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  1. To all members of the Langel-owners club:

    I posted the request on a Dutch watch forum whether someone knew about Langel, and I received the following information from Henrik, the moderator:

    The watch is from Gaston J. Langel from Biel (Switzerland), a company established in 1947. Since 1951 is has been registered under Langel Watch Co. SA. In 1973 they had an advertisement stating that they are specialised in waterproof ultra flat watches with and without date. As from 1968 the company is registered as Vialux-Langel Watch Co. SA, with Langel as the brand name.

    Based on this information I did some quick research, and apparently the company has gone bankrupt end 2004… :(

    Of course, this doesn't explain why there seem to be sooo little watches available, or just one watch of every model. Nevertheless, some very interesting information!


  2. I love the Chronomat Evolution, very nice. Is Sinn some kind of replica house ?

    Sinn is certainly not a replica house, but actually a highly respected (and costly) German watchmaker, particularly famous for its diving watches (made of U-Boat steel).

    Why does the Sinn 903 look like a Breitling Navitimer then? Well, in the late seventies Breitling was going to some very though times, and they sold the rights on the Navitimer dial lay-out to some companies, including Sinn. So, Sinn is definitely not copying the Navitimer, its producing its own Navitimer! For some more information on this watch I can refer to the very interesting article that was written by Hans Mennink, a respected Dutch watch lover and collector:

    Article on Sinn 903 with Lemania 1873 movement

    Hope this clears things out! :)


  3. Hi Comit & welcome to the "Langel owners club" err I mean The Watch Forum :rltb:

    Thanks Andrew, it's an honour and a privilege to join such a select group of watch owners. :pimp:


    I must say I am very much intriged by Langel, and I'm dying to find out more about this watchmaker. I'm afraid though there's nothing more to find out as you and I already did quite some research... But hope keeps us alive!


  4. Congratulations on your win - I say that even though you outbid me in winning it :lol:

    There are two members here who own Langels, and as far as I know that is the sum membership of the Langel owners Club, so you should see Mutley & Flashharry along sometime soon. I so wanted to join that exclusive club, but it wasn't to be :(

    That one looks to be in very nice condition. It will be interesting to see your pictures when it arrives.


    The bidding process was quite a bizarre happening actually... About 3 hours prior to the ending I started bidding, but my maximum bid was always overruled by someone else. At a certain time I even made a bid of £ 147, but that was not enough. I didn't want to go any further at that stage, so I let it be... Then, when I checked the auction about 10 minutes before the ending, suddenly I was the highest bidder... with a bid of £ 62! :eek: Apparently someone had accidentally introduced a maximum bid of £ 436 instead of 43, but luckily for him he had informed the seller to withdraw his bid...

    To the rest of you, thanks for the warm welcome! As I know everybody loves pictures, I'll post some (not to show of):

    This was the engagement gift I got from my girlfriend (now my wife), a Breitling Chronomat Evolution:



    The first mechanical watch I bought was this Sinn 903, which is quite special with the Lemania 1873 movement:



    Next in row was the Omega Speedmaster Professional, with caliber 861:


    I don't have any original pics from my other watches, but some day I'll find the time to take some...

    That's it for now, as soon as I receive my Seiko Bullhead, and of course the Langel, I will post some more pics! Enjoy for now!


  5. Hi guys,

    I wanted to enlarge my (modest) collection with a vintage diver, and after surfing the web for some time I found this watch from Langel. Of course I did some research prior to buying the watch, but strangely enough I was not able to find any information... :huh: The only reference I could find was on this forum, were a few members own a Langel watch. The funny thing is that none of these watches are similar, and mine is no exception!

    So that's the reason why I am posting on this particular forum, and how I arrived here. As a watch enthusiast I follow some Dutch watch forums on a daily basis, but I'm not an active poster, I'm more the "watch and learn" type of guy. :)

    The modest collection I mentioned in my intro consists of a Breitling Chronomat Evolution, Omega Speedy Prof (cal. 861), Sinn 903 (Lemania 1873), Seiko Bullhead, vintage Girard-Perregaux, and some other vintage stuff... And now I'm happy to add this Langel diver to the collection, which is dated 1969:




    If anyone has any info on this watch, or regarding Langel in general, please let me know!

    grtz, Comit.

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