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  1. Nice bit of your regular stereotype Clearly never owned either Back in the day I passed my driving test in a Fiat and my mate had a Fezzer 308 which was his daily driver, as reliable as anything else that was on the road back then
  2. I'm not so sure about that one and as an asides. Some of the world's greatest super cars were an amalgamation of mainstream power units and unique styling Merc, Ford and Chevrolet powered respectively
  3. Or alternatively Bombay Sapphire That’s why I rent £1.50 a week extra and a man turns up every now and then and takes care of things
  4. Definitely an underrated brand Another quirky brand I like the look of is Franck Muller, they do some really nice (imho) watches and again you don’t see many being worn.
  5. Obviously There are a few come up for sale now and then, they only made 666 of each version but I’ve never actually seen another one in a shop or being worn by someone. I like these Corum bubble watches they are a bit unusual.
  6. To be fair it was in Singapore and just about everyone strolls around in shorts and T-shirt. On top of that over the years we have got behaving a bit council in posh places and annoying pretentious kn@bbers down to a tee.
  7. I visited a Richard Mille boutique and tried a couple on, not sure I’d pay a couple of hundred grand but they were superb bits of kit. Amusingly we wandered into the shop in an old T-shirt, shorts and flip flops and the very nice young lady never batted an eyelid and was happy to pull a few out of the display and let us try them on. For Big M she liked the bejewelled Leopard Daytona she tried but was a few quid short of the £40K asking price. One I regret not buying at the time was a Corum Lucifer. I’ve never seen another one since.
  8. 15 years or so years now, I’m still surprised both it and myself are still alive.
  9. 15 years or so years now, I’m still surprised both it and myself are still alive.
  10. BondandBigM


    You clearly went to the wrong place
  11. Not sure I'd be taking any lifestyle tips from him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lil_Peep
  12. Possibly I think Boris is missing a trick here he could kickstart it by offering a free Artic cruise wIth every every Furlough and Universal Credit application.
  13. Still gave us some interesting comments and some nice pictures
  14. Anything from Apple is the work of the Devil If it was my choice from an already established watch company and not some computer or tv manufacturers the Tags look quite good.
  15. I remember these from years ago and thinking I'd like one. Looks like it would do a job on the outside of your snowsuit or spacesuit. Another interesting Omega article https://www.fratellowatches.com/speedy-tuesday-omega-speedmaster-plaisted-polar-expedition-1968/ I hate the cold, I did a couple of winters out in the Czech Republic and one year it was for me anyway, particularly brutal. Regularly seeing -25/30*C in the ski places near where we were working. My old Rolex Sub that I had at the time worked fine, but then so did my old MK2 Golf GTI that I drove over there, like the Sub surprisingly it never missed a beat either.
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