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  1. I’ve not had the crystal out for a while. Rusty Nails tonight, this could end badly
  2. I still have reasonable eyesight and although Big M begs to differ can still neck a few V&RB’s without the aid of a carer. So if there are no beaches, bikinis or boozers I don’t want to go.
  3. I reckon if I walked right out to the Headland here on a nice clear day with a decent pair of binoculars and looked left I could see that beach.
  4. Thatcher the Snatcher just to find out if she showed any remorse or regrets for some of her actions. I was close when she was alive but her security wouldn’t let us out the building to have a word with her. There were still a few of us left on site in one of the sheds in the background when she rolled into town for her famous walk in the wilderness
  5. I don’t see much sunshine, boozers or bikini clad babes on beaches In that lot
  6. I quite like where I live. Been all over the world over the years and had the chance to stay in some places for a bit I could even of went back to work where I lived in the west coast of Scotland a few years ago but I’ve always ended up back here. The place doesn’t get a very good reputation but the north east coast of England has some some amazing scenery and we’re only a short trip away from the North Yorkshire. Newcastle is also a city on the move. That being said it can be a bit parky at times so if we could up sticks it would be Tenerife for us. Year round sun and once you get
  7. My brother is a regular visitor to the Oktoberfest, strangely he never seems to remember much about it.
  8. I’m going with the Brightbling in this one, it’s just about the truest to the requirements, to me a true divers watch should be a straightforward two or three handed tool watch with a bezel for timing without any frills that can take a beating doing what you need to do onshore or on the transport on the way to the job as well as do a job of work underwater. Which begs the question why no Rolex Diver on the list.
  9. I’d fix anything with that lot no problem, even watches.
  10. Nothing really outstanding but out of the bunch the Moser looks interesting so it gets my vote.
  11. Sambuca & Blue Wicked slush puppies for the garden on this gorgeous Monday afternoon Brain Damage in a bottle, if this doesn’t give you a sore head nothing will The last time Big M had a few of these she got stuck in a hotel toilet and we had to bust the door open to get her out.
  12. A few more from my wander over to the boozer this afternoon
  13. LV & Adidas Hamburg Fishmarkets’ today
  14. I’d have a few MB&F desk clocks scattered around
  15. This is a category I’ll have a vote in. Totally impractical but if I had some spare change I’d have a few MB&F’s in a cabinet.
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