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  1. Hobby repairer here with a very strange problem. A few weeks ago, I took apart 2 standard Chinese made quartz watches (same make/model) and now I am trying to put them back together. All the parts have just been sitting on the table, but the white o-rings that go around the crystal are BOTH too big to fit into the groove. When I took the rings out initially, it was actually a challenge as they were quite snug. But now, when I place the ring over the cavity, the OD is about 1 mm larger than they were 3 weeks ago. Can I do anything to shrink them back? Most of my watches are older mechanical pieces with plastic crystals, and I don't have much experience in this, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. well... isn't THAT a pricey tool! It's on the buy eventually list. I guess I will just order a huge grab bag of hands and get to searching for a reasonable match.
  3. no ideas? For the second hand I can gingerly squeeze the part that sticks out, and also for an hour hand- I have sometimes been successful on this, but other times I squeezed too much. But most minute hands (including this one) are flat. Is there anything for this if one were really interested in keeping things "original" and not just putting on a new hand?
  4. Hi all, I am just wondering if there is something that can be done to make the holes on watch hands smaller. In this case, I have a loose minute hand and and second hand so I want to pinch the holes just a hair (probably much less) so that they are firm in position. Any Ideas?
  5. Thank you for the pictures chronoxx. Quite helpful. I tried my luck with another mainspring and it ran smoothly without problem. Lesson learned to be more careful when taking the spring out of the holder.
  6. Thanks for the info everyone. I am starting to think that the spring I got was damaged before I got it (or maybe I bent the middle loop smaller by accident when I removed it from the holder.). I guess there is not much to do at that point except chuck it because trying to open a bent loop will only cause the area around the eye to break, as it did. Regarding using spring winders, when you turn them, do you turn them so that the end of the spring (where the catch piece is) is also inside the chamber? or, Do you leave the catch sticking out a little? Thanks for the advice in advance.
  7. my heart goes out to all of your thumbs... any word on what to do about getting the arbor in? the middle curl is too small for the arbor and it is not even close to the middle hole in the barrel.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to mention, I am using a mainspring winder and it gets into the barrel just fine, but the middle curl is still not centered and not big enough for the arbor.
  9. Hi everyone, Long time, no see. The title basically covers my question. I am finally delving into mainspring replacement and I am experiencing some problems (and have successfully broken a brand new mainspring in the process!) with getting the arbor back into the mainspring. Basically, when I get the new mainspring into the barrel, the center is not centered and the "middle/center curl" is far too small for the arbor to go into even if it was in the center. I have tried pushing and "humoring" the arbor in, but it does not even have a chance without properly bending it to the center. Then when I try to gently open the middle curl wide enough for the arbor to fit into... it snapped at the metal next to the hole. The videos on youtube make it look like a piece of cake. I have only tried and ruined this once, so I want some advice before dropping $20 on another mainspring. Is there something I am missing, or did I just get a crooked spring? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have opened it (and changed the battery 3 times). I know what you are talking about. No, it's not one of those LEDs with tiny digits which is a particularly attractive point for me.
  11. Just looking for replacement LED "movements". I have a "Palama Trend" LED watch that was not too expensive and stopped working after a year. They seem to be completely out of production so I am looking for new "guts" for it. Any ideas?
  12. general question and I don't know where else to put it. I have seen a lot of bands (replacement and on brand watches) that claim "genuine leather", but they are clearly some sort of plastic or mix of something. for example, Skagen's "genuine leather" looks and smells like leather, but after a few months, it starts to crumble and disintegrate. I have seen this in other "leather" products like bags, wallets, etc. Is there no market rule on authenticity? Is there any way to know when buying online?
  13. Quick a simple question about the foil ring that goes over the hour wheel- is it necessary? ... and actually- what is it really even for? I ask because when I buy replacement movements, it's not there. Also, I can't seem to find it in part supply stores online. Should I make them from aluminum foil? Should I just forget about them?
  14. So the update is... The epoxy seemed to be strong at first, but broke off while I was putting the hands on. Even slight pressure on the dial was enough to make them pop. Perhaps if I could manage to NOT touch the dial at all, then it would be okay. The next thing I tried was hot melt glue (the kind that you use in a glue gun) and I applied a small piece of it with a soldering iron... also, seemed good at first, but putting it ON to the mechanism is enough to break the bond. Essentially, ANY sideways pressure on the glue is enough to make it break. So, it was on to a few slices of double sided tape which took a grand total of 5 minutes to apply. Perhaps I should order some dial dots for next time, lol
  15. Ok... so I just did the epoxy thing and put it down for the night. one kind of difficult thing that I had not thought about (but should have!!!) was that the dial is not flush against the movement so that the dial feet that are inside the movement are essentially 2 high spots, so it's hard to keep the dial level without it see-sawing on these 2 spots. I hope I got it level, but I must wait to see. If the worst happens, I can just break off the feet and start over, I suppose.
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