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  1. Most of the big brands are putting out derivative designs so I'm hoping it's the output from smaller brands that are well remembered in 30 years: - Schofield Signalman - Habring² Foudroyante - Alexander Shorokhoff Levels or AG - Bremont Hercules Of the less original type I think the Halios Seaforth and CW super Comoressors are major standouts. From the bigger brands, I'd struggle to guess but ones that standout for me include the Rado Captain Cook, TH Carrera green dial, Omega Speedy 60th, Zenith Chrono Revival & Nomos Metro Gangreserve. Of those, the Nomos has a particularly good chance because it was their first release with a 'true' in house movement iirc.
  2. It looks a bit big there but wrist shots distort the actual look you have in person. The lugs only kust appear to overhang your wrist so it could be ok... What is the side profile like? Look at it in a mirror and decide from that.
  3. IWC were on a roll in the 90s. Would love to see a return to that sort of form. I'm somewhat regretting passing on an opportunity to get a Mk XII as they are lovely pieces, especially on the bracelet.
  4. Go for it. I agree that the original crown looks small, and your mod looks way better even without any knurling.
  5. I was going to say Gavox and Techne but I think they might actually be Belgian.
  6. Poor timing meant missing out on an IWC Mark 11 but otherwise no rush for anything. I've got a few models I'd buy if the right one comes along though
  7. I'd wear them if I liked them but definitely in the no camp with these. Maybe they'd be better as they aged though.
  8. I don't think I could describe a perfect watch. There's so much variety available... I'd probably have a list of 5 or so that would cover all bases. The recent green Carrera LE isn't far off covering one of those but I'd want a different movement.
  9. I'm not sure I can either but I can try!
  10. A very unexpected gift for me! It certainly divides opinions but I love it. I'll probably tone it down a bit with a single colour strap but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing about it.
  11. That's very nice. I like a lot of their models but that is a particularly good one. The lume is a nice surprise as well.
  12. I didn't hear about that. That's probably going to make my plum fume model 2 a one of a kind. They say it's coming back in a revised format which will be interesting to see... Hope it's not too good! I think I'd like a watch from Minase, if they can be considered a microbrand. Otherwise a Habring².
  13. None of my current on near future watches could really be considered that hard to get hold of. If I ever see a Polerouter Sub with green bezel at a UK auction then that may bring true grail status, but I suspect it'll never fall within my price bracket if it does.
  14. 1. Heuer Camaro 2. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 3. VC Fifty Six Very difficult though as I'd rather spend the VC money in a few other quality vintage pieces.
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