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  1. The AD makes next to nothing, Rolex do make their watchmakers buy new tools periodically even if not needed which adds into the charge. If I had a newer model or a rare model I would use Rolex , if I had an older model airking or precision I'd use watch doctors. On a side note I'm off to Rolex UK HQ in July for some training. I'm very impressed to hear they have their own moat.
  2. It'd be nice to see an area for each county of England, so if your in Norfolk or Suffolk you could post in the relevant one. This could also have a local shop database for each county that we locals can add to, so as fellow members travel they can look to see what good shops they can visit. And possibly also arrange watch nerd style get togethers. Bring your watches, meet in a pub, have a whiskey maybe buy and sell or trades. I'm from Norwich and know a fair few others are Norfolk based.
  3. aslong as this isn't like the real church, as I'm still young enough to be considered as of interest id think.. but I can supply you all with many naughty images tomorrow
  4. Unfortunately that sounds spot on for a accredited Rolex service. As in sending to Rolex their selves
  5. Dazca you must understand the forum is a sacred place to us nerds and we dont like the uninitiated... I jest, welcome, although you have no intention in becoming a watchnerd it may happen along the route. Look in the various sections lots of information to be picked up and various site references to look into . Ask lots of questions and you cant go far wrong. iconic can indeed be a bargain but these watches often come from far east and will not always have a valid stamped gtee and will often be a couple of years old. if you really need a watch and you like the new on, put down what you have and throw the rest on a 12 month ifc. Then you can walk out of a shop with it. Nothing like a new watch, least then every scratch it accumulates has a memory to you, or no idea if you had a few shandys
  6. I wish to atone for my sins , I have not dedicated enough energy to the church of time. I admit when the forum changed I disappeared and then tried to re-appear but couldn't fathom how to upload photos again. Tomorrow afternoon i plan to start up the laptop and try to actually get back to grips. Not that excuses mean anything but I have started a new job working with brands from tag to Patek Philippe so I have been rather busy. But I have also bought some new watches a Bering, 2 Seiko 5's that I have had a tinker with, a regency from a fellow member, a vintage watch of no known brand and a Tudor black bay. I hope the members of the parish may forgive me, and if not then I will slowly waste away in disgrace hiding from old father thyme (Roy)
  7. I only got my first Seiko in December and now I have 5 (1 incoming thanks to Lampoc) this one originally had a pepsi bezel but alas it did not agree with me, so in went this red insert from the bay. next I had a spare dial from a 5 that I changed so I thought the black pilot dial would look better than the dark blue, one of my cheaper watches and becoming one of my faves. the dial looks even better than I thought it may,but I think some pilot hands will be next and maybe bubble boy crystal. for those with the discerning eye you may also notice I polished the lugs instead of the standard satin effect
  8. Hello everyone so I thought it'd be nice to share our social media feeds, and/or if we see anything/anyone who posts really interesting watch related items. (don't think this has already been done) My instagram is 1st_time_to_watch Twitter is @norwichlover (this is because I'm Norwich based and love it and not because I'm a prolific lover) Hope this works
  9. To be honest I still use my standard home diy hammer on most things, even though a do have a selection of jewellers hammers, I just like to get the desired result with one wallop.
  10. Most watches say 3-6 years between services, but that's a safe rule of thumb, some high end are wl made and go much longer, some low end just have great movements. Some of the older and also cheaper watches require attention more often. Its a real mine field out there and is when movement comes into play, but also the use of a reputable service centre or workshop.
  11. Yeah even pulsar dosnt service any more they offer an exchange at a reduced rate from retail, its cheaper to replace than repair.. If she really likes them and dosnt want to exchange you may be able to find a replacement movement from some where like cousins.
  12. Seriously beautiful, only just seen this straps and have fallen in love. The sub ain't too bad either ;)
  13. Get a light and a loupe and look through the holes while pulling the stem in and out, you may see the lever moving, if so then put the crown in, get a small scredriver and gently push the lever down while pulling the crown out, this should release the crown and stem.. Only do this if you can clearly see the lever.
  14. Yeah I see this alot especially with watches bought online. People buy cards off ebay and then attach them to a watch thinking it increases the value, some dealers forget to check these when buying in, its an easy thing to overlook. Just remember if you ask a retailer to open the watch back up it can void the water resistancy as they have no machine to test it again. Buy locally and from long established bricks and mortar shops and you should be fine.
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