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  1. No idea where it came from must have been the Watch fairy.
  2. Got one from John Lewis last year brand new with all the bits £199. Absolute bargain for this type of quality. It also came with the rubber bezel protector and plastic type one.
  3. You have excellent taste Rob. Great Watches and starting to get collectable, This was a bit of a mess but once I serviced it and cleaned the dial it looks pretty good and keeps excellent time.
  4. Picture? Stand forward that man.
  5. That looks very very very nice well done that man.
  6. Don't forget being modest.
  7. No issues with the Steinhart the build quality is excellent I have one which I purchased on here some four or so years ago and will not part with it. As for the CW again no issues simply superb no other word for it.
  8. Your a clever chap I bet you could if you tried hard enough. The tweezers do the work.
  9. A great man indeed just a shame he isn't here now.
  10. Shades of Christopher Ward with the Logo, who would have believed it. Thanks for the nice comment. Yes it certainly is pretty. All good practice with regard to servicing the more I do the better I will get.
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