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  1. After my lifestyle I'll probably be dancing with the Devil So this Corum Lucifer will probably be fitting.
  2. Knocked together a bit of a hotchpotch currie tonight, will be served up with some nice sticky Jasmine rice.
  3. Some years ago I shared an office with a lad who shipped in a load of Jap imports. I went to the docks with him to pick up a couple of cars one of which was a TRD twin turbo Supra, no idea what had been done to it but man alive was it fast. Scary fast !! This not it but another one he brought in, to be fair they were nice cars, interiors were no match for the Germans but the turbo ones went well. Amongst others he also had this RX7 another seriously quick thing, ran 10.3@130+mph at the Pod.
  4. The great Japanese car urban myth I've never really been into Jap motor but back in the day I did have one of these, almost identical to this one. Besaught with problems and intermittent just not going at all. And boy did it eventually rust, from the inside out and outside in, probably why you rarely see them or even the newer ones these days. Didn't Rover get into bed with Honda at one time and I seem to remember the V6 in Sterlings was an expensive dog. RX8 anyone.
  5. Its got a roof You could have mine for less and its got a proper gear stick
  6. I’ve ate a few but I’ve never seen one that had a banana milkshake chucked over them
  7. As they say “the truth hurts” As @Nigelp would correctly point out, they’re are no sentiments in law
  8. Seiko with a bit of an American F1 twist for today’s double bubble. I don’t like working on machines you can get inside, somebody could shut the door and set it going.
  9. It's a bit like trying a VW Beetle to see if a 911 Porker is worth buying. Look-a-Likey'usually peddled by companies that don't have a design team and want to make a buck or two off other companies R&D and bought by wannabes that can't afford the real deal. Mickey Mouser Steinharts spring to mind.
  10. Apologies if my earlier reply sounded a bit harsh. Recently I was tempted by an M3 and looked at a few, plenty with nice shiny paint which looked good but by the same token once you looked a bit further most were dogs, cheap services at back street garages, cheap Nangchuck far east ditchfinder tyres and so on. It's not just all about looks. We have became a nation of cheapskates expecting quality for buttons but despite what a lot of people seem to think these days within reason you do get what you pay for. A full service might sound expensive but as already said it will also give the unseen internals a once over and last another ten years and on top of that most likely come with some sort of warranty.
  11. The old adage You get what you pay for As some have already alluded to it will come back looking like a new watch. Can you buy a new Brightbling these days for four hundred notes. Alternatively you could just go to Timpsons for £25. I never understand people that buy a quality bit of kit and then whinge about the cost of keeping it tip top as it should be. Maybe you should just have stuck to a Timex.
  12. And on the 501's back in the day it was all I wore but these days they are rubbish, I just bought a pair for work 32/32's and they just hang off me. The fit is terrible and they aren't a patch on the originals.
  13. Just an asides if you had that kind of wealth what would an extra couple of grand be to you to hire a bit of security to discreetly watch your back.
  14. Not a problem, with a few euros to throw around there are special arrangements for us old codger. I'd still go to Ibiza
  15. I've been to a few of these sort of Robinson Crusoe beaches before. Nice for about five minutes then......... Well all a bit boring But if I could afford a million quid watch and was a bit younger I know where I'd be
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