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  1. The point of 250 was to show people that the new mainline Defy release was a homage to this watch rather than the Royal Oak, without having another line to sell. I think they had mixed success with convincing people but I certainly like both this and the new Defy a lot. Zenith are doing a lot right with these and the Revival series.
  2. King Seiko were up there with GS and set the design language for many GS watches since. The movement in this should be a bit higher end but if the finishing is worthy of the name then the price is justified.
  3. Saw this on the morning if release and it had already sold out. I was looking at an original version last year but I'd bought too many watches already. Shame as prices are only going to go up now!
  4. Yeah I've seen the Batavi before. Nice looking piece. I really want a to quality bracelet with this sort of watch so I'm put off the cheaper micro brands. Maybe if Monta did one I'd give it a punt as their oyster style bracelet is meant to be top notch. This Straum Opphav is also tempting but again not sure on the bracelet at that money. And it's pushing the size up again. Straum
  5. @Briceythere's a panda version of the Autavia on watchcollecting.com with 16hrs left. Currently at £2.6k Inc premium so might be worth a look.
  6. I really like these but they could still be a bit smaller and thinner. I want a solid, integrated bracelet in a slim sub 40mm case that doesn't cost me a house deposit.
  7. Hanhart Pioneer One (42mm) or Preventor 9 (40mm)? MK2 Cruxible Hellion?
  8. @SolaVeritatenails it with the UN Freak. One of those and a McGonigle would be my extreme outlays.
  9. 35mm dress watch with fairly short lugs is as small as I've got but I could see a 34mm with thick caee and long lugs being fine. Square watches also appear bigger and a white dial, thin bezel etc all make a difference to how it would wear.
  10. I do like both the vintage and new Top Time-s. Breitling are putting out quite a few watches I like at the moment but this shift in design has alienated what was their core market from what I can tell. That might not be a problem if sales are good but then with the suggestion that there is a bit of a shift in the market towards less vintage inspired watches, it may be quite a big mistake.
  11. I like a watch that shows its age on the dial as much as a minter which helps with keeping the cost down but it depends a bit on the watch. I love the creamy colour my Heuer has gone, but I do wish the case were crisper. Aged dial in a NOS condition case would be perfect in that one. It say a Speedy? I'd want the dial in tip top condition and only the lume to show its age.
  12. 44KS this week before it goes on a new strap to add some colour.
  13. I love a Max Bill but it's have to be a nice vintage J88 chrono to make the trip worthwhile. Great looking factory as well.
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