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  1. If not diving then not critical, nice to have none the less.
  2. One I did earlier Strapcode Jubilee Bracelet Low Dome Mineral Glass (Crystal) Polished Stainless Steel Chapter Ring Triple sealed signed crown Ghost Bezel insert Stuck with the 7S26c movement as they are tough as old boots and accurate if regulated properly. Tested to six bar thats as far as my tester will go.
  3. I would ask the jeweller or maybe ask a Watchmaker. Will it be pressure tested before and after? Pay peanuts you will get a monkey.
  4. I shall be reading that more than once. Thank you.
  5. Here you go: I took some during the service.
  6. I have a couple of them and cannot really fault them for the money. No doubt the resiident case finishing expert will give his opinion. Best bang for buck you can currently buy, IMHO.
  7. Imagine buying one from a drunk. Be afraid very afraid. Only minor repair required.
  8. Just had a customer bring in a Laptop for repair which has had tea spilt in it. She kept on working with it after a quick wipe up, but the following morning (Today) it failed to switch on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no wonder. After a clean up of the Sub USB Board and a couple of SMD's replaced it works, I hate this kind of work but hey ho. Lesson don't Drink And Compute at the same time
  9. Good pictures and any defects point them out.
  10. Had an electric delivered for a service, just making my mind up whether I should do a service post.
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