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  1. Excellent Watch and a reliable one at that. Great movements in these and if regulated correctly very accurate. Enjoy.
  2. I feel your pain but I can trump that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how £8000 - car trouble. All sorted but really could have done without any problems in January.
  3. Got a Seiko doing that and still running after 2 months.
  4. Just got hold of a used Timefactors rivet bracelet for my Smiths PRS-25 Watch. Is it better than the original with the chunky clasp? well in some ways yes, the clasp is smaller and simpler though I have no problem with the original tbh. Overall design matches the Watch head better, fit and finish is on par with the original, I do like the taper from 20mm to 16mm (clasp is 18mm) so overall very happy I bought it. Pictures:
  5. Superb piece in my opinion and particularly like the date window, it looks very easy to read. Very well done.
  6. I have another Christopher Ward to go with the other 15 of them. Arrived Thursday and must say I am impressed with the whole package. Chuffed to bits.
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