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  1. PaulBoy left Positive feedback   

    Buster bought a Steeldive watch from me & the process could not have been any easier - Lovely guy to deal with too

    Biker was The Buyer

  2. Roy left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure. Thank you.

    Biker was The Buyer

  3. marley left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Seiko Diver 007 etc
    Many thanks to Biker. He answered my W.T.B..........So now I have a lovely Seiko 009! Many thanks

    Biker was The Seller

  4. gimli left Positive feedback   

    Excellent transaction and communication with Biker! Thanks! :)

    Biker was The Buyer

  5. marley left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Parnis for sale
    great guy to deal with..sold him a watch instant payment and great comms throughout!

    Biker was The Buyer

  6. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    No nonsense buyer instant payment and very easy to deal with. Thank you Sir.

    Biker was The Buyer

  7. kanab22 left Positive feedback   

    Gorgeous watch in pristine condition exactly as described. Biker even delivered it to me personally. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    Biker was The Seller

  8. odyseus10 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    [SOLD] FS: Mint Mondaine Big Date on mesh barcelet
    Friendly hassle free watch transaction !!! :)

    Biker was The Buyer

  9. rhino2k left Positive feedback   

    Really nice guy to trade with, My first watch swap and it went really really well. Thanks!

    Biker was Trading

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