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Community Answers

  1. That is not news I wanted to hear, dealt with H, (that's what I called him) more than once, and now and again he would send an Email. He was a fine member of the forum and will be greatly missed.
  2. Adding a CW GMT to the collection, and building a few myself so will have some to keep and some to sell.
  3. I still have some Steinharts which are superb, it's just that over the last year or so not posted as much. Maybe other members are the same, I now have 18 Christopher Wards which make some other expensive brands look like tat.
  4. Both very nice, but what does your daughter think of the inner workings of the Sugess?.
  5. That is a fantastic gift which will last many years. well done.
  6. Recent purchase from bridgeman (Chris) Christopher Ward WorldTimer.
  7. Currently I have 18 Christopher Ward Watches, will check for sure later and update if I am wrong. I do have a new arrival courtesy of bridgeman I will reveal all on Christmas day.
  8. A little read for you. https://www.theguardian.com/a-time-for-japan/2021/nov/12/dont-hurry-dont-stop-how-seiko-became-a-giant-of-japanese-watchmaking
  9. Five day power reserve seems a good thing to me, leave on a desk for a few days no worries about date and time.
  10. Demag screwdrivers when you feel the need basically.
  11. A cheap demagnetiser will be fine, I have one on the bench at all time, and use it before and after service.
  12. Anyone know of a place where I can get a steel caseback Laser Etched or Engraved with just some simple wording, no artwork. Just a one off at the moment but may lead to more in the future. Timpsons is a No No thank you.
  13. Yes sounds like it could well be the reverser wheels, an easy fix. I replaced them on one of my watches 3 months back, no problems since.
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