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  1. Big M was at the bar getting the V&RB’s in
  2. BondandBigM


    According to some “members” like @Stan’s take that us oldies like you and I will all be brown bread by Monday But hey ho just on the off chance that happens in my usual style I’m going for the sh!t or bust option Booze and a bit of Disco Dancing
  3. BondandBigM


    Standards son Standards Wouldn’t be seen dead in Primani, to many chavs in fako Canada Goose and Moncler coats
  4. BondandBigM


    Before the lockdown I can’t remember the last weekend we weren’t out and about on the lash. Not even close to a real world problem by any stretch of the imagination but after sitting in all day we have decided to still get Armani’d up on a Friday and Saturday and have a few V&RB’s Although to be fair Big M’s outfit looks more Skegness market stall than a Tally fashion house
  5. London I used to wear my LV or GMT every Friday and Saturday night some times on a Thursday night as well in The Royal, the odd run up to the Clari and then the Helena Doesn’t get more dangerous than that and I survived, these southern softies have no idea
  6. As I said in an other thread when I’m not working I’m a well practiced lazy b@stard even more so when I’m on holidays lying on a sunbed so it’s not unusual for my autos to actually stop all together.
  7. An old 80’s wide boy boss of mine’s first name was Richard. When he answered the phone he would say D!ck, Big D!ck. how can I help you He also had matching number plates on his Porsche and Beemer 69R & R69
  8. That’s exactly what one of the young lads said But the bit they don’t get is that when you are using all four sides of the tombstone and you don’t get it right from the off you spend all day chasing your tail.
  9. Correct Correct I clocked in one last time on Tuesday Unlike some of the young lads who think they can tell +/- a few thou with a rule when setting a fixture I’m a bit OCD and it has to be spot on.
  10. Or these days maybe even get locked up There was a fairly big river ran right through the middle of our site dividing it into The Light End and The Heavy End crossed by bridges and as you can imagine there was a lot of rivalries between the two sides. On more than a few occasions apprentices ended up in the water. There was also a wood pattern shop for the foundry with a big sawdust pit and more than a few of us ended up chucked in there head first. @Turpinr I still have an old six inch Rabon&Chesterman rule that the graduations are barely visible for stirring my coffee and cup a soups, a quick wipe in the crook of my arm afterwards, I’m still alive.
  11. Interesting read https://petrolicious.com/articles/legendary-watchmaker-laurent-ferrier-reveals-his-racing-history
  12. BondandBigM


    A bit of an update on the Actifryer I stuck in the dishwasher yesterday. I let it dry out overnight, just plugged it in and surprisingly it still works, the small LCD display is toast but it still spins round and blows hot air, it was only going to be thrown out so a bit of a result. I’ve told Big M to get some spuds peeled and chipped
  13. Fire was always good Back in the day when I was an apprentice in a big site the canteen was to far away so a lot of the older blokes just sat behind their machines at break time. On bloke just had a old upturned five gallon drum to sit on. Just before break one of the lads tried filling it with acetylene from the welding bottles then a trail of thinners from it which was lit just as he sat down. Nobody was sure if it would work but it didn’t half go off with a bang. The boy was never the same again.
  14. Over the years I’ve been all over the world with both work and holidays wearing whatever I’ve had but mostly a Rolex of sorts and never thought twice about it. If you worried about that sort of thing you’d just wear a Timex and never leave the house. There are plenty more in your face watches that will attract attention than a Rolex.
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