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  1. A tenner an element used to be about the going rate, we had some professional portable PMI kit at one place I worked. They were very accurate and would tell you in pretty much in seconds was the material grade was.
  2. I’ve imbibed a few V&RB’s already so the big Russian diver tonight just in case I inadvertently take a dive into the Marina on the way round to the boozer
  3. Sorry to disappoint you but over the years among other watches I’ve bought numerous Rolex, a few Omega and Tags and none of the sellers weren’t even remotely interested in my name or address I could have told them anything. Never mind Bond I could have told them I was Batman and they wouldn’t have, no pun intended, batted an eyelid Im sure I could have been on that Myth Buster program
  4. Although to be fair I haven’t seen anybody in Iceland wearing a Monocle or one of these Moncler coats.
  5. I’ve got you or maybe that should be your tinternet persona down as lots of things but looks like I also need to add gullible to the list as well Yep Moncler is this years Iceland shoppers favourite bit of snide tat. And again you can spot the fakes a mile away, a few years ago Barbour took a hammering from the fakers as well.
  6. They might be fooled by the advertising which usually has pics of the real thing but the won’t be fooled by what turns up. Mainly because despite the fact that initially it might look the part but will fall to bits in a week. Last winter up here the big “thing” was Grey Goose coats, all of a sudden every chav and his scruffy bint were wearing them. You could spot the fakes a mile away. Fake tan, Primani leggings, Newlook trainers, a supposedly fifteen hundred quid coat that was falling apart at the seams and shopping in Iceland.
  7. I see it has descended into the usual mid week chaos I haven't got round to changing my watch from the weekend so still wearing the Henry London
  8. What's the back story on this one, old sub with a green bezel insert ?? Needless to say I'll stand corrected but it just doesn't look right.
  9. Fire in the Hole and Vodka Red Bull's Pints of
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