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  1. Must admit I am chuffed. Should last a lifetime.
  2. A&F are off the cards now as family have stumped up for these. Back in the box untill the big day though.
  3. Update: Mainspring now obtained but on the back burner as sorting out a Watch for a good friend and forum member.
  4. No argument with that, it's just the price that puts me off.
  5. You could spend far more but after taking advice these seem to be a very good choice and will last a very long time.
  6. Cousins https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/af-swiss-stainless-steel-9-pieces-rs
  7. I think you could do with a project .
  8. Crown at two makes a nice change Chris.
  9. I have made it known to family I want these, but sadly not available till mid January. Anyone else likely to get Watch repair gifts.? hopefully on the day.
  10. Had more than one and usually LCD worst one was +5 mins a day and even I could not fix that, it would be unkind to name the brand.
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