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  1. @Nigelp Saw this CLK outside our Boozer earlier. Say what you like about Vee Dubs or Beemers but this is the Daddy. A 55 and a convertible, can't be to many of these around.
  2. You Welsh Englanders, you have no idea This is a Pump These are the "Trainers" I was wearing
  3. Have you tried one on. Initially I didn't like the look of them either but on actually seeing a latest version in the metal I think the new ceramic Pepsi on the jubilee is a cracking update on the original.
  4. Back in the day I had a very pale green Armani suit. Rolled up the sleeves, the full Miami Vice nine yards job and cruised Florida in a convertible. But there is no excuse for it in this day and age especially in Middlesbrough.
  5. BondandBigM make a Porno Kicking off bank Holiday Sunday lash I told her I was making a Porno so Big M has pitched up looking like an extra from an episode of Miami Vice.
  6. And the Zetland is now a fine dining establishment !!!
  7. It was a jewellers in Middlesbrough yesterday and literally 10 yards across the way from the local Rolex AD. They had a new Pepsi GMT on a jubilee bracelet. It did look nice.
  8. Pretty much any stainless sports Rolex you want today You just need to pony up.
  9. Interesting His Bimota is a thing of beauty, some of the small details and machined parts are superbly made. What about the predecessor of the predecessor of the predecessor. http://www.bikeexif.com/mike-hailwood-replica-revival
  10. Or The predecessor of the predecessor He has one of these tucked away at the back of his shed as well
  11. Whilst some of you hard core boys will disagree surely this was one of the first genuine exotic Super Bikes I almost bought on just to stick in the corner of my living room and look at it. My mate has one of these. There were a few Jap engined derivatives but his has the Duke engine. On close inspection it's a work of art, the fit and finish is superb.
  12. President I have a few lying around that I bought years ago, shame I don't have the Day Date's to go with them.
  13. I've actually had two Mk1 GTI's one absolutely original as it came from the factory an the second one with a worked over cammed16V conversion. It was fairly rapid, I sold it to a lad at work who only had it a few weeks and then stuffed it into the side of a house in Middlesbrough. Didn't do him or the car much good. Despite what the rose tinted glasses tell you for me whilst maybes not as quick the later 90's spec Mk2's were just all round better cars.
  14. https://www.scotsman.com/news/obituaries/obituary-hugh-mcilvanney-much-honoured-doyen-of-sports-writing-1-4865388
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