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  1. Can someone confirm for me, which is the first model of Amphibia from '67. Is it the round cased 'Suba Dude' version or the 090 cushion case version? Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. Been away from the forum for quite a while. Originally due to technical issues. I'm looking to aquire a decent quality Raketa 'Big zero'. As close to original as possible. Lots to find on Ebay but being cautious. If anyone knows a good place to try I'd appreciate it. Thanks I have that dial, but with a different bezel. Nice.
  3. Just got my latest one (for myself!) this Christmas. A 7S26 with 'Arctic camo' mod. Awesome lume, on the bezel as well as the dial.
  4. Seen some people post pics of these on japanese Seiko vintage Facebook pages. Where will most people in the UK on here try to order from? Really want to add one of these.
  5. First race of the season this weekend in the early hours of the morning UK time, at Philip Island in Oz. Can't wait for bike racing back on TV again. New rules look like making the racing a lot closer this year and in a shock last minute change, former world champ Troy Bayliss is racing on a Ducati again in place of an injured Davide Guliagno. Although for me, the smart money has to be on Jonathan Rea this year. Finally on a bike/package to let him live up to his potential. (Kawasaki ZX-10R)
  6. Had tickets for the Donington Moto GP but not going now it's been moved to Silverstone. Fed up abaout that to be honest. Quite fancy going to Assen , but don't think I'll make it. Will be much closer this year. No way Marc will win 10 in a row again.
  7. Seeing as the first winter test started today at Sepang, I figured it was a good day to start this season's thread. Rossi was fastest out of the traps in the morning and in an online poll by Motorcycle Race Mag over 50% of those voting said they felt Rossi is the most likely to win the 2015 championship. The day closed tho with Marc Marquez typically claiming top spot from Valentino by a fraction. And who would bet against more Marquez domination this year? Much to watch from Ducati, Suzuki and Aprilia this year, as well as Cal Cutchlow, Scott Redding and Jack Miller on Hondas too. Can't wait for Qatar. Jonathan Rea is who my money's on in World Superbikes too.
  8. Love the watch. Would prefer a larger size myself, but really nice.
  9. Still very happy with this Android
  10. Something different for a Sunday. Android Tattooed Dragon 50mm Seagull TY2807 automatic movement 21 jewels
  11. A few new ones to choose from, but still this Android Enforcer 8040N today.
  12. Fair comment. I try to avoid dials where the subdials cross over the digits myself. The bottom.subdial is the seconds hand, so it passes over the date...in seconds :0)
  13. My latest quartz. With Swiss Ronda 8040N movement.
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