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  1. Do you consider it to be unbiased and fair? If so I might give it a shot.
  2. Bloody marvellous! looks to be blending in nicely.
  3. I actually have a box full of old gauges I scooped out of a skip. All the rest are probably too small to do anything with, but they're worth a shot.
  4. Okay cheers, I'll give it a go. Sadly it'll be a week or so before I can get back into it. Also got this waiting in the 'to do' box
  5. This is an already modified one, it was driven by an electric motor as part of a now scrapped simulator. The real ones were driven by sea pressure, still, I had no idea they were worth that much, I'll bet the one you saw was off a WW2 submarine, this one is far newer, (Swiftsure Class) Will that not take a lifetime, the alloy is at least 10mm thick..
  6. Can I use a grinder to cut a bigger hole in the back of the cast alloy case? Scared of it shattering
  7. Just had a look, impressive collection and welcome aboard.
  8. I am not, nor will ever really be a Seiko fan BUT there are several in this thread I would happily own and wear. Some unusual and sensational watches there.
  9. Being as I have been working in the loft and clearing crap out, came across a box full of old submarine gauges, best of all is this depth gauge. So I am stripping it out for a clock project, let's see how it goes... Can I use a grinder to cut a bigger hole in the back of the cast alloy case?
  10. Fantastic! I might just have a shot at this one day.
  11. If I had somewhere to keep mine safe and protected, I would never have sold it, 53 plate with 77K miles and utterly faultless.
  12. That will be worth keeping. they'll start to appreciate more, the E46 is widely regarded as the best they've ever made.
  13. Took the furry fellow up to the reservoir this afternoon. Scorchio!!
  14. Originals, nodding to my Naval career, one more to get One of three we have from a local artist, Simon Williams One of another three, from another locsl artist, Vicky Morrison. A watercolour by Monica Barrie A signed, numbered print by the notorious Rolf Harris. And my very favourite, by Scottish artist, Daniel Campbell, AFAIK it is the only one of his large paintings that was never copied and printed, there is a similare one that was limited printed 100 times. We were lucky with this, we paid less for this original than the prints sell for
  15. Excellent! I have a pal who does all this kind of stuff, love it.
  16. I have seen some guys do some amazing cleans on watch cristals using plastic polish, hopefullyn one of them will pop along shortly and help you out, good thinking asking here. You could actually search the watch repair sub-forum, there's probably good stuff on there, I hope you get what you need.
  17. I have an Elgamo (I think, somewhere, probably at my folks house in Manch,) Had ma box section spring fitted too, but haven't used it for 20 -odd years.
  18. Great wee thread, thanks for that.
  19. Bugger, so disappointed for you.. Sorry I can't be of any help, don't suppose it was in photobucket or somesuch?
  20. Yeah, bought a Seiko monster (Vampire), didn't even take it out of the box, then traded it for another Seiko on here, which I subsequently punted. Tried so much but just don't like Seiko, always been disappointed.
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