Pheloung music.
  4. FWIW, I think the Casio is leaps and bounds ahead of the EB you are replacing, I have always thought EB a bit... Blousy.. All fur coat and no knickers, whereas the Casio is a top notch piece of kit it also auto date adjusts too. I had one for a while but sadly I never wore it so I passed it on. The traser skeleton hand shouldn't have been an issue as it is tritium tubed (or the modern equivalent). I have a mate (ex-Royal Marine) who is mountain mad and he always wears two watches, he uses a regular analogue quartz (I think its an Omega seamaster pro) and a SUUNTO watch which gives him all sorts of additional info, he even taught me how to use an analogue watch as a compass. Good tip that.
  5. Press down gently on one of the silver ends and it will spring off over the the black lug. You'll need a loupe to see which has the chamfer for snapping the clamping plate back in position. Hope this makes sense...
  6. Biker

    Song Titles Game

    Here's a remix from Dario G's Sunmachine album - A cracker of an album may I add..
  7. Yep me, I still use MP3 players, my first on was a creative MP3 player a huge 10Mb one I bought on a trip to the US, I eventually gave up on this because the 1gb playes were out and cheap enough, plus I was only getting 30 mins or so out of the battery. The 1gb one was the best I have had to date as it was totally waterproof and as i was using it on a bike, this feature was useful. I still have it in the loft but the textured plastic has gone 'gooey', I now use cheap Chinese blue tooth MP3 players as they are 8gb Big and absolutely disposable. I also still have my first hand held GPS which I found on a hillside in Wales whilst hang-gliding. I still power it up from time to time to check it's still with us. I have always been reluctant to chuck something out, if it still works.
  8. Woo-hoo, new season starts soon!
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