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  1. The reason I'm asking is that, unlike most watches with tight bezels such as Seiko and Rolex, the sides of bezel is partially hidden under the case, so I can't get to all 4 sides with a bezel remover. Is there a trick for these? Special tool?
  2. I did. I still need to know if it's right or left.
  3. I have one like that for small barrels. But I need to get a larger one- I can only find new from Bergeon, or Chinese sets on ebay.
  4. Can someone clear up the "right / left handed" thing for me? If the mainspring looks like this picture when I open the barrel, do I need a right or left handed winder? Thanks!
  5. Generally, if it pops out, it is too big. Some times, I take fine sand paper and run it around the edge 1 or 2 times. Almost imperceptible with a caliper measurement, but it goes in and stays. Another option, is to lay the sandpaper flat and sand the bottom of the crystal. The dome shape means that as you remove from the bottom, you are also making the OD smaller. Do this in very small amount- maybe only a few strokes at a time between checking.
  6. I am trying to replace the crystal on a watch that is the same as the one in this link. https://mall.elady.com/Omega-Geneve-Automatic-Stainless-Steel-Mens-Dress-Watch-1680168-BF331589.html The crystal is locked in under the bezel and there does not seem to be a notch. Is there a special tool to remove the bezel or is it safe to pry off with the knife? Thanks in advance.
  7. to push the hour and minute hands on, I use plastic eyedroppers like in this photo. https://images.app.goo.gl/SC6KGsMrdW8o4FdM8 the plastic is soft enough that it will not scratch the hands. I have the pushers with the metal handel as well, but I only use those for the second hand. for alaignment, I set the hour hand to 6 and the minute hand to 12. I feel this allows me to see the straightness better than 12-12. finally, I turn the crown several times to be sure that the hands are not touching each other.
  8. I would like to replace the clasps for this USSR bracelet as I like the color. The pins seem to be 100% stuck. The width is 15mm. Any Ideas?
  9. Ps. The inner diameter of the mainspring barrel for the watch I am working on is 11mm.
  10. The title says it all. I only need 2 sizes, not every size.
  11. Could a tool like in the OP be used to open case backs, though? The design looks like it would be just right.
  12. Replacing with a standard quartz movement is fairly easy if you don't mind having different hands. If you want to keep the same hands, you need to find a movement with the same hour, minute, second sizes.
  13. I do have a press to close backs. With a regular knife, I worried about scratching the body, or slipping and cutting my hand. It's only this one watch that's difficult.
  14. I see. Thanks for the clarification. I have one watch with an exceptionally tight pop off back that I can never remove, and I need a way to open it when the battery dies. The last time it happened, I did the unthinkable and took it to a shop. $20 for a battery! What tool do you recommend?
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