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  1. Interesting read but not the first to try 4wd in one.
  2. I had the The Big Six O this year, still alive and enjoying the party. Big M had her Big Sixty-Five the week before and from some of the pics she sent me from the weekend so is she How are you doing, still fixing Henry's in you spare time ??
  3. Big M was off out with the girls last weekend, as she usually keeps the pursestrings and buys everything by Sunday night I had spent my pocket money out on the lash in Norton, ate and drank everything in the fridge. I was down to some stale bread, a can of beans, one egg and a bottle of pink gin. It was either a choice diet lemonade or RB. Pink Gin and Red Bull Not a good thing.
  4. Like a lot of comedy for me it hasn't aged well. It did have it's occasional moments but I have to concur with @Nigelp looking back at it for the most part it was just a load of old tosh. Why did we laugh. Most probably because it was the done thing back in the day, you're mate laughed so you laughed and he only laughed because you laughed but only because it was what felt you should be doing.
  5. My LV has the old style case and my GMT was the newer bigger lug case. The difference to both to look at and wear is barely noticeable.
  6. Yep been there a couple of times and yes plenty of shops but I think Singapore was better. What surprised me was how laxed even the really high end shops were, you could just wander in with an old t-shirt shorts and flip flops and try on whatever took your fancy and nobody batted an eyelid. The same with cars, most of the Malls had cars on display as well and boats in one place. Shoppers paradise although after doing the tourist bit the first couple of weekends it actually got a bit boring after a while.
  7. Singapore, never saw so many watch shops and choice of brands in a relatively small area I doubt if there was much you couldn’t have bought.
  8. And even this one is grossly overpriced. You can get a “from ten yards” genuine fake for a lot less. About fifty quid or so in some places
  9. Out on the lash this afternoon with the Police & Keglers
  10. Big M left me . . . For the weekend . . So I’m having V&RB’s for breakfast
  11. And there I thought carpets were more your thing @ZenArcade Maybe you should do a bit more research into vintage and anniversary edition Stone Island before you mock Amongst others I have an original SI Shadow Project stealth jacket and a 30th Anni Mussola Gommata coat. got to be worth at least another tenner with the receipts and tags and whilst maybe not really “rare” I’ve never met or seen anybody else wearing either.
  12. I hope you are UKAS Accredited A bit of a quick pre use calibration as well today
  13. Possibly You could try Mumsnet, according to Big M they are big on Hoovering and Hinching on there.
  14. Not the full Hublot wearing pro but I used to be a bit handy at five a side so I went for a U-Boat.
  15. You just never know look at the way some trainers have went recently. I have a couple of old SI pieces that are not readily available anymore.
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