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  1. I have the handwinder version, they are great Watches. Well done.
  2. Crystal lift is used for plexi only, mineral will not flex.
  3. Andy Where did you get the case and dial from?, I am looking for decent quality. Any links would be good.
  4. Thank you. I will give it further thought, I tend to be rather fussy with Watches so need to dig a bit deeper.
  5. Looks great but would you say it is good value for money? I ask because the movements are not terribly expensive, so wonder how good the Watch is as a whole.
  6. You bought it from me where did the well respected bit come from . Glad all sorted.
  7. Makes me cringe to be honest.
  8. Waiting for the new year. Great Watches IMHO.
  9. Buy the seller. I know about five people on here I would trust without a seconds thought. On the reverse of that Buy the Buyer, I have had two that have dropped out without a word, they go on my special list.
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