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  1. Not big enough sadly. @bridgemanYou know it's true. I need to do a stock take.
  2. Looks like the regulator screw is a bit mashed, i've adjusted many 2824-2 movements and Sellita and never damaged the screw so at a guess either the screwdriver blade was wornin which case you should replace or wrong size blade. Even someone like me who is training would not make such a mistake, one to avoid me thinks.
  3. Measure the spring. Height - Length - Thickness, then order nearest size from cousins.
  4. It is possible with the approriate Watchmaker to have the hands refinished.
  5. Try Duncan at Genesis Watchmaking https://genesiswatchmaking.co.uk/
  6. Very smart, I like that a lot. Enjoy.
  7. Maybe just me but return the Wach, it may go a long way in buying something else, well done Ashfords. No problem if you keep it, but would advise getting it on a Timegrapher to see how it is performing in at least four positions.
  8. Beard matches the Watch. Enjoy the T Shirt.
  9. You will hear the rotor but it should not be noisy or rattly. On the wrist I have never heard the rotor spin, at least none of the ones I own, I hope that helps.
  10. I currently have 17 CW Watches so I am sure you will enjoy that one. Nice looking piece well done.
  11. Built on Saturday worn on Sunday. Decided after getting a few opinions to paint the seconds hand Red.
  12. Well done, CW make extremely good Watches.
  13. I would say the movement is gummed up so needs a service. Quartz have hardly any torque so it wouldn't take much to stop one running.
  14. You cannot go wrong with a Steinhart, regardless of what some may say.
  15. Complete new design by James, and the bracelet is a work of art. This may help you understand. Actually this may be better to understand it.
  16. Well done that man, I would have helped you out if you needed another stem.
  17. If possible can you check with another timing machine?.
  18. Take a look at the new San Martin
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