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  1. Ok, I have heard of that but not had that problem but then again I don't excessivley wind them as 10 to 15 winds gets them going, and just let the auto works do the rest. Just get it repaired, why downgrade the Watch? I have a 12 year old Steinhart with the 2824-2 and not been serviced in all that time and it works perfectly, I will at some point strip it down and service it but not yet. I look forward to the end result with your Watch.
  2. That would be a backwards step, just get the reverser wheels replaced, a full service would probably be in order as well. I have many Watches with ETA or Sellita movements and only ever had one with reverser wheel problems. I take it that you are refering to the famous rotor spin when hand winding?
  3. More info please? Case - movement etc. As always, you know I like your work. Lovely watch Alan
  4. Get hold of a Heimdallr Monster, I did and cannot fault it. Everything lines up the lume is great and case finishing is excellent, I got the red dial but may well get the orange as well. Enjoy your Watch, well worth the money and better than wasting it on booze as some folk do.
  5. Correction (Missing Picture) On the right a 3D print of the Watch
  6. My JF Exciton Watch arrived just half an hour ago. Anyone else get one of these? Miyota 9015 movement 38mm case with saphire glass and screw down crown. Superb Watch. On the right a 3D print of the Watch
  7. Has to be this, absolute belter. ST19 Chrono movement, very accurate.
  8. Checked against two other machines. Keep on googling.
  9. Do you mean this one?. Sadly no longer available.
  10. I put all of mine on the Timegrapher, and if not in my spec (Never Mind The Manufacturer) I regulate in six positions. It can take more than an hour, so I suspect that is why many are not regulated precisely at the factory, time is money.
  11. It won't do any harm, but may not last as long.
  12. I have no problem with homages, I have a few myself. If I remember correctly the Invicta will have a Seiko movement so what's not to like. Just ignore any nay sayers.
  13. I have the handwinder version, they are great Watches. Well done.
  14. Crystal lift is used for plexi only, mineral will not flex.
  15. Andy Where did you get the case and dial from?, I am looking for decent quality. Any links would be good.
  16. Thank you. I will give it further thought, I tend to be rather fussy with Watches so need to dig a bit deeper.
  17. Looks great but would you say it is good value for money? I ask because the movements are not terribly expensive, so wonder how good the Watch is as a whole.
  18. You bought it from me where did the well respected bit come from . Glad all sorted.
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