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Community Answers

  1. Take a look at the new San Martin
  2. You will learn far more by sourcing all the parts yourself. Matching dials to cases, hands etc.
  3. You can use hand press tools, but the tool I use is not expensive and gives more control.
  4. Update: Come on get onboard, it is a great Watch. I have no personal connection to the project owners, it is genuinley worth buying.
  5. It's a good seller, pretty sure it will come back in stock.
  6. Yes got one and impressed. It;s an Escapement Time, sorry cannot post a picture at the moment.
  7. All the parts needed for the build: Movement - Dial and Case Movement in holder ready for the dial to be fitted. Dial fitted; Note: I am using an NH36 movement with day date but only using the date option on this build. Fitting the hour hand. Hour and minute hands fitted. Seconds hand needed broaching slightly as it was too tight to fit on the pivot. After checking the hand clearance I place under a dome to monitor for a short while. Fitting movement to the case. Crown and stem fitted. Movement ring. Movement ring fits in nicely. Movement ring spring, helps maintain some pressure when the case back is fitted so nothing moves around. Case back seal greased. Seal and spring fitted. Case back has been fitted but not torqued down as it will need to come off again later, now on the timing machine for a quick check. Just need to fit the bracelet Bracelet on and now attached to the Cyclotron for further testing (24Hrs) 24 hours later, Bracelet off and just done some final tweaks, the case back is now torqued down properly. Looking good.
  8. James is the designer and also a scientist, works with lasers all day, that aexplains where the name comes from.
  9. Davey P is one of the good guys.
  10. No not called the Exciton 200 just Exciton, I have no idea about sex toys, I will leave that to the experts . Legible fonts nothing cartoonish at all. Do you know what an exciton is, let me help. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exciton
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