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  1. I lived on Water Road in Reading on and off for about 6 months back in oooh...1989 or 90. Had a girl who lived there so was most weekends and any leave I had, never had any hassle but it was a town with two very different sides.
  2. Yeah that's one of my favourites too, it's the only Rolex on my wants list....
  3. Unfortunately my favourites change on a regular basis, at the moment I am sporting one of these Though next week it could be an Omega or an Edouard Lauzier. Though I must say my all round favourite brand is Orient, I have 8 or 9 of those, I just think they are fabulous value for money and they never run out of design ideas. But my general across the board favourite brand is, believe it or not, Orient, I have 8 or 9 of those. I just think they are sensational value for money and they don't run out of design ideas.
  4. I was in tears of laughter at that one. Excellent!
  5. Biker

    Birds Aren't Real

    What astounds me even more is, this f*cktard can go to Walmart and buy a gun!
  6. I found in New York the safety factor came from the absolute plethora of visible Police presence, in London you'll be lucky to see one roaming the streets. That would mean the 'opportunist' in London will have more chance and temptation in London. That being said i am fairly well travelled and have never really felt at risk anywhere, except Categena in Spain, where a chap started following me and 'er, until I stopped just around a corner and waited for him, as soon as he realised he bolted. Although I think the camera was the attraction, not the watch. I think realistically the vast majority of places are ostensibly safe. If you move in criminal circles, expect criminality, if you move in civil circles expect civility. The only real threat is the opportunist, the only defence from them is vigilance.
  7. Biker

    Bug Photos

    That would make sense as we always seem to end up with at least one wasps nest per year. Thanks for that.
  8. August 4th on the Clyde..... What you can't see are the trees blowing in the wind!
  9. Biker

    Bug Photos

    Found this odd wee chap scouting around the kitchen on Sunday
  10. I had been watching that for about ten minutes before I even realised what she was doing..
  11. Hello and welcome, I do like the Spinnaker with the indices on the crystal, very unusual.
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