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  1. I like it! A very nice remake of the traditional model. Love it!
  2. I've noticed this one in Goldsmiths a month ago. I must say, it really got my attention. Do you think this is what the Royal Marines wear or is it just an advertising thing?
  3. William has been with Oris for as long as I can remember. The one that I did not know about is Ferrari and their partnership with Hublot.
  4. Bargain for that price! Nice pieces!
  5. I had no clue that Cash Generator sell such things :)) saying that they probably sell anything that people bring in :)) Cheers for the hint!
  6. I likes it, I wants it, my precious! :wub: I like this one! How long does the battery last if it's running so fast?
  7. That looks AMAZING!!!!
  8. that is a really nice looking royal oak Any AP owners around here?
  9. Nice watch! How much do they go for?
  10. I am a bit disappointed :( I just wished I did not use my imagination in the first place :(
  11. That is a nice piece! Very well done for you!
  12. I really like the looks of this! Who knows a bit more about them? I was trying to find them on Ebay with no luck :(
  13. Sorry to hear about your experience as well! All this trouble has really put me off buying another Breitling ever again :(
  14. I had to! Had to send it back 3 times....and Breitling UK does not deal with its customers directly only though dealers. Mine was Goldsmiths
  15. I own a Breitling Colt 2 Gmt auto and had several problems with Breitling UK. I sent my watch in for an overhault and came back 4 months later ruined as the movement worked for a bit then stopped. Once i've noticed this, i sent it back for another 2 months and guess what....same issue again! I had to send it back and seriously complain. Two months later got it back with a brand new movement which works beatifully. The moral of tge story is that Breitling Uk is not very good, charges people a lot of money and they took my watch away for 8 months before putting things right! I would not recommend them!
  16. That JLC is such an intriging piece! How does the movement work with two dials?
  17. Love it! Prefer it in brushed steel! Nice choice!
  18. Really like it! There are not many of those out there! Please don't ever service it at Breitling UK if you love your watch!
  19. I would most definetely sign a check for an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore!!!! Does anyone own one?
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