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  1. Delicious watch, but I am not convinced with @redmonaco's answer, why have a day night colour indicator next to a day night dial? Or is the subdial a moonphase indicator?
  2. Dunno about glass replacement, never done it
  3. Looks like you're gonna need open surgery to remove a rogue bodypart... It's probably fallen through the day/date window and hopefully wedged somewhere safe.. but it will need removed if you want the watch to survive.
  4. It was so long since I have seen one of those RS' I had to read the description before I recognised it. Just bookmarked both sites Cheers B
  5. Yep, changing the movement is a relatively easy and straightforward job. Contact @simon2 in the repairs section and he will be able to get you sorted. Best of luck
  6. Some great stuff on that site, love the XJS..
  7. It states 'Quartz' on the dial, it would suggest therefore, that it simply needs a new battery. Any Timpsons will be able to sort this out quickly and cheaply (when they open up again).
  8. I have the same on with the sterile dial, however my pepsi bezel ring fell out! Still haven't replaced it yet.
  9. You only posted that to piss me off, coz you know how much I wanted one... Still love it!
  10. Great stuff, though TBH I would have just stuck the shower wall up without repairing the wall, but that's just the way I roll.. Says Biker tipping his Stetson
  11. We used to just rub a magnet on a screwdriver shaft to demagnetise it. I can't remember which way but something like up the length of the shaft to magnetise and rotate the shaft against a static magnet to de-magnetise or vice-versa. Try it, it works.
  12. Nice, clean and easy to read.
  13. I used to wear one of the earlier versions of those at sea, accurate, reliable, reasonably robust but cheap and ultimately disposable (if the need be). Great bit of kit.
  14. The best watch is the one that most appeals to you and gives you the greatest pleasure wearing, whether it is £10K automatic or a £10 quartz or anywhere in between. Patek Phillipe make some stunners, but so do Lorus!
  15. Yep, I went a bit cheap on the silicone and had leaks after a few years, so I went upmarket by a couple of quid tube and what a difference.
  16. I found the WBP panels by accident at one of our local outlets but they cost about £80 a sheet and knowing how clumsy I can be I decided on the more robust option as I was doing it all myself. I think I would have made an arse of the composite panels as they are far less forgiving for the amateur. I would have been that bell-end plumber... many times over.
  17. Did you use the composite or the plywood backed stuff? I've found mine to be robust as fck.
  18. Both, one wall was part tiled so I smashed them off, the other wall was tiled so I stuck it on the tiles. I used generous amounts of Pink Grip adhesive.
  19. Yep we have them too, we got the plywood sheets with the heavy duty laminate on them, really good. Went for these as some of the lightweight composite ones have a bit of ribbing in the that you can see on the outer surface, the wood backed ones are perfectly flat.
  20. The dog went bananas last night for no apparent reason, anyway this morning we found a weebat lodged in the hall cornicing. Waited until this evening to put him out on the windowledge. Sent from my SM-A515F using Tapatalk
  21. I like it, a kit like this which has all the bits you need right out of the box and a full set of assembly instructions. I think it's a great way to get into it. Ordinarily I wouldn't know where to start but with a kit containing and explaining everything, makes sense to me.
  22. A mate of mine has 3 bikes, one of them is the Vanvan and it's his favourite!
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