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  1. Hi, Looking for some assistance / recommendations. Am planning buying a watch for my step son for his wedding and wondering which to go after. Any suggestions? Am thinking of the undernoted features - Silver (in colour) budget prob won't stretch to solid silver skeleton dial closed face (full hunter) roman numerals budget 150 - 250 Have seen a few different brands, quite a few that I am not familiar with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. Hi All, Looking for some help tracking down a suitable watch for my son. He is not a collector as such, but has asked for a new watch with some specifics. These are Metal bracelet Black face Waterproof (swimming /shower) Date (no day) Not a chrono Looking to spend approx £100 Any thoughts / suggestions?? Thanks in anticipation Kevin
  3. Similar to most. No strict order of rotation. Generally depends on what I am doing / wearing. Smarter timepieces with suits, others for a more casual look.
  4. Hi, being fairly new to this forum I find myself tinkering more and more with my watches and friends / family. Having bought a cheapish watch repair kit from the bay, I have lost count of the number of watches I have resized recently. Have also been removing straps to clean in my newly acquired ultra sonic bath. Anyway, long story short, after another watch resizing today the link pin removal tool have snapped. Can anyone therefore recommend one that is better made and might last me a bit longer. Not sure how much I should be looking to pay (previous one was two or three pounds if that), but given the saving of making these changes myself and not using a jewellers then happy to spend out. Many thanks Kevin
  5. Have seen a Seiko on creation. Would you recommend them to deal with? Did you have any import tax to pay?.
  6. Thought Lone Survivor was not released in the UK until tomorrow ;-) Agree, was a good flick though...
  7. Ditto, get this too. Have done for the last few months. I access the site from an ipad. No great issues, I just close down and access again and it working. A minor inconvenience, not a major problem.
  8. Nope, not for me - unless away from home with no clock in the room.
  9. Thanks KO81, Can you explain the differing movements?? Sorry, quite new to all this. I get the automatic movement , but what's the difference between the 7R26 and 4R36? Also, not sure what a "hacking" hand winding automatic movement is. Surely hand wind is just that and auto is the sort of kinetic movement? Would you recommend the older 7R26? Have seen one for 120ish which seemed good value? Thanks
  10. Hi all, Have been looking to add the above to my collection, however there appear to be various models. Any experts out there tell me what the difference is? There is a SKX781K model, a SRP309K1 model and a SRP309J model. Santa needs to know which one to buy... :-) Thanks
  11. Most will wind back, unless it's broken :eek: I have always been under the impression that "good" Swiss movements should always be wound forward. Will save me a load of time when changing the weekend. Even better for the automatics that drop their charge.
  12. Thanks Roger, seems to be a number of these great gestures when members reach milestones. Watch all the way for me. Regards Kevin
  13. Thanks Kev, great idea. I'll give 01,13,17 a go. Cheers
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