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  1. Delicious watch, but I am not convinced with @redmonaco's answer, why have a day night colour indicator next to a day night dial? Or is the subdial a moonphase indicator?
  2. Dunno about glass replacement, never done it
  3. Looks like you're gonna need open surgery to remove a rogue bodypart... It's probably fallen through the day/date window and hopefully wedged somewhere safe.. but it will need removed if you want the watch to survive.
  4. It was so long since I have seen one of those RS' I had to read the description before I recognised it. Just bookmarked both sites Cheers B
  5. Yep, changing the movement is a relatively easy and straightforward job. Contact @simon2 in the repairs section and he will be able to get you sorted. Best of luck
  6. Some great stuff on that site, love the XJS..
  7. It states 'Quartz' on the dial, it would suggest therefore, that it simply needs a new battery. Any Timpsons will be able to sort this out quickly and cheaply (when they open up again).
  8. I have the same on with the sterile dial, however my pepsi bezel ring fell out! Still haven't replaced it yet.
  9. You only posted that to piss me off, coz you know how much I wanted one... Still love it!
  10. Great stuff, though TBH I would have just stuck the shower wall up without repairing the wall, but that's just the way I roll.. Says Biker tipping his Stetson
  11. We used to just rub a magnet on a screwdriver shaft to demagnetise it. I can't remember which way but something like up the length of the shaft to magnetise and rotate the shaft against a static magnet to de-magnetise or vice-versa. Try it, it works.
  12. Nice, clean and easy to read.
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