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  1. Hi, Looking for a reliable, quality watch servicing place in West Yorkshire. I have a number of watches I would like cleaning/servicing and would like to build up a relationship with someone I can trust. Does anyone have any recommendations. Many Thanks Ian
  2. Good Afternoon All, I recently bought a lovely vintage Omega Deville which has now arrived and looks as good as it did in the pictures. Unfortunately the watch must have been stored for years in a heavy smoke/tobacco environment and as such the smell of the leather strap and the watch itself is too much for me to wear. The watch was NOS with a new leather strap so I don't really want to start scrubbing it but wondered if anyone had a suggestions as to how to remove the smells. Would a proper clean from an independent place do the job? Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Ian
  3. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can share any information on this watch as I am struggling to find anything online. The reverse of the watch says Master Control and the numbers are 145.8.31. I am led to believe the watch is around 30 years old. Any similar watches around Is it genuine? Rough value? How do you control the 3 dials? Any other relevant information All comments are appreciated. Thanks Ian
  4. Hi, As the title says really... Can anyone recommend a good high quality black leather strap for a Speedmaster Reduced? Look forward to your suggestions. Thanks Ian
  5. Hi, i am am looking for some feedback on watch finder if possible. Are they reliable? Competitive? Do they negotiate? i have seen a Speedmaster Reduced on there which interests me but I'm a bit cautious as I cannot see it in person. any feedback appreciated. thanks ian
  6. Great, will give that a try. Thanks all!
  7. I do have one of those blue plastic cheap ones but don't I need to release the screw down the thread before pushing it? I looks like a pin on one side with a straight screw on the other side of it
  8. Hi, This feels like a bit of a stupid question but hey ho. I have just taken delivery of a Seiko SKX013K2 and need to adjust the bracelet. I a still trying to build up a collection of tools and don't have a screwdriver small enough to remove the screwpins. I am going to order one individually for £3.55 don't want to pay £40+ for a full set. Does anyone have the same watch ad know the size of the screws or anywhere I can find is info online. I looks about 0.5mm but don't what to guess! Thanks Ian
  9. Hi, I am total beginner when it comes to the mechanics of a watch but I am keen to learn more so have invested in a pocket watch to have a bit of a play around with and will look to pick up a few different cheap pieces to work on. Any beginner tips/pointers? What are the essential pieces of equipment I will need? Is it worth buying one of the cheap and cheerful kits on eBay or should I spend that bit more? Any online sites that are good reference? Any beginners books? Where's the best place online to buy parts? Hopefully you can advise me where the best place to start is. Thanks Ian
  10. Hi, Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this particular watch: I am considering buying one from the states on eBay but as I have never tried it on or seen one for real its a bit of a gamble to me. Not a hugely expensive watch but one that I guess is worth checking out first. I really like the styling and the fact it is smaller than the standard appeals to me. I assume because it's not widely available then authenticity shouldn't be so much of an issue? Any comments/advice would be appreciated. Thanks Ian
  11. Thanks for the advice all. I think that this is only 1mm smaller than the Longines I have which looks fine on my child like wrists so might just bite the bullet...
  12. Hi, Looking for some more advice from you all following some great advice which helped me to make my first two purchases, Tissot PRC 200 Automatic and Longines Le Grande Classique - even managed to hold out for the 15% discount despite 3 different negotiating attempts. Now its time to have a bit of fun but I am almost a little embarrassed to ask this as I think I know the answer. I have been looking at this watch on eBay and really like it: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item19db94596c However I cannot find anything on Newton watches online so suspect this may just be cheap tat and that probably explains the buy it now price. I like the fact it is (apparently) a NOS vintage watch but I guess this could be all lies. Are my suspicions correct or is this just a cheap genuine timepiece in which case one which I really like? Thanks in advance... Ian
  13. Normally the managers can't really budge on anything that's under £500. Obviously the more your spending the better the chance of a deal. Sorry to say it but although I appreciate spending circa £1k is a lot of money, they make similar sales all day long without resorting to deals and discounts. It also depends on what branch you go into and what mood the manager is in. Did you speak to the actual branch manager or an assistant/deputy manager? If you have any other branches around you, or any other AD's, play them against each other. I had one branch of Goldsmiths offer me nothing when I wanted a Rolex DSSD. David M Robinsons offered a free service and extra years warranty. Then spoke to another branch of Goldsmiths and instead of just saying 'no', they actually had a go at me! This is where building up a rapport with your local AD is important. I deal with my local AD and nowhere else in exchange for a deal or discount whenever they can. Yes, that all seems to make sense. I wouldn't have actually minded too much if I hadn't got anywhere but it's the comments on here saying 15% as an absolute minimum which makes me feel if I dont get it then I have been hard done by! There is an independent dealers nearby that stock both so will give them a try next and if not will just have to bite the bullet.
  14. I'd read this thread with interest and went in to Goldsmiths today ready to purchase two watches, Tissot PRC 200 automatic for £390 and Longines La Grand Classique for £690 hoping that buying two together would allow for some extra discount. I had previously tried both on so had made the decision and had already tried to buy the tissot but failed to get any discount. Anyway, I was dealing with the manager and he wouldn't budge a penny stating that the tissot is great value for money for what it is and that prestige brands like Longines offer no discount!?! I ended up having to walk out with nothing just out of principle even though I wanted both and theonly other shop locally that had both in was closed today. I was quite direct in the fact I had cash and would purchase both there and then but nothing. Any advice or suggestions?
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