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  1. San Martin with Mother Of Pearl Dial and an NH35 movement running at +4 seconds a day.
  2. He was updating a server last I heard, I will see if I can find the Email. Here you go. Watch Repair Lessons <keepingyouinformed@watchrepairlessons.com> To:?????????????? Mon, 26 Apr at 12:04 Hi ???????????????????? I hope you are well. I am just writing to let you know that the website update has been complete and the site is back online. All went mostly to plan, however there is a small problem affecting a portion of users. The issue is not reporting correctly the enrolment of the course to the front end. All data is intact, including progress and assessment data, however - something is lost in translation. I have fixed this manually for the few who have reported it and I have gone through many accounts manually and seen the problem is not affecting everybody. At the moment I can't see a pattern but it's a very easy fix, so if you login and click on your enrolled courses and it shows you ar enot enrolled - fire me off a message and I will sort it for you. In the meantime I am trying to track down the root cause of the issue and will attempt to patch the problem. So in short, if you see a problem with your course access then please message me and I will fix it as quickly as possible for you. Yours kindly. Mark Lovick
  3. Better regulated I would guess, the Seiko's I own have been regulated by yours truly and run between + 1 and the worst one + 10 seconds a day, I really should do that one again.
  4. Thankfully I still have both my Omega SMP's auto and Quartz, they seem to have at least doubled in price since I purchased mine.
  5. I Like Watches has a similar problem.
  6. I stiill have it and will not part with it, it is an absolute cracker.
  7. I find them very useful when I give tuition for one hour periods. Very handy for cooking as well.
  8. Grinning from ear to ear I bet. Very well done.
  9. Seiko is now a bit hit and miss regarding QC. One main issue is lubrication, some movements are not lubricated correctly at the factory, it seems like it anyway. over oiled or under oiled in some places, it looks like they don't really care anymore. First thing I do now is check a movement on the timing machine, that usually gives me an indication at least. Noise on the graph is not a good sign.
  10. Make yourself a drink and settle down.
  11. Don't worry about the Watch, it will be your vaccine passport they will be interested in.
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