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  1. A Watchmaker I know rates them highly.
  2. Think a conquest purchase is a distinct possibility for me. Christmas is coming.
  3. Prettty much every ETA based Watch I have are within COSC, but special mention goes to my Hydroconquest and Omega SMP. CW all of them within +6 seconds a day and could be made tighter. All my Seiko Watches have been regulated to within COSC.
  4. which one? irrelevant at least for me.
  5. Just added this lovely Christopher Ward Big Day Date to the collection kindly supplied by mcb2007 a genuine man to deal with. It also came with extras. Another box is now needed Now I tend to be fussy in regard to quality and CW have never dissapointed in that respect, they are extremely well made. The Exras. The other CW Watches.
  6. This has to have an outing. Seiko 6309-8480. My first Day Date automatic service- New escape wheel and mainspring - new glass and case gently restored..
  7. Sadly work commitments don't allow me to go.
  8. Send it to me and I will pressure test it for you. Currently I can go to 6 bar.
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