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  1. Herbert by name Herbert by nature.
  2. Alan that is a very interesting piece, and a very novel approach to auto winding.
  3. Much like a 2824-2 the stem should be removed in the hand setting position, as it is less likely to cause problems when refitting. Less likely for the clutch to move out of position.
  4. Thank you, but currently in saving mode.
  5. I have started the Watch Repair Course, and completed level and now on level two. https://www.watchrepairlessons.com/
  6. I had no idea you tinkered Alan. Very well done.
  7. Not negative in the strictest sense of the word, and yes just a clean that's all nothing fancy. My thoughts exactly.
  8. You can use a plastic movement holder of the appropriate size. Or use a conventional metal adjustable movement holder and just be careful how you place the movement and dial, its easier than you may think.
  9. Question: If you have a Watch serviced by an independent would you expect to have the case cleaned as well as the movement serviced.?
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