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  1. No spare charged up batteries Boss Best excuse going for a bit of coffee drinking and a skive at the last engineering place I was at. People used to hide the chargers or the batteries so always another excuse for a wander, just looking for a charger Boss. Bare wires on the 110v extension cables was another good skive, just nipping down the maintaince to get a new cable Boss
  2. It’s common with industrial electric forklifts to rent battery packs. We had a truck that the batteries were shot and I just rented/leased a new battery pack for it. You wouldn’t just scrap a forklift because the batteries are goosed, currently at work there is station with a whole row of spare battery packs constantly on chargers and when a truck starts running low the drivers just pull up an swop them over, it only takes a few minutes and they are back at work so there are companies already providing this sort of infrastructure to industry. I don’t know about the latest deals but a bit back I looked at an electric Renault and the batteries were on a separate lease. I would think that this could become the norm in future.
  3. Is it possible that the bezel and insert could have been removed, possibly for cleaning or replacement, and then refitted in the wrong orientation then the insert snapped in place. Just a thought.
  4. That was in a Thai sweat shop that knocked out various goods like tool boxes and so on, any brand name you like on them. In a previous life I visited a few factories in the Far East and China, the conditions in some of them were absolutely shocking. I doubt if much has changed. Sadly it's the old catch 22, if we in the West didn't buy all the cheap sh!te two for a fiver 4XL fatty b@stard t-shirts that the Asda Georgio and the like sell they wouldn't have jobs or eat. Imagine life working in a place like that and living in a tin shed out the back. In one place they were living in the loft space above the factory and in another some even turned up with their own camp beds.
  5. Ann Marie is in concert on Capital FM later tonight. Big M has it on all day and they've already mentioned her and played her records about a dozen times and I've only been up for a few hours. I'll do my best not to throw her radio out the window. Are you sure Big M isn't a lost relative of yours.
  6. Something like this will sort it out, the cast alloy will be fairly soft and it shouldn't be difficult, just stick it in a drill and you'll be good to go. You get them in various grits and diameters, they only cost a couple of quid for half a dozen. We used them all the time at work for opening up tight holes in steel parts.
  7. They have attentive assistants in yours In our TKMaxx all they have is a few daft youngsters wandering around paying no interest at all. People trying on clothes in the isles and generally helping themselves. I've bought one watch from them and nobody batted an eyelid when I just picked it up off the display shelf took it out of the box and tried it on.
  8. Rolex Fakers I don't buy this super fake thing, maybe the ordinary Joe public might be fooled but any professional that deals in and handles high end merchandise on a daily basis shouldn't be. As with anything for most people although not entirely fool proof it's worth the extra couple of quid to deal with professionals of good reputation. And yes I like to have the boxes and any documentation, it just adds a bit to the overall purchase.
  9. Dog sitting for Big M's daughter for a few days. Grunts and snorts like a pig, as thick as two short ones or in Jock Speak as thick as mince, can't walk the length of himself and stinks. Apparently he cost about as much as a three bed semi and could be kidnapped at any moment. Designer mutts I can't see the attraction
  10. @Biker I saw this in Smith's the other day and it piqued my curiosity so ordered it from the library. Sound like it might be right up my street.
  11. I'm colour blind so that's my excuse, what I've got in my flat will be ok for another few years, magnolia will come back in fashion eventually.
  12. Rolex do it on a slightly larger scale It would be interesting to know how long the test them for.
  13. What's going on with everyone painting everything battle ship gray these day. Big M wants a gray house, so far I've managed to resist.
  14. Just one of my many undercover disguises. If you are going to rob a bank you at the very least have to dress like a bank robber.
  15. Another of my resurrected "fashion" numbers today. Nautica left hooker. @JayDeep @SolaVeritate When I was into the yacthie look I did also buy the matching windbreaker, shorts and deck shoes at the same time in their store.
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