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  1. Advice an receiving a Watch. 1. Resist the urge to open it straight away, leave in a safe place for at least 2 days. 2 When you do open the package throw outer packaging away 3 If at all possible clean the Watch with some sanitiser and again leave for at least 2 days Wash your hands throughout these stages. Feel fre to disagree all I am doing is trying to keep you good folk safe, thats all I want. As for me, well no spare cash so Watch purchasing on hold.
  2. Fully automatic. Not work any of my Quartz for a while.
  3. Ok Part three of the stripdown. The train side of the movement. Balance as previously mentioned has been removed. Pallet fork bridge and pallet fork removed Ratchet wheel off Click and click spring removed Two reduction wheels off Train bridge off Wheels revealed Seconds wheel off Third wheel off Escape wheel off Getting a bit bare Mainspring barrel off Centre wheel bridge off Bare mainplate So all ready for cleaning. I use a 4 stage cleaning process and before that I inspect all parts including stripping down the mainspring barrel. Once all cleaned I will start to put back together, so part 4 to follow which will be a longer post. Comments welcome.
  4. Never managed to bag a red car, one day.
  5. As I Said. It really is the end.
  6. At the end of the day CW put a lot of so called higher end Watches to shame and that's what really hurts. The End. Now on to something completley different.
  7. Part 2 Dial side Plate removed Motion and keyless works revealed Hour wheel removed Minute wheel removed Yoke spring removed Setting lever lifted off Sliding pinion (Clutch) and winding pinion removed I am leaving balance jewel in place for now as it is the safest option. Part 3 to follow which cover the train side of the movement.
  8. Currently have no pot to P!!s in so Watches on hold, however I am a fighter so servicing a few with view to sales in the future and looking after some family and forum friends as best I can with contact and banter.
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