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  1. I found you the crown here https://boley.de/en/case-parts/seiko/37308 but cannot find the stem. Just bear in mind that Boley are in Germany.
  2. Unfortunately Nigel that size car is not large enough for me. I feel claustrophobic in them. I hope that you get many a happy mile out of yours. Regards David
  3. Ye gods what is the world coming to? Nigel has gone from somewhat sensible luxury motoring to pocket rocket ship racing cars!!! Will the world ever be the same or is this a mid life crisis?
  4. The only watch that l could find that not only covered the year in which I was born, but also the quarter, is a little Pobeda. The movement is marked 3/54 and covers my month and year. I would show you a picture, but I am not at home at the moment and do not have access to my PC. David
  5. @Nigelp Long time no speak Nigel - hope you are well. Great piece of work on that front wing. Regards. David.
  6. Interesting that you should mention that. I was watching "How It's Made" on Sky and that programme reckoned that the original M series was actually based on the 635 CSi. How true that is can be anybody's guess BUT, doesn't the front end of that 530 have a touch of the look of the 635?
  7. Thanks for the food for thought Nigel - greatly appreciated. Regards David
  8. https://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/ I rest my case i'll take your advice on the SE. As for a Jag? Yes I have considered them and preferably an X-type as that to me looks far more true to its MK10 predecessor than the S-Type does to the 3.8. However there is a problem with them and that is the dreaded tinworm. Those that I have looked at and checked the MOT history on have failed due to corrosion around the seat belt anchorage points. Then lo and behold they pass the MOT as they are now covered and can't be examined by the tester and is shown so in the advisories. So me for me the Jag is out. Away for dinner so will catch up with you all later.
  9. Then it will have to be a Mercedes me thinks. Having said that, my ex boss had an E320 estate and he had a hip problem. He found that the Merc was too low to get into and traded it in for a Ford Kuga. Before he did so, I tried sitting in the car and found that the headroom was a tad restrictive as well as the car being low- I'm 6ft when I can stand up straight So possibly the Bimmer is a better bet or the dreaded Audi A4? Oh the good old Zephyr 4 methinks?
  10. I remember the 2.3 Victor - we had one on the police driving school. Not very fast but definitely armchair comfort. As for the shoveit, had one at our station for a short while. Great little car and what we needed until some stupid idiot stuffed it up driving across fields chasing rabbits for the pot. Also owned a '64 HA Viva. It got me from Merseyside to Essex when I moved but shortly thereafter ended up on the scrapheap due to the terminal tin worm. Don't get me wrong, the Astra I have is a 61 plate facelift version of the Astra "H" with a 1.6 engine. It's a nice little shopping car for somebody. It is now just not for me. As for watches being in the pictures, well yes they do, but cars take the priority amongst us three??
  11. @Nigelp and @BondandBigM You two are the devil incarnate Every time I come across a thread by either of you that mentions motors, there I am off on the likes of autotrader looking at Bimmers and Mercs As it happens, I have now got sciatica in my left side courtesy of problems I had back in the summer and then going back to work and driving a coach with a heavy clutch. So I am now looking at getting the manual Astra tarted up and exchanging it for an automatic car - Merc C class or BMW 320/E46 perhaps? As for @BlueKnight - sorry mate. But as soon as you mention cars, you may as well forget watches. Discussion about cars will reign supreme.
  12. And I was 7 and watching it in black and white!!!!
  13. @Nigelp Out of your selection, my choices would be the Merc first and the Bimmer second.
  14. @BlueKnight How on earth do they justify nearly 50% (48.54%) mark up on the MSRP ?
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