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  1. Definitely a good idea :thumbsup:
  2. Also.... A swap thread would be ace. No cash just swaps.
  3. I got Tiger UK to do the same for me last year :D Here's my 6309 Tiger Tuna. He did an outstanding job on it. Mine is fitted with a Pav strap from Miterant off of here.
  4. Hello Roy, Good to hear you are keeping the forum. Personally I think it's great as it is but if you are looking for additions I think a gadget / boys toys section would be great, I like gadgets :D Seller / Buyer feedback and thanks section would be very beneficial, it works well on a few car forums I frequent. Monthly photo comp is a good idea too :D Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be fine as the thing that really makes a good forum are the people who use it and contribute to it. This place has a good crowd, knowledgeable, helpful, polite, friendly ect. In the relatively short time I've been here I've been made to feel very welcome even though I'm not a huge poster.
  5. :D Haha, it's a small world. Me and the Mrs go to the antique centre in Cullen quite regularly, brilliant place, we never come away from there empty handed. Thanks for the offer of his number but it's ok, we've bought quite a lot of stuff from them previously at auction and never had a problem, I'm sure they are trustworthy but even the experts are sometimes fooled by fakes and I thought I'd try here where anything slightly fishy about them would be noticed. It's always good to get a second opinion. Were you at their last sale in Turriff? I missed it but my wife was there and came home with a Grandfather clock, some pottery, some Scottish provincial silver and some vintage toys and a few other bits and pieces.
  6. Unreal haha. On another thread they were all taking the p#ss about some of the daft rules we have (or had) here but then got really angry because someone dared post a WRUW thread on a sunday :D Think I'll stick to TWF for my watch fix :)
  7. Hello folks, these watches are coming up for sale at a local auction and I'm considering having a punt, but I've got no knowledge of them at all. The first one is a Rolex with a cushion case in 9ct gold, I think it's from the 20's or 30's. Second is a Zenith Respirator, not sure on the date. Can anyone give me some tips for spotting a fake? I know nothing about vintage watches like this, plus I'm out of the country at the moment so I'll be sending the Mrs to look at them, is there anything glaringly obvious she should look out for? I've contacted the auctioneers for more photos, including the movements but not heard back yet. An help will be gratefully received :) Cheers!
  8. Wow! Your photos are amazing, I've been struggling with watch photos for a while now, this could be the answer! I've just bought one :D
  9. If it was me I'd be keeping the Sinn, aside from the fact that you wear it most and you've just had it serviced, it's the best looking of the bunch (In my opinion) and definitely the coolest :D
  10. Another vote here for leaving as it is, it looks perfect. It's a beautiful watch , congratulations!
  11. I got these straps from Miterant for some watches I modded recently, as usual they are extremely high quality. He makes a cracking strap :D
  12. Hello, My wife recently bought this at an antique auction, not bad for £250! It was made locally (Aberdeenshire) and features a local scene painted on it. Someone has tried to clean the dial unfortunately and removed a lot from it but It's a great clock and keeps good time. Thought I'd share it here :) I'm not sure how to date these but I'm guessing mid-1800s? Can anyone assist me with this?
  13. Nice collection mate. Prepare for it to get much bigger :D I must admit I do like your PO alpha and the Edifice a lot.
  14. I completed a bit of modding tonight, here is the result. It's a SKX007, fitted with some Yokobies bits to give it a vintage look. I've used a Patina lumed dial and hands and a vintage red glass bezel insert, it also has a Murphy bezel and a Pavstraps racing strap.
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