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  1. Absolute classic watch - enjoy PS - Certainly looks a fair bit bigger than a 35mm
  2. I must apologise for revamping this thread but I've literally just worked out how to post a pic and thought I'd give it a go. Stand by your beds as I'll be posting my other 4 watches once I've taken some half decent pics
  3. My Son got his one last week - not my cup of tea but he's thrilled with it. And so his watch buying journey begins. Also thinking of asking for my SKX007 back off him now.
  4. Thanks for the feedback - I'll pass this info onto my son. Apparently they are back in stock early October.
  5. Not for me. I would put whatever money you're gonna spend towards a Seiko - but like other posters say - if you like it then buy it.
  6. That's the watch my son is after - is it too early yet to give me an opinion. Thanks
  7. Let’s hope the victim was insured. Although imagine the premiums
  8. Plenty of Subs around on the second hand market. If you are in doubt then walk away
  9. Nice watch - But it's the strap I'm getting excited about
  10. Personally I love my Steinhart Ocean 1 - I'd also look at a Christopher Ward C60 or Seiko Sportura
  11. My Father in Law was convinced he had a Rolex Daytona left to him as a gift. Sadly after I'd looked at it for 30 seconds I had to break the news to him that it was a snide. Once he knew this he said I could have it!
  12. Glad this post got resurrected - otherwise I would not have seen such a beautiful looking watch. Enjoy it
  13. Experienced both over the years but currently only own a Seiko Orange Monster - so its got to be Seiko. Also I like the idea of having a go at modding and it appears Seikos are more suited to that
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