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  1. Funny the OP should talk about this. The workshop is coming on nicely.
  2. Long way to go yet but I am making progress with my workshop
  3. Put me down for the propeller version.
  4. I like that. Are actually going to make some for sale?
  5. The one I had didn't have a Miyot in it either.
  6. Longines and Oris on Par I would say, No idea as to Rado as never handled any.
  7. Can you write an ending for the episode please. Was Picard grabbed by the Parnis or was it a straight fight between the Enterprise and Alpha.
  8. Don't buy to impress, now if you really like it then buy it. Bear in mind that if you decide to move it on at some point you will lose a ton of money. And as a personal opinion that is one of the worst Watches I have ever seen, looks like one Gary Glitter would wear.
  9. An instrument for telling the time.
  10. Very nice collection, keep up the good work.
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