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  1. PC-Magician's post in Starting quartz analog watch by warming it. was marked as the answer   
    I would say the movement is gummed up so needs a service.
    Quartz have hardly any torque so it wouldn't take much to stop one running.
  2. PC-Magician's post in Animal Sports Watch Model Number W002 Battery Replacement was marked as the answer   
    Put a 920 in, if it fits well then it should be ok.
  3. PC-Magician's post in Spinnaker Bradner was marked as the answer   
    Do a static test.
    Initial test I would perform is:
    Fully wound leave crown up position
    Fully wound leave in crown down position
    I suspect you could have an issue with the Balance.
    A Timegrapher would be of great help funding the problem.
    Finding not funding.
  4. PC-Magician's post in Modifications to this Seiko Presage? was marked as the answer   
    These would possibly be suitable.
    Hands will fit a 6R15 movement from memory.
    And a good Watch repairer will be able to do the swap for you.
    You could also have the original hands repainted to a more suitable colour for you.
    I do like Dauphine hands
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