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  1. Long time no speak, hope you are well :)

    Some time ago I had a spate of buying and flipping Longines Conquest heritage watches (had about 5 of them I think!!)

    One I particularly enjoyed was the Chrono version but I had the Black faced one. I seem to remember you had the silvered face one, or was it someone else//

  2. Couldn't be arsed changing it.............superb watch
  3. Interesting, entertaining, puzzling, complex, but always fascinating to watch RIP
  4. Indeed! It looks like a "strap on" :goof: :lol:
  5. I spoke to my 91 year old dad recently. I asked him did he walk about much in the care home these days. He said..........."Son, I move about as little as possible these days. I have to breath of course, but even that's a nuisance sometimes!!" :o :rofl:
  6. Marcello C with 2824-2 movement. Great build quality, and bezel one of the best I've had for firmness. Watch really is great value for what you get
  7. I was 17st 8 about 15 years ago and it was only when I saw some pictures of me at a wedding that I realised I looked a right slob. I sometimes used a moped at that time and my dad said never had he seen so little carry so much!!! :rofl: I lost 5 st in a year and now hover around 12 st.
  8. I like my cracking car with a cracking woman
  9. Like mint watches myself :goof:
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