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  1. Who is he trying to kid , not a chance that works at all , spinynorman explained it perfectly. Who’s going to be the first to download it and test it out?
  2. Added , quite interesting to browse through.
  3. Yes had it once about 10 mins ago but that's it .
  4. My first and only Russian watch arrived last week , I had been mulling it over wether to get one or not due to mixed reviews I had read so decided not to splash out too much cash and ordered one of the cheaper ones. I can say that I absolutely love it and it has not left my wrist since , I can't quite explain it but it has a satisfaction rating of 10. Yes , the bracelet is not the best and required several unorthodox tools from my garage in order to adjust but that all part of the fun isn't it ? Here's to more incoming over the next few months. Russ
  5. http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=62353
  6. Hi and welcome , I see you have room for one more in your watch case , that won't last long . Nice collection by the way.
  7. Its all there in the rules and guidelines , you need 50 posts first.
  8. This thread is brilliant , so many watches , so little money , I definitely want an accutron now.
  9. Hang on , I replied before actually considering the reply , so the vat is paid in the country it is sold eg.Spain and when it enters the UK I have nothing further to pay. I'm not normally this thick honestly.
  10. I thought so but was secretly hoping it was neither , thank you both .
  11. Just a quickie probably , If I buy a watch (new) from a country in the EU , for example Spain , what do I pay when it enters the UK . Is it vat and some import duty , just vat or none of the above. Thanks in advance Russ
  12. Hi and welcome , love the Hamilton .
  13. Hi Patrick and welcome , look forward to seeing some of your collection
  14. Had 3 watches from them , fast delivery never been longer than a week , on the last purchase even emailed them first asking about possible discount and they sent me a 5% code , not a lot I know but every bit helps.Would have no hesitation using again.
  15. Welcome john , by the way is warrimgton near Warrington .
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