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  1. You are making me regret cancelling my pre order of the yellow dial now! Although I think your is a more versatile piece. A coloured dial with that bezel would be a winner as the normal bezels don't look as good.
  2. Camaro today - an underappreciated classic from Heuer.
  3. Fantastic work. Love the whole design.
  4. One of the cheaper WWW watches. Could have got a Cyma a few years ago but maybe one of the others. Seen some Timor's going around that mark.
  5. That's a collection I could live with after a sprinkling of vintage! In all the joking, some solid recommendations but there's a huge world of watches outside the more mainstream brands identified here, especially at the price range you're working in. Take a look around some of the watch blogs for ideas if you are interested in watches for more than their wider current demand.
  6. I think there a loads of unique watches. Of my collection, both Alexander Shorokhoff and anOrdain make wholly.o4iginal.designs with unique cases, hands & dials. anOrdain even design their own typefaces. Other brands making unique stuff are: Minase Schofield MHD WT Author Visitor - the Linden is a unique take on the dress watch and their diver goes its own way too.
  7. Awesome. If I ever swap my 6B MK3 it'll be for one of these (the smaller model) or a Breitling AVI. The type 20 design is an absolute classic
  8. That's was a good read thanks. Odd to have anOrdain in there though with the founders comments, as their textured dials are created during the stamping process rather than hand applied as suggested.
  9. Very difficult decision but probably one of these with a GF bracelet in the box. I'd take the 2 register or GMT as well.though. I'd probably even take one of the reissues as an only watch but have never considered one for my small collection.
  10. I love the Type 20 design, particularly Breitlings take with the AVI 765. I'm also drawn to the Breguet Type XX, which has a few different references that vary in how close they are to this one. The Breguet strikes me as a (relative) bargain at used prices.
  11. I don't think you'll find much better than the Carrier's but one other that ticks your boxes is the Piaget Upstream. The unique closure mechanism make it a bit of a conversation piece. All the others I can think of are small brands (Minase, AS) or out of budget (GO).
  12. Nice. I really like the Lucky 8 but it's just too big for me as are lots of their watches. If probably go for a green SixtyThree though as at 40mm it's wear well I think - I just tend to prefer the more quirky watches because there's nothing else like them.
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