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  1. I got a set from Aldi/Lidl, can't remember which and it has been fine, used it at work a couple of times too.
  2. Once gain, it is purely down to personal choice, RW make some lovely and decent quality watches and if you want one featuring your favourite band, the go for it. As a side note I have seen a few of these 'Band' watches featured on several vendors websites, often at reasonable discount, so If you are going to pull trigger, shop around first. I think I saw a boxed, used one on Ramsdens for about £450, but that was a bowie watch.
  3. I have 2 0r 3 of these in my drawer, have a soft spot for them. Nice find
  4. This was what I drooled over The smell and sound of this got me addicted to bikes at the age of 14. At this time everyone around was struggling with triumphs, nortons etc. A friend of mine has one of these in bits in his garage
  5. Linky or Piccy or it didn'y happen!!
  6. Looks bloody brilliant, wish I'd bought misself one too!
  7. Still sporting this.. If I don't check in tomorrow, merry Christmas all
  8. Superb job and an excellent education for us all, well done Sir..
  9. Been sporting this wee number for the last couple of weeks, the dial really 'pops' in the daylight..
  10. Oh, you mean these Beavers... Yes I used to be a Beaver Leader once.
  11. Clever idea, I have a COTS version, not half as nice looking as yours though.
  12. been building dams longer than we have so I would say, skill.
  13. Deffo treating myself to a @Houtman Watches Australia in white, then a Longines master. Also a massive clearout of the 90odd watches I currently have, I must definitely clear some space in my watch drawer
  14. I ruled the blue out because I have bought a stunner in blue from @Bricey, you know, that chap a few posts up who is trying lead me astray... I am leaning towards the white as I love the black hands on the white dial, but I also like the high contrast on the green too.
  15. Yep some good points there, we don't need sensors for everything, simple vigilance will eradicate a lot of pointless electronics.
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