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  1. I paid just a tad less than half of that for my LV Right place Right Time Yep but you'll get into all sorts of trouble in Thailand so when you add it all up..... Been there done that, spent the watch budget in a couple of days
  2. Definitely a bit of underachieving going on so far. "If You've Got More Money Than Sense" Nor sure about this pair mainly because I couldn't drive the Lambo, many years ago I just managed to squeeze into one and then I couldn't get back out of it. Never the less I could always have it delivered, park it in the living room and just look at it while wearing the watch.
  3. I has notions of taking it easy with a bit of part time work........ But A swilling of pints of V&RB borderline alcoholic with time on their hands is a really bad combination and on top of that as I previously mentioned in another thread Big M, who is a fully retired OAP, is driving me round the twist with her "Do this, Take me there, Do that"
  4. @Alpha550t I can do round things as well as square bits. I'm available if there's any OT on this weekend. Seiko and round bits today
  5. Back in the day I ended up out in the Gulf on an old gas rig, we were working on the flare stack on a 48 hour shut down. After the job when it was time to re-light our boat pulled away a fair distance and I assumed there would be some sort of automatic ignition system but no such thing unfortunately two "volunteers" two Indian blokes were packed off over the side in a small inflatable with what looked like an old blunderbuss, some magnesium cartridges and a walkie-talkie and sent forth It took them a few goes to get up the bottle to get close enough. Alright in the middle of the Persian Gulf apparently the normal way of firing the flare stack up, life was cheap so plenty others in reserve if the first pair got toasted. Not so much in the North Sea, the authorities took a dim view https://www.energyvoice.com/oilandgas/north-sea/160370/total-confirms-checks-elgin-platform-firearms-licensing-matter/
  6. Bare Feet, Flip Flops and flipping a big heavy lump of stone over. Out in the Middle East on the periphery of the bigger industrial estates there were loads of these small places that would, one way or another, fix anything. I hate to think what the death in service rate was among the immigrant population.
  7. Possibly but watching that makes me cringe, he is lucky his hands and forearms are still attached to his elbows I can make square things out of not square things as well I can start on Monday
  8. 12.30 kick off so early Breakfast of Champions and the Seiko today.
  9. Proper round screws in proper round holes what's not to like A while back when I was looking I was sort of tempted with a Mille Migla and I seem to remember they weren't all that expensive but in the end bought a Tag Carrera.
  10. Yes all you need to do is ask. Contrary to the nonsense you read on the Internet Big M's prospective son in law bought a Rolex a year or so ago from an AD, he liked that dial but that bracelet which happened to be a Jubilee. Not a problem Sir, three weeks later the watch was ready to collect.
  11. You know that way after a serious night on the lash and the next day you wake up in unfamiliar surroundings and you're not really all that sure how you got there. Apparently I'm a hotel in Scotland Must have been kidnapped by Aliens or something last night.
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