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  1. It’s already got a girls name, you just need to use the Lady Di Sloan Ranger type spelling “Porsha”
  2. So say you But Call me an old cynic if you like
  3. Here's the deal Tequila Slammers with a Jäger Bomb chaser will completely f@ck you up. Big M was ga ga on the couch and didn't know what day of the week it was. @Nigelp The last time I did Tequila shots with a lady friend I ended up in a fighting a parrot and pulled the wing mirror off a taxi Like you said I could write a book
  4. My mate has a 65 FHC Elan and it's a similar story, spent a fortune on it over the years. It is a pretty thing though and a great drive. We used to drive over to Helmsley now and then. I was in this the last time, 6 litres and a conservative 500hp of Chevrolets finest V8 and I had trouble shaking him off in the twisty bits. A better class of fast glass On the topic neither of the watches do anything for me.
  5. I'm hardly using the Beemer these days, I get a lift to work and at most we go shopping at the weekends and that's just barely a mile round trip. I put a tenners worth of petrol in it more than a month ago and only had to stick another tenners worth in yesterday. The battery is decent newish Bosch. I'm looking for some sort of solar trickle charger just to keep it topped up especially now the colder weather is on us, plenty on offer but anybody have a recommendation for a decent one. Cheers. B.
  6. This another walk into a bar story Back in the early 90's I was working in Holland near Rotterdam and frequented a local bar near our digs. We had a bloke working with us from East Cleveland, proper Hill Billy Country up our way, first time out of the the country, Green as they came. The barman suggested trying Duval, good job my man, stick a couple of cases behind the bar for us. So we turn up the following weekend and get stuck in, the country boy was knocking it back good style but at 8% after half a dozen bottles he didn't know what day of the week it was. Meanwhile us hardened booze bags managed to write off a Merc sprinter on the way to work. Dutch Plod, Dutch A&E and our Dutch boss man were all involved and the big woolly back lad was traumatised, he was never the same again. Under interrogation by the Dutch Plod "they were all driving on the wrong side of the road, how can that be my fault" Another place I probably can't go back to.
  7. A Scouse Yorkshire terrier You almost couldn't make that one up
  8. As I also said to Big M who moans about exactly the same sort of thing "TURN THE LOCATION MALARKY OFF !!!" Honestly if I was actually married to her the whole smart watch phone thing would be grounds for divorce
  9. For reasons I won't bore you with I've had a sh!te couple of weeks But tonight I'm going to tackle it in typical BondandBigM fashion Shots !!
  10. Leo wants to make puppies with the gorgeous Tanya And Big M said send her the bear
  11. I suggest that to Big M all the time, silent mode and her reply was 'how will I know if there is a notification' I told her to put it on vibrate and shove it down the front of her Calvin's then she'll sharp know if one of her pals Facetw@ted anything even remotely interesting.
  12. Nothing worse than bust ribs, after a few V&RB's at a barbecue I sat on one of those foldy up garden chairs, unfortunately whoever set it up didn't unfold it properly and it collapsed on me, the arm dug right into my side, even with the vodka anisthetic going on man alive did that hurt.
  13. Work of the Devil Big M bought a fit bit thing, despite having about fifty or so other watches its never been off her wrist since she bought it. I'm notified by her on an hourly basis how may steps she's done, it incessantly bing bongs where upon her phone seems to automatically appear in her hand, it lights up at all odd hours in bed, apparently it's hooked up to Facetw@t, Instagram WhatsApp and god knows how many other apps, she continually panics if it gets below 99% charge, she's completely obsessed with the thing. Drives me round the twist
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