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  1. Some of the latest re-issues a fairly true to the originals and given the silly money some of the originals are going for maybe better in the long term than a cheap Micky Mouser ??? https://www.watchtime.com/featured/touching-the-past-six-modern-retro-watches-and-the-historical-pieces-that-inspired-them/
  2. I found under the bed, I actually bought in a shop about 100 yards from where I bought my LV at about, give or take a week, the same time. They sold a lot of Russian watches and memorabilia. https://www.redarmywatches.com
  3. When the quack discharge me from hospital he told me to take it easy for a few days. I liked the sound of that so I took him at his word and have just been laying around, so much so that I just went to take a pic for today’s thread and noticed my LV had actually stopped I thought it was a bit dark for one o’clock
  4. I still have this one, the small 24hr register can be independently set with the pusher at 4 o’clock. It’s about 15 years old now so I doubt if they are still available but it was only about £60/70, still keeps good time and works perfectly.
  5. Yep remember those machines from when I was a child and as I’ve said previously my first job was in a shoe shop when I was 14ish so early 70’s They still had one of those X-ray cabinets but it wasn’t used. Even back then at the cash register there was a big cabinet full of various cleaning and shoe care products and we were regularly told to push sales of them.
  6. Even when Big M is wearing it upside down or I’m wearing it suited & booted or in scruffy T-Shirt, shorts and no shoes my LV has been round the world. More than any other watch a Sub does it all @Nigelp Can I rest my case
  7. I’ve got this Ohio Players album in my box
  8. I’ve lost track (no pun intended) Have we had Edwin Starr already or Anyway I’m giving up garden disco dancing it’s getting far to dangerous these days.
  9. On having a further look a few of them here are listed as sold. I know you don’t know the actual selling price but even so https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/list/21/capri+280+brooklands/ If your even remotely interested in the £65K one a quick search and it is talked about in a few threads in the Pistonheads forums. Personally if I had £65K and wanted a proper 2 door GT coupe I’d throw some money at a Ferrari or maybe a Maserati or even a Porsche 928. A world of difference and some change to spare.
  10. Even the cheap ones are going for silly money and you’d need to be careful they were rust buckets and these days some parts are hard to come by. I’ve had loads of Capris over the years. I had a couple of 2.8’s, I gave one of them away to my stepdaughters lad for nothing. Male hooker or a bit of tax free money laundering ???
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